Illegal Alien Molests 4-Yr Old Girl After Being Invited to Dinner by the Family

Dumb liberals invited this 3rd world dummy to dinner and he paid them back by molesting their little girl.  They wanted to be tolerant.  Keep inviting them for dinner you morons.

This is Obama’s ‘dream act’ in action.

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EAGLE COUNTY, Colo.- Detectives arrested a 24-year-old illegal immigrant after he reportedly sexually assaulted a 4-year-old child.

According to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Ismael Lopez-Alvarez of Edwards faces charges of sexual assault on a child, a Class 4 felony, after the alleged sexual assault was reported by the victim’s parents.

Detroit: Decorated Veteran Murdered Defending Grandchildren from Urban Youths (Blacks)

Give Obama 4 more years, the fundamental change is working—for Negroes.  Keep hiding these crimes, white people.


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DETROIT (WJBK) – A 62-year-old Detroit grandfather was fatally shot while protecting his granddaughter from a group of men who broke into a home on the city’s west side.

FOX 2’s Amy Andrews reports John Villneff’s four grandchildren were playing video games inside his daughter’s home on the 6000 block of Rutland Street around 11 p.m. Wednesday when the men barged in and began to pistol-whip a 16-year-old boy.



Texas: Illegal Alien Forces Pre-School Aged Sisters to Drink his Semen

Obama’s ‘dream act’ is a dream for illegals and a nitemare for Americans. Left-wingers adore child abuse.

RIO HONDO, TEXAS – A Rio Hondo teen is behind bars following a sexual abuse investigation where he allegedly confessed to making his victims drink his bodily fluids.

Cameron County Sheriff Department deputies arrested 19-year-old Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday.



Detroit: Two White Teenagers Murdered; Shot Execution-Style

They did not release photos of the perps.  Of course not, that would be racist.

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Beautiful Young Irish Woman Visits America & A Black Bastard Threw A Brick At Her For Fun

Welcome to Amerikaners.  If you VWW (Visit While White) we guarantee that you will be beaten, raped, robbed or murdered by a son of Obama and no white person will have the least bit of compassion to report it on the main stream media.

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 20-year-old woman from Ireland visiting New York City spoke out Friday about the brutal brick attack she suffered last weekend in the Bronx.

An unidentified assailant walked up and smashed Alisha Jordan in the face without warning. She is so afraid that she didn’t even want her face to be shown on T.V.

“Its completely ruined me. I used to be completely independent,” Jordan told CBS 2′s Lou Young in an exclusive interview.


-David Ben Moshe

Negress Baboons Beat Homeless, Disabled Man

It’s a fair fight.  Many Negroes verses one disabled white man..  Look how these baboons get a pact mentality, then attack the weakest amongst us.  Just like in Africa how a pride of lions will single out the weakest zebra and focus in on it.  So, obviously, when you take blacks out of the jungle, you didn’t remove the jungle out of the blacks.

(Of course this excludes patriot blacks like Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, ‘Puma by Design, etc..)

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News from Missouri
-David Ben Moshe

2 Black Males Torture Wheelchair-bound Man, Then Shot Him Execution Style

2 Black Males Torture Wheelchair-bound Man, Then Shot Him Execution Style…

Put in Obama the King negro another 4 years and we will see this in all 57 states.

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RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) – Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott on Tuesday announced a second arrest in a double-murder he described as one of the “most brutal, cold-blooded murders we’ve had in Richland County in quite some time.”

Lott said tips from the community led to the July 5 arrest of 36-year-old DeAndre Leroy Diggs in connection with a June 28 incident that left two men dead and a woman severely injured.

-David Ben Moshe

Cannibal/Zombie Attack? Bloodied Naked Latino Man Murders 62 Yr Old Motel Worker In Violent Rampage

Cannibal/Zombie Attack? Bloodied Naked Latino Man Murders 62 Yr Old Motel Worker In Violent Rampage.

Yes, we are all equal and diversity is our strength.


Andrew Carreiro, 25, is behind bars accused of killing the 62-year-old woman who cleans rooms at the Hacienda Inn on the 600 block of West 11th Street.

Witnesses say they found Cerreiro covered in blood and standing near the partially naked body of the woman, say witnesses.



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-David Ben Moshe


Miss Black America Has No Whites~Wheres The DIVERSITY? Its Only Fair To Have A Miss White America, Now

Miss Black America Has No Whites~Wheres The DIVERSITY? Its Only Fair To Have A Miss White America

Miss Black America has blacks only…Whats the matter? Can’t there be more tolerance for white people? How come the libs and libo-blacks demand diversity and equality, yet spread none around?  Some hypocrisy? Or just the fact that a large majority of black people are racists?  You think about it. I cry foul and say this is double-standard bullshit.

  I thought that they (and the libs) didn’t like this inequality?  Lies, liberal lies.  They teach whites to be tolerant, and the rest don’t have to be.  Looks to me like everything is in reverse now…Black magazines, BET TV, black only commercials…  Now, Miss Black America.  Same shit they railed against.  I am sick of this crap. It was not OK when it was white TV, white mags, white commercials. But it is OK to have their own.. See how liberals are the biggest liars in the planet??  Its only racism when whites do it. BS, BS, BSSSS.

Vanessa Williams, 1983:

Engine Masters: “Can Performance Be Banned?!” Agressive Diversity BLACKMAILING of NASCAR

 Go to fullsize image They will not stop until they go after NASCAR too.  Gee, why?  These absolute scum hate Christians & America. So, now, they are after YOUR Hot-rodding hobby, seeking to OUTLAW “performance” hot-rodding, with undertones of BLACKMAIL.

The Journolist Bolsheviks started this in gear. Now, Obama is pegging NASCAR for environmentalists & ‘diverstiy’  to justify this blatant attack against an American hobby, that is loved by  tens of thousands, if not, millions; Hot-rodding.  Engine Masters Magazine has a warning in their Sept 2010 issue with a ban ‘red zero’.  They are using the ‘diversity’ card—FOR A HOBBY, people, a HOBBY!!!

Dave Baker, political analyst/expert of the Lampoonist American says:

“What they are banking on, is each group, whether Biker’s NRA, NASCAR or the Hot-Rod hobbyist will take ass kickings …if they all get together they could take the country back…NASCAR has the largest fan base of any sport in America.  This is just another manifestation of Left-Wing, Bolshevik-Jew & Marxist “Christians” & their hatred of America…Also their contempt for our intillegence because they believe that they can bully us because we don’t organize – we just bitch and take it.

  They are bullies, and  bullies are cowards at heart …If the NASCAR, NRA, Hot Rodders, Bikers ever got together and hit Washington, it would be all over- the Bolsheviks would could literally be run out of Washington on a rail.”

Pictures from latest magazine cover:

   There is a prayer before every NASCAR/race, and of course the National Anthem.  This is the number 1 reason these Communists are attacking. Communism is absense of God.  A deep-seeded hatred for God and especially Christianity, See: Journolist Reporter on Conservatives: “F***ing Nascar Retards”