Klimt Inspired Abstracts

I really love Klimt patterns. Not necessarily his figuratives or ‘message’. It’s the colors that are wonderful. I’m at this crossroads in life….because I feel that we are going to be hated worse than ever merely for having beliefs and opinions that are not Communist/Progressive/Left/Lib.

How do you deal with hatred that is focused on your beliefs? Do you hate back? I don’t believe so. I believe you look for common ground and try to admire something about a person & get past their beliefs. Look for something you like about a person who you are at odds with.

In my case, I use Klimt abstracts to make myself remember not to have strong animosity toward all Liberal people. After all, Klimt was a Lib. I wear a klimt necklace to remind me not to hate these people and remember that God put something good in all humans.

With that.. Here are my Klimt digitized fashion abstracts.

Underwater gymnast. [Klimt background, altered]
Purple people eater
Golden Back

These are only inspired by Klimt. I don’t market them. I just like digitizing.


“Feathered”, Dec 2020 PAR TMJ

I made this one thinking about the Communist Democrat party–who only get feathered and never tarred. Never hurt.

I was reading this scripture last night from Revelation 13:4: “Who is like this beast? Who can make war against him/it?”

Think about that passage. WHO can kill this beast? It seems no one on earth can touch the globalist/Communists and they rarely ever die of natural death.

So, this is the plan: We have to start cursing them with the spirit of God. We have to pray in multitudes and curse these EVIL, baby murdering, pedo supporting, homosexual, poop-chute adoring filth. That is the only power that is going to break this evil devil machine.

So, Christians, Jews, Messianics, J4J- people who believe: Start cursing these savages, in Jesus name in the name of Elohim. What ever your persuasion- Just do it. Leave your ideas behind and just do it. Read the Bible. Get strength. CURSE THIS EVIL. Ask HaShem to curse this thing. Where-ever you are in your faith: Get on your knees, lift your hands and CURSE THIS DEMONIC MACHINE.

The Kaleidoscope Gallery Digi

TMJ, AsheDina 2020

I made this one with 2 Klimt repro’s out of Asia and added in a fire type opal. Cool huh? She really reminded me of being in a Kaleidoscope Gallery. I used to visit the Gallery in Phoenicia, upstate, NY. What a gorgeous place that was–especially in the fall with the turning of the leaves.

I lived upstate, NY during 9-11-01. The reservoir in Shokan was closed for a very long time. But, in Phoenicia was the giant Kaleidoscope and we used to visit there just to ‘take in’ all of the cool colors.

Kaleidoscope’s do not ‘relieve’ stress for me but I LOVE looking at the swirling colors. So, VOILA! Hope ya like it! Shabbat Shalom. Have a nice church Sunday, too! ūüôā

Painting Angel

I mixed this piece the other day.  

I remember this song below in the 1990’s? Maybe early 2000‚Äôs… It was even bad back then. ¬†Everywhere I looked in the town I lived in–there were gangs & dangerous looking youth that donned faces intent with murder.. Drive-by shootings. Violence everywhere. ¬†I remember hearing this song and it just went thru me. ¬†It seemed there was no way out of the insanity I lived in….a town in America. ¬†See, its been bad for a long time. ¬†The fact many think it only started ‘after Obama‘ is just a person living under a rock.

I am now blessed enough to live high in the hills.  But, I can feel the spirits of mayhem and violence.  Chaos and confusion.  Its rampant now, worse than ever.  We all have to really draw strength from the Lord and bigly.

So, call on God if it gets too bad. Ask him to cover you with his holy Angels.  

Psalms 91 Р11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Garden Sprite

Garden Sprite, June 2020


Made this one yesterday. ¬†Gets me to thinking about how much I really miss the green and the ocean. ¬†We’re very high up in the desert here. ¬†Sure, there are Evergreen trees and some grass and other trees but I really miss the Eastern Seaboard a lot. ¬†Western also…But, really…how can you live there? ¬†The Communist filth have made California uninhabitable for patriotic American people. ¬†You cant be sane and live there anymore. ¬†Its just a total mess. ¬†So, I will keep looking at greenery online. ¬†Its the only real fulfillment I get and its not fulfilling. ¬†I miss the ocean bad.

BUT: God has us up here, way up because he wanted us to live more remote and safer. ¬†I say ‘safer’ because no place is safe from Communist infiltration, especially NOT Arizona with all of the California Commies coming here. ¬†

Anyway…Hope ya liked it.

Heres a nice song from “Lord of the Dance”. ¬†It really matches this mixed digi.

Stained Glass Media

I made this one a few months back.  Was trying to get that stained glass look.  

My father, an Austrian Native American, S.A.R. was a glazier in his days. ¬†He crafted 70% of the churches and synagogues in NYC in the late 50’s-80’s. ¬†His father, from Austria was gifted in stained glass. ¬†He worked as one of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s right hand men. ¬†

Stained glass is a lot like our lives.. Many times, our lives fall apart.  In that essence, a glazier must put it back together a window or lamp with copper foil, solder & intense heat.  God does the same thing with us!  He takes away all of the pieces that dont belong in our lives, cuts them down, puts a nice coating (his spirit), then we get the intense heat of a trial or tribulation to see if it can withstand.  

Then….there we are! A beautiful creation that light shines through to the world.¬†

Lots of us go thru these times and praise our God, he makes us beautiful. ¬†We are blessed by circumstances that bring us into a better place!! ¬†Hang in there! You’ll make it! God aint done with ya yet! ¬†He’s just started making you beautiful in his time!

Listen to this.  

Dedicated to my sissy, Gina.

Clapet de Printemps

I put this together a few days ago. ¬†Just a little something to make you smile. ¬†The world is not ‘happy’ now… So, flowers and pretty colors are a good remedy for a minute or 2.

Heres a nice song to go with it:

From “Chants d’Auvergne” (“Songs from the Auvergne”), a collection of folk songs from the Auvergne region of France arranged for soprano voice and orchestra by Joseph Canteloube between 1923-1930. The songs are in the local language, Occitan.

The Auvergne region of France is a high plateau with extinct volcanoes and green, rolling hills stretching as far as the eye can see. Under summer skies, it is a land of skylarks, butterflies and lush carpets of wildflowers. This all comes across in the lilting strains of the folk song “Ba√Įl√®ro,” a shepherd’s call in the Auvergne dialect arranged by the French composer Marie Joseph Canteloube.

In Your Wilderness, Look For Rays Of Hope And Blessings

We all go thru the wilderness. ¬†You’re not alone.

God is with you. ¬†Hang in there. ¬†It won’t always be like this.. I tell this to myself as much as I am writing it to you. ¬†Things will change. ¬†Gods faucet of blessings will come to you. ¬†But, for now…look for the little rays of hope. ¬†Take heart ‚ô•

My Digi today:



That’s what we all are in USA: ¬†SELF ABSORBED.

As I made this digi-art above… And…I saw all of us American people in it.. We’re self absorbed.. ¬†It’s I, Me, My in the USA. When we’re in line at the grocery store, we get mad if the cashier is taking too much time. ¬†Why? Because I have something important to get to. ¬†We get pissed off when the light won’t change as fast as we want it to. ¬†Or, God forbid, someone is taking their time on the road.. ‘I am in a hurry!’ ¬†When we’re at work and we’ve hit a deadline… “Get out of MY way, I have to finish this!”. ¬†When it comes to family, its: ‘MY family, THEY are more important..’

Recently, I was in the grocery store. ¬†I kept getting out of everyone else’s way. ¬†Let the people go before me, let them cut me in line, help them get a can of food that’s up high.. Move out of their way. ¬† I’ll be honest with you all.. I am ALWAYS getting out of people’s way. ¬†Always. ¬†And, this does not make me a ‘great person’. ¬†God just made me try to always be considerate. ¬†¬†But, here is what I must say: ¬†I don’t see many people getting out of other people’s way or helping others. ¬†In fact, when I do see it, I am shocked.

A para-phrased scripture in the Bible says to: ‘be kind to strangers because that stranger may just be an angel in disguise’.

If we would only take a passage like this more serious. ¬†If only us Americans were not so hard to the people around us…because we are. ¬†We are very hard. ¬†We are ‘put off’ by others misfortunes. ¬†We are put off by being inconvenienced. ¬†Ever look up the word: “Narcissist?” ¬†Well, you may not be a full fledged narcissist but we all have a bit of that devil chipping away at us. ¬†Isn’t it time to thwart the devil out and be kind to people? ¬†Isn’t it time to show other people, in action…that THEY are important? ¬†That they matter? ¬†Think about it. ¬†I see that quote all over: “The change you want to see in the world begins with yourself”. ¬†Well, its a more biblical quote than anything because Gods spirit wants us to CHANGE. ¬†Change into the image of Jesus, the spirit of the Lord, God, the prophets, the saints.

Its a hard task. ¬†It is. ¬†Because we as humans really do not care about anyone but our own precious hides. ¬†Let’s stop this. ¬†Let’s work to change..Ask the Lord to HELP us be loving toward people.