Huff Po: “Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK

Huff Po:”Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK

We do not like or respect Chris Christie on this website.  We believe he is a fat, debaucherous, corrupt politician who installs Muslims into courts and romances ‘gay’ marriage & should have *NEVER* been considered to be a  US President before this scandal even happened….This is besides the point..

Barack Obama is accused of war crimes: Egyptian Lawyers

No impeachment.

Obama targets conservatives and audits patriots through IRS, then has the audacity to use one of his own donors to investigate: Surprise: Attorney “Investigating” IRS Targeting of Conservatives is Obama donor …

No impeachment.

Obama leaves an ambassador out to dry in Benghazi, Libya. Then, lies and covers up the story.

No impeachment.

Obama changes his failed Communist healthcare law (not once, not twice, but 3 times) without congress.

No impeachment

Obama sends boots on the ground to Libya with billions of USD without congressional approval Libya: U.S. military boots ARE on the ground in Tripoli, Pentagon reports

No impeachment.

ETC, etc, etc….  On this website, we call a spade, a spade.  We believe that Barack Obama is never held accountable because of his skin color.  The radical Communists give him a pass BECAUSE he is black.  We want Mr. Obama to be held to the same account as a white man, yet we are called ‘racist?’

Make no mistake, Communist “Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are the racists who hate America so much that skin color comes first, before country.

Huff po: Bla bla bla bla bla

Americans Unemployed, & S. Carolina Has ILLEGAL Workers!! AT PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!

 Labor Encouraging Illegals We have a fake-ass Prez that goes to the United Nations, the slimes, to turn Arizona over to the “Global Police Force”. 

  This same sonofabitch sues my state, AZ, for following federal law, and touts about “Summer Recovery” which we all know is a lot of bull-shit. The Moslem/Kenyan Prez, also- is allowing illegal occupiers to be sent back out into society, (during their deportations) so us dumb American sheep can get sick with T.B., Morgellens, Salmonella, Bed-bugs, you name it…..Now- Americans are out of work, and YOUR tax dollars are working alright. Working for ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS.

State investigators have identified nearly three dozen illegal immigrants working at school construction sites in one South Carolina county, and fined a company, officials announced Friday.

The rest here: SC agency finds 35 illegal workers at school sites



 Armageddon, or the hill of Megiddo, was located on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel. That was the place of many conflicts between good and evil in the Torah/ Old Testament. It was a place of showdown between God and false gods. Armageddon was a place where right overcame wrong, time and time and time again. In other words, it was a battleground where good and evil met for a final showdown.

General Pershing knew how to deal with the ‘peace-filled’ Moslems. 


One who holds a left-wing viewpoint; someone who seeks radical social and economic change in the direction of greater equality.

ImagineNoLiberals.jpg Imagine No Liberals image by travis70

****************** The left-wing talks about ‘fundamental’ being a bad thing, and, in fact, this is what they are pushing for.  LEFTIST FUNDAMENTALISM.  NO, this will not stand.  America was built as a holy place. Period.  We MUST root this enemy out, ASAP, before they kill US.

Lets get this straight, nobody is ‘equal’, we are all different.  There are smarter people, who are smarter than others, people who sing better than others, people that are richer, people that are poorer. 

They seek to change that which is NORMAL.  It is time to root this enemy OUT of our lands.  Root this enemy OUT with its now crutch; ISLAM.

The LEFT, along with their new enemy; ISLAM, seeks to change LAW.


It is past time for a REAL CRUSADE of God fearing Americans of the Christian faith, of the Jewish faith to ROOT THE ENEMY OUT of office- out of our land, out of our government, out of our churches and synagogues.



YOUR TIME is on the horizon…