Jury Duty Today: I Was Dismissed Before ANY Other Juror. Starting A Rebellion!

Jury Duty Today: I Was Dismissed Before ANY Other Juror:

This is my testimonial of what happened today during the juror selections.

Dismissal for Client Charged with Felony OWI | Press Releases

There were about 35 or so other prospective jurors in the courtroom.  A Judge, 2 Bailiffs, 2 attny’s, the defendant, a cop, a stenographer.

They were asking us questions in front of eachother. Totally open.
They came to a question that said: “Do you want us to know something about you that you didnt want to tell us attorneys”?
3 people stood up, they didnt want to be there, mental illness, another was shy, another wanted evidence..

Finally, I stood up… 
I said:

“This is going to be hard, but I have to say it.”
“The legal system and the highest offices in our land are filled with criminal leaders &  politicians. They are the MAIN Perps.. THEY get away with EVERYTHING….the system is corrupt from top to bottom….
But, you want ME to sit on a jury to determine if this NOBODY sitting in the defendant’s chair is guilty of selling some pot or what have you.  Are you kidding? This justice system is a JOKE.  I have wanted to be on a jury my WHOLE LIFE and now that I am here, I think this is damned ridiculous.  Letting the biggest criminals in our land just go ‘scot free’ but GET THIS DEALER who lives in the sticks!!!

  • Our law now protects the worst criminals in this land but punishes the nobodies. The courts are totally unfair and unequal in the name of ‘Liberalism’. I am NOT ‘for’ criminals at all but if you do not want to punish the worst of them, then your judicial system is CORRUPT AND INEFFECTIVE.

AT ANY RATE: BOTH attny’s sped up to the judge’s chair.  The next thing I knew, they said “Pauli D*****, you are dismissed“…

2 others were dismissed also. 
The whole list of potential jurors were DISMISSED!

What do you think about that? 

THIS could start a rebellion!!!

I urge every American who cares about our judicial system to stand up, be brave and DO THIS when you are called upon for Jury Duty.

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