Come & Get Your Happiness

“Garden Of Lovely”, TMJ/PAR 2020

Come and get your happiness.  I loved this little song as a kid.  I had the Shirley Temple album in the early 70’s.  That album brought my sister and I so many smiles.  We thought Shirley was the cutest little girl in the world.  In fact, we thought she was our age. Lol.

 As we go thru rotten times with tyrants trying to destroy and demolish.. We have to keep our chin up.  I know thats hard.  But, look around you at the animals, babies, trees, flowers, laughter.  “Accentuate the positive”, Right?  Ya all have a nice day today on this fabulous, sunny Sunday.  God loves you and I do too.

Shirley brought so many smiles and laughter and Hollywood was so horrible to her. Very bad.

These Dreams….

Keep me going these days…

My digi for the day….

What else do we have but dreams and little visions?  Daydreams can be a life saver.  Ive written on this blog and my other blog since late 2008.  I knew it was going to get bad.. But, I never knew it would be THIS bad.  And, worser still….it will get worse.  So, dream away, kids.  Have your dreams.  

My favorite folk singer of all time..  Song is off topic but on topic, lol


Let Them Eat Cake..


Did Marie Antoinette say it or not say it?  There is much debate about the subject.  The new bill that Trump signed is ALL cake for BIG Corps.  It seems a lot of Conservatives are OK with this bill just because Prez Trump signed it..In my opinion…Its CAKE FOR CORPS.  When do the American people ONLY get the help they need without transferring their tax paying dollars to fat cat co’s?  Whether the govt is D OR R….they are both disgusting.  To the max.  This is the largest transfer of wealth we’ve possibly seen ever.  

So, that inspired my digi for the day.

Let Them Eat Cake Party Theme - Let Them Eat Cake Clipart ...

Mr. Butterfly’s Birthday (Digi Art)

Here is one of my latest from the series of the “Red Balloons”.  I thought this was such a happy balloon!  I dont know why… At any rate, thru some dark times I have been experiencing in my spiritual walk with God, this red balloon and girl has sort of made me feel better 🙂