Fire Type Eruption? In South Lake Tahoe? Apocalyptic Flooding In China. Volcano In Guatemala. REPENT World!

Fire Type Eruption? In South Lake Tahoe? Apocalyptic Flooding In China. Volcano In Guatemala. REPENT World!

Let us turn to the Lord with humility. Let us pay homage to the LORD.

Isaiah 34:2  For the indignation of the LORD [is] upon all nations, and [his] fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

My God… Its ALL over the place.  Its as if…well, not as if..but the world is literally living IN the book of Revelations.  Watch this satellite play and you can see how ONE fire ignites fire/smoke like a volcano for hundreds of miles and sets off other fires.

More:  South Lake Tahoe: Heavy smoke from the Creek Fire over South Lake Tahoe and new fire has started: Click to read. 

Here is what is happening to the people in China:

In Guatemala:

Think all that was bad? Take a look at this:

Edward Umling, Prophet Of God: AMERICA!! HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!!

Edward Umling, Prophet Of God: AMERICA!! HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!!

I have nothing on my heart but to post Christian prophets right now.  Look around you, people.  Look at what is happening to this nation. Silo’s destroyed. Fires ravaging the state of California. Cities burning, Looters stealing from people evacuated. Civil war looming. Forced face masks, fake death numbers to instill fear, ETC!!!

 MY GOD!!! WAKE UP!! We’re under divine judgment.

Monterey Peninsula, (Carmel & Salinas) CA ON FIRE, Thous Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

Monterey Peninsula, State Of CA ON FIRE, Thousands Of Acres Burned. Bay Area On FIRE

River Fire update: 3,793 acres burned, six structures destroyed.  I used to live about 12 miles from the river.  The whole nation is under serious judgment.

Today, Mount Toro is on fire.  My friend just called to tell me.  She still lives in Salinas, CA. 

Right outside of the city of Monterey is Salinas, about 17 miles away. The river is on fire.  It is an underground river.  It has already burned thousands of acres:  See what the Salinas River Fire looks like

The Monterey County Herald is reporting that over 10K acres are charred: Click to see this horror  UPDATE: River Fire grows to over 10,000 acres

Carmel Fires a growing concern

Man arrested in southern Big Sur on arson charges in connection to Dolan Fire

PHOTOS: Fire breaks out near Carmel Valley Village

River Fire August 19: Fire grows to 10,672 acres as evacuations expand

The San Fran area was hit with lightening.  The lightening is said to have sparked over 300 fires.  This is near the Oakland area:

East Bay and Oakland News | ABC7 KGO - ABC7 San Francisco

Bay Area thunderstorms sparks fires throughout region

East Bay and Oakland News | ABC7 KGO - ABC7 San Francisco

Bay Area fires: Nearly 70,000 acres burning with barely any ...

Throughout California, firefighters are battling 367 known fires, many sparked by rare summer thunderstorms and lightning earlier this week, and are now fueled by hot, dry and windy weather. That includes the three major blazes burning in the Bay Area:

• The CZU August Lightning Complex Fire in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties covered 10,000 acres, forced 22,000 people to evacuate and was burning out of control as of Wednesday morning.

Read the rest of this whole disaster:    Right here.


If Russia Is Smart, They Will Turn Off Electricity in EU Over Soros-Lead Ukrainian Disaster

If Russia Is Smart, They Will Turn Off Electricity in EU Over Soros-Lead Ukrainian Disaster

That will end the situation in Ukraine.  And stop the Soros-lead madness:  Europe’s Dependence on Russian Energy

When the musics over, turn out the lights…

Sorry to my EU friends  😦   But, how else can the Soros/EU/USSA monster be stopped?  I’m not a huge RU fan and I know people will be angered with me, but I can’t take anymore of Obama’s aggression against these poor, small countries.

The Mad Jewess Has Been Discontinued From Her Insurance/Heath Care. Thanks Obama

The Mad Jewess Has Been Discontinued From Her Insurance/Heath Care. Thanks Obama

My wife, The Mad Jewess, has been discontinued from her insurance plan under Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona.  Her plan was not ‘grandfathered in’.   Is this their way of forcing people into the Obama exchanges?

Letter we received:


We also have a friend–his whole family has been discontinued with some other provider.

See: You Can’t Keep Your Plan

Why Are Only MEN Carrying The Gas Cans In Staten Island? Where Are The Women? What About EQUALITY?

I thought America was past the days of men being stronger than women.  I can’t believe what I am seeing!  NO women, (only like 4-6, 10-12 at the most) carrying the plastic containers for gasoline in NYC (Staten Island, Queens, etc.)  Where is the ACLU?  Are they not for EQUAL RIGHTS?   This is an outrage.  Whats going on? Are the women at home, cooking? I thought that cooking was a sign of oppression.  Where are the feminists to demand equal rights, here???  I thought there was a WAR against women.  Looks like the men are losing. They have to do everything.

By the way: The gas stations were built by men. The gas delivered there was brought in by truck, delivered by a man. The gas brought to the gas station was refined by men at a refinery built by men. 

So much for equality..


You singing that same old tune now, NYC women??

This is what I told a pathetic feminist on Youtube who says ‘women are strong’:

MegaHatLady 1 second ago

How come no women are carrying gas cans in NYC right now?

you aint strong, what a joke

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Hurricane Sandy Has Convinced Me That America’s Fall Will Be Worse Than Any Others Nation’s Fall


“We’re going to die! We’re going to freeze! We got 90-year-old people!” Donna Solli told visiting officials. “You don’t understand. You gotta get your trucks down here on the corner now. It’s been three days!”

..Are the words uttered from Staten Island residents.  We all better take a cold, hard look at this situation.  Only 3 days and they are panicking? Even the fall of Greece didn’t happen in 3 days.  We, as a nation are totally unprepared for disaster situations.  And why is that?  Because America is a nanny state that is completely reliant on the government.  I am sorry if I sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  We act like spoiled rotten brats, certainly not the children of our grandparents.  This is not how our grandparents dealt with dire strait situations.  

Remember when the Japanese were hit with the Tsunami?  The Asians deal with disasters well.  We do not because of our entitled mentality.  We are supposed to be America, a tough people.  Alas, I keep telling you–those days are long gone, but you think I’m mean when I am only trying to help us see the light and accept humility.    

  While I feel for these people in Staten Island, I am so disappointed in Americans.  I truly am.  America is supposed to be a Christian nation.  A nation of people that pray and turn to God.  This is what happens when we don’t trust in Him:  We’re Panicked, fearful, frightened, helpless and scared. This is NOT Gods will for people.    Its time to turn back to God, Americans.  Jew, non-Jew alike.  Wake up for crying out loud.  Get your homes prepared.  How do you know what can happen? And if you are not prepared, then you will be in the same state as these poor people. 

Pray for the people that have been devastated, but batten down the hatches. And consider that God does not show partiality, (it could happen to you, also). Or you can go rely on the government, who is broke.  Make your choice: God or the US Government.  God is a JEALOUS God.


Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Eric Holder signaled a change on medical marijuana policy Wednesday, saying federal agents will target marijuana distributors only when they violate both federal and state law.


  LOL…as IF they will FOLLOW the ‘fed & state laws’  ha ha ha.. Smoke a DOOBIE with Czar/Emperor Barack HUSSEIN Obama- he will LOVE you for it. This is an OUT OF CONTROL evil, and debaucherous son of a whore. 

  I am Sorry, my liberal, COMMUNIST, fascist, DICTATOR loving NAZI “American” brothers and sisters-  YOU made a HUGE mistake, and time (not THAT much time…DAMN!) YOU will see that this son of perdition and EVIL freak will turn our America into a POT house, crack house- out of the planet lawlessness going wild insane nation.  Well, YOU ASKED FOR IT, you got it! SERVES you right!

oooohhhh…I get high with a ‘lil help from my friends…. Ayers, REZKO… MY GOD AMERICA, WTF were you thinking!?

YOU F*CKED UP GOOD this time America. Cry 


AMERICA: YOU ARE DOOMED. TY so much you LEFTIST schmucks!!!!!!