Does Anyone Else See That America Is Now Hopeless?

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  I don’t see any hope for America at all. None. I believe that the government traitors on both sides have made our situation beyond precarious.  I see many years ahead of great depression making the 1930’s pale in comparison. I see more of these racist, black flash-mobs. I see people starving. More illegals murdering Americans. I see the dollar collapsing, totally.  I see Christians and Jews going through more and more persecution. I see an invasion of a foreigner coming to destroy. I see Muslim terrorist acts coming. I see many Christians turning apostate- Jews as well. I dont see any real repentance. I fear the worst is ahead.

  This may explain why I am not writing a lot anymore and have bad writers block. (I never claimed to be a wonderful writer, I write in anger and frustration) ….22 plus years in this political fight, fighting for my town in CA, and that fight ended  in Marxist/Mexican pigs destroying my Nana’s hometown.  My own hometown in L.I., NY is turning over to illegals as well.

   I am angered that there are GOP or bust people who think that the GOP will ‘change’ anything. What are they going to change? They are going along to get along and we are paying the price.  Obama has brought out the absolute worst in every person on both sides.  And I am not ‘changing’. I am not going to ‘negotiate’ with a left wing slime, EVER.

    I wonder; Are the leftists happy yet? They have spent 40 plus years destroying this nation. Are they happy YET?  I don’t think so. These evil, sub human sonofabitches will never stop until a fight at Armageddon.  I meet very FEW people along the way who feel hopeless like I do.  Is this hopeless feeling a ‘bad’ feeling?  No.  Being aware that America is a nothing anymore is probably a good place to be.

  They say that an alcoholic must reach rock bottom.  This is where we are headed; the bottom.  I believe this; Unless this nation totally turns to God, we will be invaded, bombed, crushed. We have forsaken God–YES, ALL of us have.  Don’t say “YOU” haven’t. You have, we all have.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Americans So Terrified Of More Deaths By Illegals, They Want Illegals In Internment Camps..

To illegal aliens:Whoah! This is pretty heavy.  But, just what are we supposed to do with this Mexican war on the borders, illegals kidnapping little children,  Americans being murdered, the FORGOTTEN NEWS: ILLEGAL Be-Headed *LITTLE* Girl who REFUSED to be RAPED. …Americans are getting desperate. This is serious, my friends.  I keep saying, send them BACK to Mexico, and the other places they are from, to avoid this, but it looks like it could come.  I warned people, I warned it could get like this. Folks are angry, their nation is being trampled on and destroyed, there is only so much people can take.

America, then~’MeriKa now

What happened, I ask myself over and over everyday. I have been asking myself this question for at least 15 years. We were a nation of class, panache, and ethics. Loving our neighbor and bringing justice, we dressed fabuolus and had excellent manners. We loved our country and were good neighbors to the surrounding nations. In the 30’s, even though we had reached the depths of despair, we still retained dignity. The men looking for jobs– any job, and they didn’t demand that the US Govt feed them..


The 40’s was a time of unity and patriotism. We had gotten attacked, and contrary to stupid Tom Hanks, we got attacked 1st, it had zero to do with ‘racism’. We had great generals, we had the best music to get us through terrible times, a world war. We had to unite and do what we had to do to bring these boys home from war. Everyone played a part in their patriotic duty. Today, if you could get a left wing jackass to shut his/her mouth and unite to bring these guys home, it would be a miracle..

1950’s.. A return to normalcy. Little white houses and picket fences. Owning a home after having worked hard, having a nice car. Doo-Wop, Rock N Roll..ELVIS..Industry…decency.

THEN..The 1960’s, always the 1960’s, the creepy 1960’s, the beginning of the END. Hippies, sex, drugs, MARXISM, a liberal MESS.


70’s and 80’s. The 80’s was more of a turn to normalcy again, but not totally, not entirely. Reagan brought in a sense of national pride, patriotism, glamour- but the left, always the satanic left, pushing their way in, to ruin, destroy, and never stop destroying, always a war on decency; their love for filth, debauchery, sin, glorifying in ugliness and the very thing they always accuse, is what they are; hate-filled against good.

NOW, there are NO words to describe this BS.


This is what you have done, leftists, you have screwed up decent society and made our nation into a trainwreck of sin.  You’ll get yours, your time is on the horizon.