Where Is The PROOF Russia Cyber Attacked Us?

Where Is The PROOF Russia Cyber Attacked Us?

Where is it? All I am seeing is the media blaming Russia for a supposed attack that was an offense like “Pearl Harbor”, digitally speaking.

But, where is the PROOF?

The media blames Russia for anything and everything. Meanwhile, its just the Democrat party who is projecting their plans to possibly close down the country. The Communist Democrat party and the China friendly GOP attacked Russia non-stop for the last 4 years, but all along – they were working with the Chinese and now leaks show who is bought and paid for (or at least very friendly with) the Chinese: Here’s how 20 American Governors are tied to the Chinese.

Axios had an article earlier this year and included the Chinese Communist Party Report [Cloud pdf Here]

Until there is solid proof that Russia cyber attacked us, it is safe to assume it’s just the Democrat party using a smaller hacking to divert attention over recounts in different states like Michigan: Recount Confirms #Trump Won MI County That Reported Biden Win Election Night

False Flag in Vegas Shooting?

Cyber Attack Is Foreign “Message” To New Biden (Obama) War-Mongering Regime

Cyber Attack Is Foreign “Message” To New Biden (Obama) War-Mongering Regime

Like it or not, this is possibly a few countries digitally rallying together to ‘cyber hit’ a new regime that is listing Obama retreads in it’s war cabinet. ‘OBAMA 2.0’: BIDEN’S NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM FILLED WITH OBAMA ADMIN RETREADS

The Democrat party is a war mongering party… they are much worse than the GOP. At least with the bomb-craving GOP, they take the matter to congress. Not so with the Democrat machine. They bomb at will. By proxy. And, the media does not even address it. They keep the nation in the dark.
America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to the Obama regime …

The world cannot take being bombed anymore. At least under Trump (in Syria), the US military was under the jurisdiction of the Russians. The Russians have been in control of the Syrian fiasco since 2015. Whereas, Obama armed ISIS: Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool to overthrow the Assad government…

Smaller countries cannot take the Democrat war machine. This cyber attack–no doubt–is an offense against the Democrat party. It’s not against Trump. He didn’t foment revolutions & regime changes demanding one leader after the next step down. Under OBAMA, The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt & Libya, Failed In Syria, & foisted elected leaders out.

Trump can always Use the Insurrection Act to “Stop the Steal” and Defeat the Coup. But, I don’t see that happening. I could be wrong but I don’t see it.

If the Democrats are allowed get in power after stealing the election, we will see many more cyber attacks and possibly war here on our soil. Major cities will probably be bombed. We’ll possibly be nuked. Our military is really good at bombing countries at will but they are not real good at protecting Americans here at home. Don’t believe me? Look how the border was wide open so the Mexicans could invade us, year after year.


“US Hit By Massive Cyber Attack Of ‘NIGHTMARE PROPORTIONS’ – US in Grave, Grave Danger!” — Cyber Expert Morgan Wright Reveals Frightening Extent of Latest Cyber Attack (VIDEO)