New CA Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on COVID-19

New CA Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on COVID-19

Basically, if you are a Doctor who is challenging the ‘safe and effective’ m.o. of the Communist/Globalists, you could be fined and made a criminal: Free thought project

I don’t trust anything that the government is saying anymore. God help us.

As that has happened, look at this: E. Coli outbreak in the Midwest is getting worse, Over 38 hospitalized

Video: DANGEROUS, VAX Side Effects & GENOCIDE – PILOTS & DOCTORS Share The Airline Crisis:



I wouldnt fly right now, people. How do you know which Pilot was vaxxed? I’ll take my own car if I have to go far.

The scariest part about the vaccine genocide is the silence from the media. Sure, right wing outlets cover this as much as they can but the main stream is silent and let’s people drop dead. I guess it has surprised me but I don’t know why considering they’ve murdered close to 70 million babies in the womb.

The reason the media and governments are silent and go out of the way with censorship is because they are involved in murdering the populations of the world. That’s why. Just like Hitler and Stalin.

Dis Letter-Our Family Doctor Is Going Out Of Biz Thanks To Obama ‘Care’

Our Family Doctor Is Going Out Of Biz Thanks To Obama ‘Care’

Another Dr bites the dust, this time it is David’s Doc.  Doctor cannot stay open because she has many patients that just cannot afford health insurance plus the fee if they cannot pay for Obamacare.  The Doctor says she does not care if BO  ‘changed the law’, & does not trust anything he does.

I wrote about the mass exodus of Doctors in 2009: See my post right here

Here is the letter we received on Sat from our Doc:


Click photo for larger picture.

Introducing Monster Chemo Agent Orange Diet Fluoride Soda!

Contributed by GoldBugGal

This is a yummy new drink promoted and sponsored by your federal, state and local politicians, the EPA, FDA, HHS, DHS, doctors, dentists, psychiatrist and psychologists. They are recommending that you guzzle a case or two the days preceding the elections, as this will ensure their sustainability as well-fed parasites!  

BIG PHARMA: GlaxoSmithKline Whistleblower Video

By Goldbug

If Rx drugs don’t scare people to death, they need to begin doing some research.  Not only is Big Pharma killing tens of thousands of people with their poison concoctions, they are paying their employees to engage in deceptive practices.  Also, doctors are not gods; they are humans, and many of them are greedy and uncaring.
Since all the school shootings have been perpetrated by individuals on psychotropic drugs, I venture to say that the Aurora, CO shooter will also be found to have been under the influence of one of these drugs.  The shooter, James Holmes, was a PhD candidate in a medical “neurosciences program.”  He was obviously not some poor guy who had been deprived of opportunity.  I suspect that he may have become an unfortunate subject of experimentation, drug testing, or mind control.
Of course, the gun grabbers are out in full force .. I suppose they believe those killer guns walked right into that theater and shoved themselves into this guy’s hands.  Creepy NYC Mayor Bloomberg, of course, again had to immediately show his stupidity.  Obama, the ultimate gun-control freak, and GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, will also glom onto this event to advocate for more gun control in violation of our Second Amendment.
The following video is made by a pharmaceutical rep who could not, in good conscience, continue lying, cheating and stealing for GlaxoSmithKline.  The things he tells us in this video is likewise occurring in all the Big Pharma monster companies, and just like the Banksters, none of these killers are going to jail.
GSK Whistleblower speaks out about bribery of doctors, off-label marketing of drugs, etc.