#CARMAN, Christian Story-telling Singer Has Died :(

CARMAN, Christian Story-telling Singer Has Died

I used to go to his concerts in the 80’s and 90’s. They were very uplifting and patriotic. He tried in vain to bring this nation back to God. Unfortunately. Good bye Carman. Be at peace. You worked hard for God. True, you had ups and downs but we ALL do. Carman Licciardello, Iconic CCM Singer, Dead at 65

Bring God in America again:

“Trump blues”

“Lazarus” (the most exciting)

“Be the Light of Jesus”

Bye Carman, RIP.

Rush Limbaugh also has died. Bye Rush 😦 2 very great men who did what they could to bring America back to its original roots. It must be symbolic.

Pictures Of Evil, Bigot, Racist Shirley Temple, Who Was An Ambassador To Ghana In Africa

Pictures Of Evil, Bigot, Racist Shirley Temple, Who Was An Ambassador In Africa

Today, the insanity continues on my blog.  A majority of black Liberal morons believe that Shirley Temple dancing with Mr. Bojangles was racist.  If they thought that was racist, just take a look at this!

Shirley Temple BlackShirley Temple Black, centre, as US ambassador to Ghana, watches a tribal dance performance at Cape Coast, Ghana, in 1975.

Look how she is oppressing these black people, the horror:

a63They just don’t make white racists as nice as they used to...

Meanwhile… We love Shirley Temple here on this blog and hope she rests in peace as the left is ripping her apart for bringing happiness to Americans during the Great Depression.  Including American blacks.

One Of My Favorite Actresses, Joan Fontaine Has Passed Away

One Of My Favorite Actresses, Joan Fontaine Has Passed Away

Joan Fontaine was a very ladylike dame.  Something that is missing in today’s society of sexual depravity.


Believe it or not, I have performed for Joan Fontaine.  She lived up in Carmel Highlands in the 1980’s.. I also lived up there. Ms Fontaine lived about 6 houses down the mountain.   She has seen me in several different theatrical productions.  

At any rate, I always thought that Ms Fontaine was an excellent actress.  Not in the same glamour rating as Vivien Leigh or Heddy Lamar, but she had a sweet quality that was genteel.  My favorite movie she acted in was “Rebecca.”  I also admired her acting in “Suspicion.”   What woman wouldn’t like watching a movie with Lawrence Olivier or Cary Grant.. 😉  She made a great ingenue for Judith Anderson’s strident foil role of Mrs. Danvers in “Rebecca.”  Anderson acted with prowess that earned her an oscar nod in 1940. (When the academy gave awards for actual mummery)   The 2 acting opposite each other in Selznick’s sensation, Rebecca has most assuredly earned the title of “classic.”

Thanks for always keeping it lovely, Joan Fontaine.