Hillary Clinton Wants Syria’s Assad To “Step Down”~WE THE PEOPLE Want Her To GET LOST


Hillary Clinton Wants Syria’s Assad To “Step Down”~WE THE PEOPLE Want Her To GET LOST.  Make no mistake.  Just as Samantha Powers, Susan Rice and that other bitch marched into Libya last year, they will do the same thing with Syria.  Let me tell you something about Syria… There are militant Jihadists in the streets that are wanting to take over the government, the same clusterfuck that happened in Egypt and Libya, courtesy of “Western Democracy” is on its way to SYRIA.  The bitch, Hillary cant take NO for an answer.  She & Obama WANT to start WW3. Russia and China, BOTH are WITH Syria.  They have sent ships TO Syria to attack US if these war-mongering, Bolsheviks attack the govt of Syria.

GO AHEAD BITCH.  DO IT.  You did it to Serbia, remember??  SOME of us DO remember.. You g’damned DEMOCRATS have f’cked up the whole damned world.  When these countries bomb the living shit out of America….I am sorry.. I will not shed a tear.   I will duck and cover and kiss my ass goodbye.  And that’s not all…Let me tell ya…Obama will probably take Biden off the VP payroll…And just guess who the SOB will put in as his VP? HILLARY EVITA CLINTON.

And even worse….American women are PATHETIC. They will vote OBAMA to get Hillary just for a VP.

DUMB BIMBOS ALL OVER AMERICA. That’s what you MEN get for allowing women the right to vote.