Thanks Dems: “Feces, Vomit, & Blood” On the Trains In THIS LEFTIST City:

Thanks Dems: “Feces, Vomit, & Blood” On the Trains In THIS LEFTIST City:

Ya put filthy, disgusting, debaucherous Communist animals in charge of a major city & all sort of vile things will take place. Alas, the loathsome Democrat scum love their detestable things and ‘leaders’ in the Republican party don’t seem to mind either because they say nothing about it.

A Fox affiliate that discussed the fact that the number of subway cars that are soiled by “feces, vomit, and blood” is increasing… & Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates

Maybe this is why people are running to the hills.

As the Communist cities are becoming more disgusting, what are the Democrat pigs worried about??

Since the blue states are madly in love with poop chute worshipers… God is giving them buckets of sh!t… Literally.