My Thoughts On The Chauvin Trial

My Thoughts On The Chauvin Trial

George Floyd lived like a dog. White cops are not ‘going out of their way’ to kill black males. The Left wants to believe that because they’re lunatics.

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I was asked by a couple of readers of my blog thru email what my thoughts are regarding the Chauvin trial. I believe Involuntary manslaughter at the most. Chauvin didnt go out that day planning to murder Floyd. NO cop does that.

We live in a time where the Police are the ‘bad guys’ and the criminals are the innocent, sweet boyz. When I was young, if someone, anyone was killed by the police, we all knew that person was usually a loser in life and a miscreant.

Here’s another thing: The Left is looking for a subdued cop service but the LEFT made the streets violent:

That being said, how should our police conduct themselves because of the Left? Like it or not, the police should be even more forceful.

The world is shrewd.

There is always a factor of good cops and bad cops. When the cops and the military turn on US for these politicians, they will no longer have my support. That’s all.