THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Removes Commie DON LEMON Off Prime time:

THIS IS THE LORD. GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Takes Commie Jerk DON LEMON Off Prime time:

All this clown talked about was ‘racist this and racist that.’ That’s all these Commies care about and use as a tool to shut up opposition: “THATS RACIST!”

CNN’s left-wing, Communist, agitator and host Don Lemon will end his primetime show, “Don Lemon Tonight,” and move to mornings the network announced.

Last year, the Lord put it strongly on my heart along with the commenters here to pray that the media would be destroyed. Thank you LORD, YOU can do ANYTHING! Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

The spirit of the LORD showed our blog friend, TIM SHEY in 2015 that: The Lord Will Judge the Media!

Thank you, Lord for removing these creeps. Let the next batch of Commies shrivel up also, in Jesus/Yeshua’s mighty name

Both are gone, Halleluyah:

This fatty is gone also:

If GOD can destroy the satanic, EVIL media….that seemed to be un-movable & unstoppable…


Thank you LORD for dealing with YOUR enemies.

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PS: God did not deal with these phony liars because of Trump. It’s because they are liars and were liars long before Trump. It’s just their time to fall and its AMAZING watching it!

CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food”, Plus More:

CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food” Plus More:

In this video, this stupid idiot Lemon bastard even says ‘the tyranny of the minority’ (Unvaxxed) WTH? These below are the tyrants.

People, we are going to have to say to these absolute scumbag nazis:


New Vid Of #Ukraine NAZI Flag In Battle Vs Russia. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine:

New Vid Of #Ukraine Battlefront W/ Nazi Flag. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine

The Communist Democrat party wants this battle and war against Russia. Period. Their allies are NAZI’S. We are the ones telling them to GET OUT of this mess.

> Hal Turner is covering the Russia vs Joe-Bama-Ukraine situation: U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS :This will be both a kinetic and cyber battlefield that will have a global reach

Democrat, Don Lemon said that he would ‘never be on the side of the Nazis’.


I covered the Ukraine Nazi FUBAR for many years: Click to go through the posts.

Ukraine and (Poland also) have serious Nazi issues and that has been documented for years: BBC, Stadiums of hate.

Hat tip:

In A Push For Unity, Don Lemon Calls All Trump Supporters: “KKK, NAZIS”, ETC.

In A Push For Unity, Don Lemon Calls All Trump Supporters: “KKK, NAZIS”, ETC. generated Image

This is the face of the Democrat party: Accuse and project your own insecurities, ideals, & hate onto Conservatives, Christians, traditionalists and whites.

It is, in fact, a very scary and evil position we are in, people. Granted there are fringe elements in any political and idealistic party. BOTH sides. But, to just keep uttering this stupidity like Lemon is doing is dangerous. In the 30’s, ALL Jews were considered to be: “Anti German”, “Communists”, “Subverters”. So, how is Lemon really any different than the national socialists or the Communists who hated all Christians? Hated all religious Jews and Conservative Russians? It isn’t.

The fascists of today ARE the fascists.

They monitor, censor, demonize, and now – totally destroy. They’re sick in the head. Many times, some so-called Conservative ‘racists’ are just a ‘product of their environment’ (City people who are Conservative and white are a very small minority, now) and many have been beaten, raped, robbed and/or murdered by minorities. One extreme pushes others to another extreme. Dont like that? Well…..It is a REALITY today. I have only seen the Trump people try to defend themselves against the accusatory, radical, shock-jock, offensive Leftists. Ive seen Conservative Trump people break down in tears over being called ‘racist’ because they are intermarried, city people who have minority friends, or just Christians who love everyone regardless..

Everything that the radical, Communist Left is doing to the President, they plan to do to Trump supporters: Throw them off the net, dehumanize them, demonize them, close their bank accounts, cut them off from food, take their land and starve them to death. That is the reality of the horrible situation we are headed into. Eventually, they will make being a Conservative or a white person, ‘illegal’.

This is why Ted Noiz is very righteously indignant: Ted Noiz Analysis: Trump Will Do Zero

I have warned about these murderous, genocidal Communists for 3 decades now and a decade and 1/2, online. They will have us mass murdered. That’s where this is going. I begged Conservatives to NAME the Communists (for YEARS) but they just kept calling them “”Liberals” and “Progressives”. They’re not Liberal and certainly not for progress. They’re Communist, psychopathic murderers and people had better wake the hell up because America is going to become a slaughterhouse.

When confronted on Twitter, Conservatives decry the violence at the capital. When Leftists are confronted with the violence from their ‘side’, they condone it and say it is for ‘racial justice’… Even though the people hurt were small Mom and Pop business owners and many were minority. The projection of the Left is their guilty conscience.

Unity? CNN’s Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You’re With The Klan, The Nazis, & The Rioters