#Coronavirus: #MSM Using A MANNEQUIN/DOLL In A NYC Hospital

#Coronavirus: #MSM Using A MANNEQUIN/DOLL In A NYC Hospital

How much more have they lied to you about ? The media is using a DOLL/MANNEQUIN!! Are you kidding me!?  We closed the economy and the MSM is using a friggin DOLL/MANNEQUIN to explain conditions in NYC during the Coronavirus.

 Click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_YM-9-H8sA   OR Below if it does not play here.

UPDATE: They removed the one below… but, I downloaded this one

Dolls, then and now.. Subliminal suggestion to downright debauchery

Anyone can take a look at Vintage-America to see how the left wing Communists have infiltrated every avenue of our lives… But the one area that is absolutely the most abominable is dolls.

It started in the 1980’s with Rainbow Brite- that is straight up homosexual agenda, and subliminally forcing a ‘tolerance’ of evil things.  I know homosexual people, lots of them, I do NOT agree with this ‘lifestyle’, but do what you want in the privacy of your own home, like all people do.  Rainbow Brite and the Rainbow Ponies are an agenda, not just dolls.  All of this has ZERO to do with ‘hate’ and everything to do with;


Barbie of the 1990’s became a dowright sleazy looking bag lady, this is subliminally suggestive also.  Then came BRATZ.. Good gracious, can we get any sleazier with these ugly, slutty looking dolls?  5 yr old girls play with these dolls, people.  BRATZ dolls ARE whores. 


DON’T BUY THE BS! BOYCOTT THESE CREEPS! You don’t want a young girl that will dress like that, (which young girls, many times do now)  Believe me, it is a DOLL that is actually HYPNOTISING your young girl to be a whore.   Now, it is all appealing to the lowest possible common denominator.

From this;

To this:

BratzDollNora.jpg Bratz Doll Nora image by BoricuaGirl1619



YES, our WORST nitemare has happened..

The M. Obama DOLL.  Screwing Barbie up now. 

 WHATS NEXT, man..

{This is the Silkstone Barbie…the only Barbie left that had class}

They ALSO have this, for your kids to WORSHIP <BARF!>

Barbie is 51- WHO CARES if a DOLL IS 51. BARBIE looks like a SLUT now!


 Lets take a look at BARBIE…  Why not…its a good subject if you look at it in a different light.. Lets see how Barbie has changed over the years.. She WAS a wholesome character.. They dressed Barbie in a bathing suit- 1 piece, and made bathing suit the rage, and the Barbie ‘figure’ every girls dream..she looked good, she dressed nice, and an air of being demure   Barbie in 1960:

Barbie 1960

Barbie 1960

Then, the ‘sexual revolution came, and Barbie became a trollop and somewhat sleezy looking.  She looked like she wanted to get ‘sexed’.

Barbie 1970’s:

Then the 1980’s came, and with it, a pride in AMERICAN conservatism, glamor, and feeling good about yourself- dressing up looking classy and saying “NO” to drugs.. if you were there, you know what I’m talking about- America has 8 years to get right, and even “Barbie” looked cute again..

Then the 1990’s came around, and Barbie went back to being the jezebel sex slut again, and then to looking downright RIDICULOUS.  Of course THAT was bound to happen, with Bill BJ Clinton in charge and MONICA….

Barbie 1990’s/early 2000’s:

I think around 2004 or more, Barbie had an ATTACK of CONSCIENCE after being part of turning our young daughters into little whores.

Barbie, around 2005  THE SILKSTONE issue- they redressed her, made her proud to be a working girl, and CLASSY again:

Silkstone Barbies- like REAL people

Silkstone Barbies- like REAL people

Now it is 2009, and THIS is Barbie:


It is time to GO BACK America, and CHANGE YOUR WAYS…our girls ARE like Barbie, who has NO substance, fake, and look like  SLUTS.

But dont worry FOLKS….this is the UP AND COMING Islam BARBIE… Satire, of course, but I dont doubt it…




You can SEE from up above here, the WHOLESOMENESS as compared to the SLUTTINESS.

BARBIE!! Repent of your evil WAYS! Just go be a nice DOLL again!

My favorite version of Barbie DOLL.

My favorite version of Barbie DOLL.

Now you can see your IDOL in her own movies…. <Eyeroll>