PARIS: Students On Line For FOOD. Line Stretches On For Many Blocks. This Is What #Covid-#Communism Brought To France

PARIS: Students On Line For FOOD. Line Stretches On For Many Blocks. This Is What #Covid-Communism Brought To France

I feel sick for the French. They protested to no avail and now, they are on Communist foodlines that stretch on for many blocks. This is what Communism looks like. This is what the Commie-Crats want for America.

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Tonight in Paris, the long queues for food distributions are back in this academic year.

A still critical situation for many students since the Covid crisis.

Now Commies Are After #Tucker Over “Dan White Society” In His College Yr Book

Now Commies Are After #Tucker Over “Dan White” Society In his College Yr Book

The Communist idiots are pulling up Tucker Carlson’s Yearbook from his college days to find something, anything on him. Why? Because he calmly and relentlessly exposes the Communists.

Daniel James White (September 2, 1946 – October 21, 1985) was an American politician who assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, on Monday, November 27, 1978, at City Hall.

Dan White served in the US Military:

Unit101st Airborne Division
Battles/warsVietnam War

Dan White and the Twinkie defense. White’s defense for murder was that he suffered depression possibly from eating incorrect foods. White committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage. Evidently, he really DID suffer depression. (Which is initially the reason the “Dan White Society” might have been born, at least rumor has it.) OR, “Twinkee Defense” might have been a little joke”, some also have said.

Tucker Carlson Is About To Be Hit With Another Phoney Communist post …

America: Spiritual Desolation. A Civilization, Gone With The Wind

 America: Spiritual Desolation. A Civilization, Gone With The Wind.

Nostradamus Does Not Work Here, But - Update |

Our nation started out with a revolution against the same type oppressors we fight today:  Only ours are Communist enemies, within.  (Still, the same European evil spirit of collectivism)

  Our fathers  were young, wild and free.  The taste of Liberty was mouth watering.  The air of freedom was soul refreshing.

At times, my husband and I drive around to our stores together.  As the first Communist, Covid closure was coming to an end, I asked my husband:  “Do you feel this empty feeling, like a desolation?”   To my surprise, my husband, “Mr. Logical” surprisingly said “Yes, I do”.  That shocked me.  He is usually not on the ‘up and up’ with ‘spiritual senses’.

And…It is a spiritual desolation that has encompassed this land.  The nation has no protection from the Almighty anymore because of the lawlessness.  God and Lawlessness cannot dwell in the same space.   Sure, individuals that love God have his spirit but the beautiful air of freedom I knew and loved so well as a youth is gone with the wind.  When they ‘cancelled’ Gone with the wind, the movie.. It was a mental phenomena, totally mind-blowing in my opinion.  Because that is what the whole land of America is now:  “GWTW”.

At times, I ponder the  psychological tornado that started to hit America in February.   The first event I really started to take notice of was CEO’s resigning from their position…thousands of them.. I knew the NYSE would follow and it did. And, bigly.   Then, it was people locked up at home.  Then, the mask fascists.  Then came the violent, psychopathic, Communist pigs burning cities, looting, rioting when we were all weak from the Wuhan Kung Flu psyop:  Thats how repulsive and disgusting the Left is — kicking a dog when it’s down…     Then came the removal of our statues – which made me nauseous – and Communists desecrating war memorials..I was grieved, NO end.. We’re down and out.  Over and done. Finished. Kaputz.  It can only get worse, ending in starvation.

Its a spiritual desolation.  A total abomination.  I used to wonder what that passage meant in Daniel: “the abomination of desolation”.. Well, I feel it now. With every fiber of my being.  My online prophetic friend, Tim Shey tells me to not  be negative.  And, I try.  But, I ask you…how can a patriotic person be happy or positive without a country?   Its like a hole in the heart.  An empty spot.  All I can do is focus on eternal life in Heaven at this point because the earth, to me…is desolate.  Especially in America.

The movie GWTW is “America” to me.  Why? Because I grew up with it playing for almost 2 years on HBO in 1976-78. Its just a part of me. I think of my girlhood home when this plays.  I grew up in Hampton Bays, LI, NY.

The Governors Destroyed The Whole Country Over A 2% #Covid19 Death Rate: (CDC)

The Governors Destroyed The Whole Country Over A 2% Death Rate: (CDC)

Just 2.5 months ago, people had actual hope.  Not Obama hype-hope but real hope.

Americans had jobs.  Housing, cars and big ticket items were full front.  Now, Americans are in lines waiting for food, unemployed and barely getting by.  Many have abandoned their homes and cars.  The housing market is busted.  Look on “Realtor” yourself.  Oodles of homes on ‘contingent’ or months in pending status.  The people selling their homes are waiting on contingent buyers who are waiting for their homes to sell but very few can pay cash outright to buy homes.  So, everything is contingent.   Its probably a guarantee that reverse mortgages will become a huge market for people hitting 62 years old and the banks and mortgage companies will own all the homes.  Parents and Grandparents will have to reverse mortgage to help take care of their kids–who will end up moving back into their houses.   Get in reverse mortgage if you know how to work it because you’ll be a gazillionaire.

The governors, not Trump (sorry if you dont want to hear this but it’s true), he was not responsible for this economic disaster.  He DID ‘go along’ with their bullchit, though.  Even though he knew it was an artificially created massacre of the nation: Trump Refers To “This Artificial Event” That Took Place 2 Months Ago

We’re screwed six days to Sunday and I think there is no way out.  


ALL of the governors and the covid-fascist, Commie-Progressives should be hanged from the highest fleet in the US Navy.  Everyone I know is affected from this FUBAR in some way or another.

We’re singing this song again….

(Just my 2 cents.  Hope Im wrong.)



Authored by Goldbug
Stick ’em up! Gimme’ all your dough ..
“Don’t worry .. be happy .. the economy is picking up.” Don’t you just love how the TV media dolts talk down to their audience fools? What they mean is, “STFU and quit whining .. you’re all peons, and you don’t deserve s**t.   The real unemployment rate (topping 20%) says we’re in a DEPRESSION. Yes, and this depression is going to make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like good times.
I love the way Gerald Celente explains things .. the greatest robbery in the history of the world is taking place, and the banks are doing the robbing. The banksters are keeping Wall Street artificially afloat for one purpose: There are a few bucks yet to be stolen from the people, and they want them! Simple as that! When the dollar collapses, they want everyone to be in debt up to their eyeballs; then, they will swoop in and relieve the encumbered fools of their mortgaged real estate, automobiles, and possessions. What? Still no outrage? Hmm, I wonder .. what does it take?
My suggestion: Get out of debt, get out of paper, and get out of mega-banks. Do everything LOCAL.


Dont wait.  DO NOT HESITATE.  These people are *NOT* Democrats, they are FASCISTS, period.  GET MONEY OUT OF THAT BANK.  Get at least $5 grand, and MOVE your money to another bank.  If these people can push a $5- fee, nothing will stop them from $20- and beyond.  They will probably go after other banks–soon.  Forget gold if you dont have it-buy FOOD.

People say ‘we have laws to protect us from ‘runs on the banks’.  Yeah, and?  Obama can just pass an executive order and wallah, your money is kaputz.




Sad Stories of Hard Times from Foreclosures and Job Cuts~The Obama Depression

   For those of you that believe that Obama is ‘gonna change it’  You are right, he changed it alright, WORSE THAN BUSH.

Tonight I had a person crying at my desk, they are losing their house.  She was returning makeup her daughter bought that was too expensive, their house is in foreclosure, they are struggling.  I told her to let me know if she wants a food box as my dad works a food bank.  She said it was coming to that as they were eating cereal tonight.  I told her, just let me know and I’d do what I could to help her out.  At the end of the night there was a girl that used to work at our store checking out and she told me that they (her parents/her..the family) got the notice yesterday, they have to be out Wednesday, their house has been foreclosed upon.  She was hanging in there, explaining they were selling off as much as they could, yard sales, she was working a new job with more hours…

    The saddest person at my desk tonight was a lady I’m getting to know, she buys the cheapest cigarettes we have, 5.40 a pack.  She’s struggling too, I told her I could relate.  She was telling me she can’t get the hours and with the pay being so low, she just can’t make it.  I told her I’d pray about it.  She said she gave up doing that.  She doesn’t believe He’ll answer, He hasn’t in all her prayers.  It’s heartbreaking and Lord knows I can’t bring them much hope, nor give them any answers to comfort them.  I work 6 days this coming week…  sun/mon/tues I work 2-8 , off wed, thurs I work 12-8, Fri/Sat 1-8.  I’m going to be exhausted, but I thank God for the hours nonetheless.  God Help Us ….

What is missing today..

What’s missing today:

  Class, panache, Savoir’Faire’.. Where is it, and can we bring it back?

  I say:  We can bring this back.. it is simple.  We start with our kids, and surround them with items, clothes, movies, hair, shoes, toys, furniture and values that are not taught in the schools.  We teach them the things that our grandparents taught us:


  When they go to school, they other kids will see there is something peculiar, and crave what you are teaching your children. Progress is good, but not when it goes in the wrong direction, it then, becomes: REGRESSION.

  Good movies to start with, especially with girls is Gone with the Wind.  I watched that until I was blue in the face.  It happened one night is also a great one, For boys: The Horse Soldiers. Buy simple toys, like red wagons, little trikes, banana seat bikes, clothes reminiscing that era. 


Get a neighborhood group that is in unison with this idea, it will spread like WILDFIRE.  Have tiki-bar parties, dress in hostess dresses that the women used to wear. Make Shirley Temples and Roy Rodgers for the kids, play the old Disney Davy Crocketts.  Have parties where the girls are dressed up as Gone with the Wind, or tea parties. 

  Most of all:

BUILD CLASS again.  You can be the people that start this, SOMEONE has to do it! YOU can do this!

Start, so that we don’t lose another bunch of little children in this nutty society- they DESERVE it, and your grandparents will LOVE IT!


This is the story of when I had an emotional breakdown in 1989

By: Julianna Albert, Chicago Illinois (written by The Mad Jewess) ©2009

I was young, vigorous and pretty.  I had NO fear of most anything.  My grandmother had just had a heart-attack.. meanwhile, I had just opened an antique shop, I was also working 6 days a week, and Cali had just had a MASSIVE earthquake.. I had also gotten involved in a church, where I led worship, the chuch, although was so sweet and friendly, they became as tyrants over people’s lives.  I am not ‘putting church down’ so, don’t get that idea. I had a lot on my plate, so I lost sleep…try 7 mos. of sleep.  Sleep turned into a massive depression, and I didnt care whether I lived or died.

   One day, I just lost it.  To make it short, I admitted myself into the hospital.  It all began from there.  You see the FIRST thing these maggot COCKROACHES do, is tell you that you are ‘uni-polar’ OR ‘bi-polar’  Or hell, why not a north poler.. They actually tell you ANYTHING but the REAL facts: YOU JUST HAD A BREAKDOWN (emotional) AND YOU MUST GET SLEEP AND REST AND TAKE AN ANTI DEPRESSANT FOR AWHILE.  Thats all that was needed, but noooo….that is NOT what they do.  They tell you: You MUST stay in the ‘system.’  Then they tell you….”Here…you need this pill, and you are to NEVER come off of this pill the REST OF LIFE, because….now…you are a MENTAL PATIENT.” 

   Well, folks, that just IS NOT the case.  I spent a better part of my 30’s fighting the ‘system,’  while the rest of the people around me stayed ON THE SYSTEM. They had little apartments, food stamps, 24/7 care paid for by YOURS TRULY, the tax-payer.  I went back to work ASAP, and I worked HARD.  I was known at the Dr’s office as the ‘miracle patient.’  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  There was NO ‘miracle.’

   I fought the system, AFTER I saw that a year of lithium and depakote gave me 50 extra pounds, and they were TRYING to turn me into a “zombie” like every other American idiot out there now.     They were CONSTANTLY pushing me to just go on disability… What for?? TO MAKE MONEY OFF of YOU, people.

I REFUSED, and I refused time and time again…

Finally, I had a GREAT Dr that said my ONLY real problem was ‘sleep depravation’ with some clinical depression, and if I was CAREFUL to monitor these symptoms, he didnt see any reason why I shouldnt be on very MINIMAL care….So, I went off of all of the BS, and took anti-anxiety meds, because it is just ‘rule of thumb’ that anxiety brings on depression…I began a life FREE of the mind-numbing, mind-altering drugs that is BS in our lives in America… But it NEVER ended, NEVER.  I would get a new Dr and the SOS would start ALL OVER AGAIN… the ‘evaluations’ ETC..

These maniacs would tell you, in this sweet, nicey-nice BS voice that you seem ‘ANGRYYYYY.. todayyyyyy”.  Look, anger is a NATURAL emotion!!!  But these damned VULTURES knew that I was a FIGHTER, and even more than that, a fighter in my town/city, and these FREAKS would do just about ANYTHING to ‘stop my mouth’  & when I stood up to the city powers that were destroying our little town…they would say (ALWAYS)  “You seem OUT OF SORTS!!”  

Many times I would believe that these sh*theads were out for my well-being…..WRONG!!! They wanted YOU to pay for ME., this is the bottom line- people.    The kids nowadays DO NOT have all sorts of MENTAL issues! Just get your kids the HELL off the computer, and STOP giving them MC DONALDS!

So, if any of this sounds like you, and believe you ME, this was 10x WORSE than what is written WILL have a BATTLE ahead against tyrannical leftist militant she-beasts. 

This was an ONGOING TEN YEAR BATTLE with leftist FASCIST TYRANTS that just wouldnt take NO for an answer when you fight the “SYSTEM.”

I am better now, and healed by FIGHTING.  But this IS what leftist DO, to imprison YOU, in their system of HELL on earth.