Anti Obama DHS Philip Haney Murdered? Shot Dead.

I guess Haney’s Kitty cat up and shot Philip because we all know Obama and Hillary would never murder a whistle blower, right?  So, the ole cat must’ve carried out the dastardly deed.  The cat probably made huge bux off this one…

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Army Halts Program That Labeled Christians ‘Radical Extremists.’ Why Did They Have It In The 1st Place?

Army Halts Program That Labeled Christians ‘Radical Extremists’ Why Did They Have It In The 1st Place?

It’s pretty disgusting that we have to fear our own military that WE pay for because of Obama…..

Most Democrat/Liberal/Commies are liars.  Christians are not terrorists.  How did that program work for the Democrat “Christians?”  You like your stupid dictator, Obama calling you a terrorist?

OR: Is it Halted for now, temporarily, to be resumed again when no one is paying attention?

“On several occasions over the past few months, media accounts have highlighted instances of Army instructors supplementing programs of instruction and including information or material that is inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent with current Army policy,” Army Sec. John McHugh wrote to military leaders in a memorandum obtained by Fox News’ Todd Starnes.

Make no mistake:  Almost ALL domestic terror has been committed by Communist (Liberals) HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

#OWS “Liberals” who attempted to blow up a bridge:

Radical Leftist, Bill Ayers:

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:


More here: Army Halts Program That Labeled Christians Radical Extremists (Paul Watson, sane voice on Info-Wars)

DHS Spends 80 Mil To Protect Themselves From EBT Rioters. I Thought DHS Said Vets & Patriots Were The Problem?

DHS Spends 80 Mil To Protect Govt Buildings From EBT Rioters. I Thought DHS Said Vets & Patriots Were The Problem?  See how Commie Liberals lie, daily??  Patriots and Vets are not a problem at all.  Obama voting scum are.  Almost all domestic violence comes from the left, not the ‘right’.

The Department of Homeland Security is spending $80 million dollars to place armed guards in front of Government buildings. The new armed guards are timed to coincide with small cuts in food stamps?

I thought the Commie-liberals loved the minorities & white trash who they distribute foodstamps, monthly?  So, why all the fuss?  Why are they spending 80 million dollars to protect themselves inside these government buildings? Didn’t we warn this would happen?  Why were we called racists for warning of this fiasco?  They must be racists for wanting to protect themselves from these lazy minorities.

Remember when I posted about the Miami Cannibal/Liberal?  I told you that people would eat each-other, here in America?  Well, that time will be coming in our future.  Why did the DHS not say that all of these people will become terrorists?  Why did they say WE were the problem?  Now they have to spend OUR money to protect themselves from Obama-voters as they targeted WE THE PEOPLE, Vets & Patriots to be the rioters, terrorists, etc.

Hat tip: Obama regime prepares for food stamp riots at government buildings

Obama Asks SCOTUS To Allow Warrantless Cellphone Searches, Proving Snowden Right

Obama Asks SCOTUS To Allow Warrantless Cellphone Searches, Proving Snowden Right

My what a tangled we we weave when first we practice to deceive, Eh, Obama? First, he says he does not want to go through our emails and phones.  Now, he asks the SCOTUS if he can do just that.  He’s just a totalitarian bully.  Amazing to me how liberal ‘anti totalitarian’, anti-Nazi “Jews” LOVE this pig.  

Tell me again how Snowden is a traitor but Obama is a patriot. I’m dying to hear..

The Obama Administration has asked the Supreme Court to rule that no warrant is needed to search an arrestee’s cell phone

The rest: Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches

By the way, stupid liberal pigs:  YOU are the ones they are targeting. Why?  Just look at CBS.. They were not given ONE piece of information on Benghazi.  So, keep worshiping this CREEP you dumb bastards.

U.S. Army Buying 600,000 Soviet AK Mags & Over 2 Million 762×39 Non Standard Rounds?

U.S. Army Buying 600,000 Soviet AK Mags & Over 2 Million 762×39 Non Standard Rounds?

I, personally believe that Obama is a FASCIST.

I never know what to think of this type news.  BUT, I believe that anything is possible with totalitarian Communist-liberals.  I know they are fascistic because I read books by people who have departed these freaks.  So, I leave this up to ya all to think upon this video, below:

Read the rest and discern for yourselves: U.S. Army Buying 600,000 Soviet AK Mags & Over 2 Million 762×39 Non Standard Rounds! 

You REALLY think they will use them on the illegal occupiers?


Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As Illegal Alien Raped A 9 Month Old American Baby To Death

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As An Illegal Alien Raped A Little American Baby To Death

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Where are McCains tears for this beautiful little baby girl?? Where are Rubio’s fraud speeches?   I just sent MJ to bed, she is weeping.

See this news, asap. Email this, link it everywhere. Stop these rats from giving amnesty to these illegal cucarachas 

On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death. A day earlier, the baby’s mother, Jennifer Reedy, 31, awoke to find her daughter lying dead in her crib. Aguilar was gone, as was Reedy’s car and money from her purse. Police were able to find Aguilar using the GPS in his cellphone. At a press conference Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller, told reporters: “It appears that Mr. Aguilar was on his way to flee to Mexico.”

Napolitano Should Be Tried For TREASON; MURDERING AZ 4 Border-Jumping WETBACK Democrat-Bastards

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says ‘the influx of immigrants into Arizona will put this conservative stronghold into the hands of the Democratic Party.’  This is the only way that the Demo-TRAITORS can get AZ.  Its time for WAR.

Make a change, (phone #’s below) Demand this BITCH “Change it back” and shut her fking MOUTH. She should be tried for treason and brought before a firing squad.  This witch would *NEVER* live in a sanctuary city, but expects US here in AZ to.  She wants to change my conservative state to a state of Democrat voting rapists & murderers; illegal occupiers

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4 The Mad Jewess

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4The Mad Jewess


I’m waitin.  It may not be ‘me’ per se who they are comin for.. But, if it is.. All 10K rounds will be pumped into DHS (traitors) with vigor, animosity and my voice screaming;



PS:  Dont bother telling me to ‘control my language.  We are in a war, not a damned garden party.

Why Do Sheriff’s & Police Dept’s Have Military Tanks? Doesn’t Anyone Even Question This?

Why Do Sheriff’s & Police Dept’s Have Tanks? Doesn’t Anyone Even Question This?

The left-wing used to question things like this (Or, at least I mean the ‘liberals’) Why do they not question this, anymore?  I have never heard of a P.D. and a Sheriff’s Department needing military tanks like this.  Does this not scare you?  They want to take our guns and leave us with govt tanks??  Why?  

Click on this to see Lady R’s post: Sleep Well AmericaWhile You Can

This is why:

“What are we headed to?” Asked Candace Garrett Daly, a Cobb County resident. “Whatever it is seems to be already in motion at a breakneck speed. The police are preparing for an enemy. My question is, ‘Who is the enemy?”

FASCIST, Commu-NAZI Government Stock-piling 700 Light-Armored Tanks, & Who Knows What Else-WHY?

To murder us.  

If you don’t know this by now, then you are stupid. Hopefully, they will go straight into the liberal cities, first.   But, I doubt it.  We are frogs in the water.  That is what American’s are.

In NY, they left their people with 7 bullets for their guns. NY went down without a fight or a shot.  Why do you think they left you NYers with 7 bullets?  You are easier to murder.  Obama is a psychopathic, murdering, genocidal maniac – as is Cuomo. 

And, here are the cold, hard facts:  As a country, we did not speak out about war all over the map–wars that were not warranted.  9/11 should have been the day, the year – the nation repented of it’s national sin.  What did NYC do in 2002 to honor Elohim (GOD)?  They built a museum.  The museum is called “The museum of sex”.  Lack of morals, filthy debauchery, anal sexos ‘gay’ marriage, abortion, hands bloodied from murdering foreigners–time is coming for massive judgement from God.  I am sorry,  I don’t want to be mean–but that’s the way it is.

We will ALL be affected by Obama’s, paranoia, insanity and madness.  His manufactured crisis’s and rape of our once great nation.   I can guarantee that “Liberals” will still not be happy when it’s through………..

Frog in water

See here:

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile