Commie-Crats Ruined Colleges & Now Teach 9 Yr Old, 4th Graders How to SUCK D’CK!!!! Lord, DESTROY These PIGS, Please!

Commie-Crats Ruined Colleges & Now, They Teach 4th Graders How to SUCK D’CK!!!!!!! Lord, DESTROY These PIGS, Please!

DEMOCRATS ARE THE VIRUS Leftists wack jobs, sore losers ...

You have to go watch this video enclosed in the link: (VIDEO) “We Sucked Eachother’s D***s” – Mother Reads Sexually Explicit School Book To Board Members

Dear Father in Heaven,

I am asking you to please destroy the Commie-Crat party and the Leftists. I ask you to curse ALL of their doings. I am asking you to DESTROY Leftist & college cities/towns. In Jesus name.

jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving GUNS & AMMO to The Taliban!!

jOBAMA Admin Bans Russian Ammo. But, Dems Are OK Giving AMMO to The Taliban!!!

The CommieCRAT party is filled with the absolute biggest hypocrites in the planet. No Russian ammo for American peons, but ammo galore for the TALIBAN. Helicopters, AK’s, pistols, Humvee’s ETC for the Taliban but no Russian ammo for you, America. Why? Because you American gun owners are not terrorists. They LOVE foreign terrorists. LOVE! Get yourselves a rag, put it on your head, go around screaming “ALLAH ACKBAR, TALIBAN IS GREAT” and they will probably arm you to the hilt! Tell the Dems you want to burn the city, they’ll supply you with everything you need!!!

The Democrat party makes me sick.