Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

What the Communists have done to this nation is pathetic and disgusting. And, the sane men of America allowing this chit to continue makes us deserving of destruction.

I will tell you this much: One day, very soon, the Russians and the Chinese will be coming to bomb America. Anyone with a brain can see this coming. What is disturbing is the Left created this disaster so that we will be totally destroyed: Which has been their goal since the 1920’s.

#Netflix Cartoon ‘#StretchArmstrong’ Shows People Lining Up To Take ‘Implantable Digital ID

Netflix Cartoon ‘Stretch Armstrong’ Shows People Lining Up To Take ‘Implantable Digital ID

If you read the book of Revelation in the New Testament, you will see striking similarity in the events today and the predictions in John the apostle’s book, the last book of the New Testament testimonies.  

As the ‘powers that be’ are definately preparing for some type of new world order…they must be in cahoots with Netflix…Because they are getting humans ginned up for a robot system.

You can read this at “Now the end begins”. 

Here is a photo of the implanted chip/barcode thing:

Miley Cyrus Is The End Product Of Progressivism/Liberalism

Miley Cyrus Is The End Product Of Progressivism/Liberalism

LADIES, GIRLS….Follow the progression of Sluts Incorporated, from Madonna to Lady Ga Ga to Miley Cyrus..Take a good look at Miley with her ‘twerking’, the long, ugly tongue, the gyrating of her hips.. Just a wanton little slut.  Miley should become the new spokesperson for the DNC–on how we should become more tolerant toward tramps. Embrace twerking, or face sensitivity training.. etc..

Now, take a good look at America–once the greatest nation in the history of the world- is now just another sh*thole in the pack.  We once out-produced all of the warring powers in the 1940’s combined: Even Soviet uniform buttons said “Made in the USA.”  Today, our buttons on our uniforms say “Made in China.”  The only thing America is good at is producing Kleenex & Tampax.  How novel.. A bunch of sniveling mary’s on the rag..

These are the things The Commie/Progressive cabal of insanity has brought our once nice country.  Just a cesspool of debauchery run amok in the name of freedom and democracy.  *Puke*  (BTW: US “Conservatives” are putting up with it.)  Proving that “Tolerance” is the last ‘good deed’ of a dying nation.

Makes ya proud to be an American??  And, we wonder why Putin rebukes us? Someone has to, because the Liberals won’t allow the Conservatives to talk. So, I have embraced Putin’s rebuke..

Obama Has Brought Out The WORST In His People: Dance On Graves, “Twerking 4 Trayvon”

Obama Has Brought Out The WORST In His People: Dance On Graves, “Twerking 4 Trayvon”

Disgusting, vile behavior.  Another reason these people are NOT respected and now their king Shambal-O-bama will be even less respected.  If that were possible.  NO decent, patriotic black person would think this is ‘cute.’   I admit this Trayvon story has me intrigued, but only because I am totally angered that white people are treated like shit in America.  Crimes against whites are not reported at all for fear of bloggers being called racists.  Makes me sick that people are so cowardly..

Cheryl, a blogger says: Of all the vile, disgusting, reprehensible, horrifyingly primitive forms of behavior I’ve seen on You Tube, (and I’m including beheadings here) THIS tops them all!


Hat tip: Twerking for Trayvon  (See her story)

Satanic Filthy Lady Gaga Will Be Performing At NAZI-Obama’s Inauguration

People wonder why my brother and friend, QV calls America “Satan-AmeriKa”.  This is absolutely filthy, disgusting news; Paganistic, evil, devilish Obama and his GOVERNMENT HOOKER, Lady Gag Me on the same night, performing and saying vows to Lucifer, their father.   Evil is in charge.  Why? Because good men are doing ZERO.   You men that see this abomination: Look in a mirror, you are allowing this debauchery.  I build men up, non stop and what is my payment? Nothing.. Why in the hell do I waste my time.



Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

If MEN do zero. I will just give up.  I will go into my room and not ever come out again.  MEN are allowing this SHIT.

Chicago: Police arrested 7 protesters who were caught with bottles of human urine and feces. ( This is the movement endorsed by Obama and the Liberal Democrats. And they have the gall to criticize the Tea Party Movement?

Occupy Wall Street Rioter Takes A Sh*t On A NYPD Car & Obama Winks At This Behavior

Breaking News for wall street protest defecates on NYPD Vehicle

CLICK HERE: Occupy Wall Street Rioter takes a Sh*t on NYPD Vehicle


Read it. Steve Cooper lives in Queens, NY, and I know him, personally (link directly above).  This is the type TRASH that is ‘occupying’ Wall Street: Classless, disgusting, un-focused, drek.  If you want to be part of this movement, knock your socks off, you have been shitting all over America for over 40 years, defecating on a NYPD vehicle is natural for you.

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan

This is the crap that is all over the park where they are ‘protesting’.  DISGUSTING!!!

Pile: The rubbish has been building up in Zuccotti Park for days now


 Go to fullsize image Say Good-bye to Spiderman, Say Hi to the Black, Hispanic, “Gay” new Super-Spiderman.  Our once great nation is starting to look like South Africa.  When these ‘people’ take over, I pray to GOD that they go to  Florida, NYC and San Fransicko. I hope they torture these x-patriot, jakobites until they die a horrible, painful death.

This IS propaganda. They could not just make some superhero of their own?? NO, they had to STEAL a ‘white’ superhero. You know what this is? JEALOUSY. Period.  Some blogs are saying “I am a Hispanic, and I think this is great”… Well, B*TCH, RACIST B*TCH.. “Evil” whitey made this nation great and YOUR people have royally f’ked it up.

(Don’t think I am not totally ashamed of my people, either, they suck too- for the most part, voting in a Marxist/Muletto, 78%.)

  This is filthy, disgusting.  BOYCOTT Marvel Comic Books.  They MURDERED Spiderman. This reminds me of NAZI crap-They aint ‘for the greater good’, they are for the total destruction.     DREK,  fascists, xeno-phobes of white people; DIE QUICKLY.

MARVEL: MURDERS “Evil” White SPIDER-MAN, Replaces handsome, with ugly Half-Black, Half-Hispanic Reincarnation of madness run amok…

In the wake of the death of Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man is still slinging webs across Manhattan. (credit: AP Photo/Marvel Comics)

In the wake of the death of Peter Parker, Ultimate Spider-Man is still slinging webs across Manhattan.

(credit: AP Photo/Marvel Comics)

Lady GAG Me Needs To Snort Cocaine To “Make Her Music”

Parents, this is what your young ladies, and young men listen to. This is actually who they will remember up until the time they are about 25.  Do you realize that this is subliminal suggestion?  This nation needs to get right with God. Lady Ga Ga is repulsive. I thought that Madonna was bad enough, but this filth takes the cake.

SEE: Lady Gaga Needs Cocaine to Make Music

Is this how you would want a 14 year old girl to dress?? This country is like Rome now. Watch that video below, and you tell me that you dont see some of the most disgusting darkness and debauchery run amok.

View Image

Media Matters Attacks Michael Savage

Savage: I’m sick of speaking about Obama in hushed tones because he’s of mixed race

  Here it goes AGAIN.  These people have not a clue about a damned thing, and if they do, they will be 100% responsible for America becoming a Communist state.  I have been listening to Michael Savage since 1996. “Racist?” 

They do NOT know what Savage is talking about—AT ALL.

   MMFA reads my blog all the time, and still refuse to WAKE THE HELL UP. It is such a damned shame that most of these morons are not a day over 35, so they have not a clue just what is happening, their minds are beyond deluded.

   Savage was a Social Worker in NYC in his younger years. When he found himself sleeping on a mattress on the floor, with 2 crates as his side tables, while he was working with a feminazi earlier that day/week, picking out great furniture for people that don’t even work they just collect off of the system, he woke up from the serial ass kissing of the liberal destroying machine against America, that has made the minorities out to be God.

   Savage knows, as I know, that if you even talk about Obama, you are labeled a racist, hater, or “THATS RACIST!” 

  …..I know, because it cripled me from blogging, also banned me from my own radio show in 2008 that told the truth about Obama- I was silenced.. It HURTS to be called something you are not, to have your character assassinated by 2 words, “Thats Racist.” OR, “You are a HATER”  ………..At every turn, a conservative is called a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater’ if they criticize Obama– if they criticized Sotomayor, (even though this CREEP is with LA RAZA), an America hating Org., you’re a racist– If you criticized that Obama has 2 D.H.S. assistants that are Moslems, (and you cannot forget WHO perpetrated 9/11) you’re a hater.. etc…

             If you criticize against this severe anti-American/Kommunist administration, they have all but one thing to say;



  Savage is brilliant, he has studied Socialist Revolts, he has been informing the USA OF an oncoming Socialist Revolt since 1996. Unfortunately, his opponents are Communists, which is why they want him stopped and shut up.

  Well, do not worry, Obama passed a bill that America was against, soObama, soon, will stop the ‘haters & the ‘racists’ from telling us what is going on anymore, because the BOLSHEVIK/MARXIST/MOSLEM and his admin. will stop free speech.

FREE speech is against the Communist Agenda. So is God, so get used to your religious liberties thrown in the ash-can as well.

Just one last word…One day, you, at MMFA that are Jews will wake up, find yourself in Obamas Israel-hating chambers where he will have you …who knows?? 

You will say, these people were right, but it will be too late, then you will say “Never Again” and you will do it AGAIN.