CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food”, Plus More:

CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food” Plus More:

In this video, this stupid idiot Lemon bastard even says ‘the tyranny of the minority’ (Unvaxxed) WTH? These below are the tyrants.

People, we are going to have to say to these absolute scumbag nazis:


FIRE OBAMA NOW. BO Says “Good Thing About Being Prez, I Can Do Whatever I Want”

FIRE OBAMA NOW. BO Says “Good Thing About Being Prez, I Can Do Whatever I Want”

We know you do whatever you want, you pathetic tinpot dictator.  He has already ‘released’ over 180 military officials.  He changed the Communist-care mandate again, without congress, because he can.

He says he can:

The Weekly Standard: President Obama “quipped” today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.”

His administration has taken boots on the ground to Libya & Egypt without congressional approval.   Arms Syrian Al Queda rebels – (    Covers up a terrorist attack (Benghazi) to retain his dictatorial status.  In what part of the Constitution does it say that a President has tyrannical, fascist powers?   Why did the liberals go insane when stupid Bush said the Constitution was ‘just a piece of paper’, but when Obama pushes the envelope even further (on a daily basis), its OK?

A white, Democrat President would not get away with this…We know why Obama gets away with imperial decrees on this blog:





DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

I was watching the “Swing kids” last night on DVD.. So many horrible similarities in Hitler, Stalin and now Obama.  Watch this video @ 6 mins-7 mins (Thomas, the son turns his father in to the nazis.)  It seems that this is the way the radical left wants to take us, just slightly different:

Now, Obama wants to buy our kids off for a pot of porridge so they can sell out parents & patriots–God only knows what else.  It’s fascism, stupid. What the hell else do you think it is????


As Obama the Communist Tyrant Openly Threatens Dictatorship, “Liberals” Remain Silent

As Obama the Communist Tyrant Openly Threatens Dictatorship, “Liberals” Remain Silent

Obama wants to just bypass we the people.  Whether or not you Communist-Liberals like the Republicans – if this lunatic starts making your own lives miserable, you WILL want an opposition.

This is not how we do things in America, Democrat “Liberals.”  Enough of your double standards with this Communist or we go to war and may be forced to off every last one of you.  NOTHING this enemy, Barack has done has worked. Zero.  His Communist healthcare is the biggest FUBAR in American history and you know it.  Stop this madman so that we can avert war.  We do not want this.

But should the GOP stand in the way, the president indicated he’swilling to use executive orders to accomplish his aims.
“… We have a whole drawer full of good ideas. And some of them I can do on my own, administratively.”  LINK

ILLEGAL, DICTATOR, PIECE OF SHIT, Obama Signs Exec Order: ‘Recommends’ -“Citizens Must Have HIV Test”

ILLEGAL DICTATOR PIECE OF SHIT, Obama Signs Exec Order: ‘Recommends’ “Citizens Must Have HIV Test”

Just another day in my F*ck you Obama spam mail.  Can you believe the gall of this drek?  Who is going to pay for this?  My husband just said he will get an HIV test when OBAMA the Muslim, Communist, asshole hands him the cash to do so–out of his own pocket.  Until then:


 Here is the WHITE HOUSE link to this pigs fascist ‘recommend’ exec order

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

The military in Egypt have given Mohammed Morsi 48 hours to get out, as millions protest.  Morsi’s only care is pushing the Muslim Brotherhood on them instead of fixing the massive unemployment problem or the 2nd problem the masses are complaining about, lack of security.   As of this writing, about 10 of those 48 hours remain. Of course, the next tyrant that they pick wont be any better. There are no George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s or James Madison’s in Muslim countries.
Are the Egyptians far more patriotic than Americans?   They gave their dictator a chance and no see that the only thing he is concerned with is greater power.  In the US, we have a president up to his elbows in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP including FOX Washington reporter, Rosen, and most recently NSA spying on average American & one scandal after the next. Wait—since then, IRS parties and other wastes have come to light, just like another department did about 1 year ago. Remember the GSA fraud and waste? Yet there is barely a peep from the American people or our useless congress, who are there only to get themselves elected once again.
If the Egyptian people can riot, why cant Americans? If the Egyptian military can give Morsi 48 hours to get out, why cant the American military do the same here?
-David Ben Moshe

DICTATOR Obama: Executive Order-Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

DICTATOR, Obama Executive Order Establishes Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

Imagine if GWB did this?  Wouldn’t it be front page news? And, rightly so?  OK, I see…only if it is a GOP member does the MSM go insane.  But, its OK when the Muslim, Kenyan, ILLEGAL does it.. And, to question this piece of shit…You is waycis.

Read more, Thank you to Brock 4 the news: here is the link

If it walks like a dictator, talks like a dictator, acts like a dictator, MURDERS like a dictator- it IS a dictator.  Just keep snoozing away.. Nothing will get done. We just sit back and take this crap b/c its waycis to stand up to the MUSLIM/Marxist MADMAN.

Touchy, Pussy, DICTATOR Obama Is Censoring Facebook Protests Against Anti-Obama Events

Whahhhh, he can’t take anyone talking about his highness…WHAHHH.  Boo hoo.  What a baby….!!!  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, PAL.  Nobody wants you there, anyway.  You drone-crazy psychopathic idiot.

‘This video seen below was hastily assembled to document that Facebook is actively interfering with the efforts to organize National Protests Against Barack Obama in all 50 state capitols on Sat Feb 16 11am to 1pm. This video documents 3 different ways Facebook is actively interfering with event planning efforts on behalf of the Obama administration.’

You can view the Facebook event page at this link…’


Photos: Adolph Hitler Also Enjoyed Using Children To Push His Agenda, Just Like Obama

Pictures speak for themselves.  Any Jew for Obama is willingly a person that loves death and genocide & has a concentration camp mentality…. History is only repeated if we do nothing.

Enough said.