PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’

PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’


This piece of absolute garbag is working on banning the horse carriages in Central Park.  Advises Gov Andrew Cuomo he agrees that conservative, pro-lifers have no place in NY….And now, to add insult to injury…He wants ALL children to recognize the Muslims, giving them off on Muslim ‘holidays.’    Where is the separation of mosque/state?  Did NYers even vote for this?     Who the hell voted for this creep?  Find the ones that elected in this lunatic and put them ALL in straight jackets.

An art collage from November 2013

IDIOT De Blasio wants schools off for Muslim holidays, Lunar New Year

Separation Of Mosque & State: NEEDED NOW. Wellesley Students Learn Pray To “allah”

Go to fullsize imageKeep thinking that Islam is not a problem, just not an issue.  With a government out of control.. It is very possible that America could become a lot like UK, Netherlands, Holland, Spain, and much of EU with Islam becoming a hotbed for Islam-extremism.

This blog does not talk a lot about Islam, because we believe that government is the problem, but our government and the MSM seems to cater to Islam and Marxism/Nazi-ism now.   This is getting dangerous, people. WAKE UP.

Watch this video below, it will shock you, and if it doesn’t, then you are an IDIOT.  Home-Schooling is the only option at this point, imo.

H/T: Twana from Patriots For America, Constitutional Emergency.

Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah

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MUST SEE! BLOOMBERG~He Has An Islam Connection, Follow The $$

Please see the story on the TRAITOR, illegal, 3rd term SCHMUCK, Dhimmi-Dictator of NYC: BLOOMBERG-ISLAM CONNECTION? The BNI story which I called in to Michael Savage tonight and he read on air

Very Stupid Kaffir.


Go to fullsize imageI just dont get it all.  IDIOTS blame the Jews for 9/11, NYC, if this is the ‘truth’ in their f-d up minds, then tell me why the Jews are not planning to build a Synagogue there?  Come on deluded FREAKS, Wake the HELL UP.  I lived in NY after 9/11, I lived through Martial Law upstate, NY on the reservoirs. Is this what you people want?  24/7 terror? Because that is what they do. 24/7 terror, OR conspire to terrorize.

These pictures were taken  on Madison Avenue, NYC…. in the name of  “Freedom Of Speech…”  -What about the Free Speech of 3,000 plus AMERICANS who perished at the hands of Moslem terrorists on 9/11?  Suddenly they do not count, because our Dhimmi Chief-in-Thief, Prez Hussein says we are a “Moslem nation” now. FK THAT BASTARD!!!!  And Bloomberg, who is JEWISH, is OK with this!? Is this animal INSANE? Moslems HATE Jews AND Christians, bigtime.  Islam is NOT “PEACE”. It has zero to do with “Zionist propaganda”  Islam is EVIL, it needs no ‘propaganda’.