Femi-NAZIs Flipping Out: Because Miss Alabama Is Beautiful~Feminists Are JEALOUS.

Most feminists are hideous, snarling dragons-Seeking whom they may devour. Ruthless, uncaring, unkind and murderers of babies.  They are JEALOUS.  Miss Alabama is gorgeous. ANY woman would want to look like Miss Alabama.  Any man would fall in love with her.  

Nuf Sed about that.

Sure, there are some pretty feminists. Not many.  Nice to LOOK at, but I would trust that any SANE man would stay the hell away from a feminist, they are sure to make your life miserable with the constant penis-envy.  Most men are onto the feminist slaughter of men. Good for them. But if you are not, you need to start joining “MRAs” Male Rights Advocates.

Let’s compare the Pretty Miss Alabama to a skanky fem witch:


Now, let’s see the latest Ms. leftist star, a Feminist skunk who looks like Heatmizer From “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”.. She makes Janet Reno look like a glamour girl..

Case Closed.


Brent Musburger Criticized for Remarks About Miss Alabama 

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb Declines Apology : People.com

350,000 STALINISTS+ Trying To Get Macy’s To Fire Donald Trump Because Of Obama’s Fraud Birth Certificate

The Stalinists want Trump fired because he exercises his right of free speech. Look at the tags:

Donald Trump, Video, Business News, Donald Trump Birth Certificate, Donald Trump Birther, Dump Trump, Macys, Macys Donald Trump, Macys Dump Trump Petition, Retailer Petitions, Business News

This is the post:  

  The left is still runnin’ scared over Obama’s fraud birth certificate.

Facts can’t go away:

19 African Newspaper Sources, Plus Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet Say Obama Was “BORN IN KENYA”




Move On. Org Bolsheviks: Demand Macy’s Dump Trump. If They Do, We will *NEVER* Shop Macy’s Again

Typical of the Bolsheviks

‘Macy’s: Donald Trump does not reflect the “magic of Macy’s.” We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy’s says it has a strong obligation to be “socially responsible” and that “actions speak louder than words.” Indeed. It’s time to act.’
I can’t tell you that many people I know who shop at Macy’s.  If they dump Trump, they are FINISHED. Period.  
We will see the END of Macy’s. 
Take this Move on:

Donald Trump to Drop ‘gigantic’ Bombshell about Obama on 10/24/12?

Donald Trump to Drop ‘gigantic’ Bombshell about Obama on 10/24/12

I wonder.. Sounds like fun!

God Bless Donald Trump.  I hope he reveals something really TERRIBLE.. But, then I think about Obama, and everyday with him is terrible.

Jay Carney Laughs, Sneers, Makes Fun Of Obama’s Lack Of Records: Says Obama “Open Book” (EYEROLL)

Jay Carney Laughs, Sneers, Makes Fun Of Obama’s Lack Of Records: Says Obama “Open Book” (EYEROLL).  

This is just friggin preposterous. Jay Carney, the Commie propagandist extraordinaire is spouting anti-Donald Trump crap to keep focus off of Obama’s non-citizenship.  Obama has NO records. (Or very few) But, right now, the Obama-Stalin campaign of bullshit run amok  is saying that Mittens Romney is ‘not transparent’ and secretive?  Please..

Recently, 3X now, “I”, me, the Mad Jew Bitch has been asked to ‘respect the office of the presidency.‘ W-T-F….People are so insane now, its incredible.. Would these same sniveling, faggoty cowards have respected the office of Stalin or Hitler?  I am SICK and tired of pansy-asses. Grow the HELL up.  The men of my family DIED so that you could ‘disrespect’ enemies, foreign AND domestic.  

QV is right…You bunch of STUPID Americans…Just about ready to march to the chambers or the gulags, GET THEE BEHIND ME.

Just an FYI you dumb, pathetic morons; Hitler was not a German, he was Austrian.  Stalin was not a Russian, he was Georgian.  Obama is not an American, he is Kenyan with a father who never became a citizen. YOU FAILURES.  

Seems all dictators have one thing in common; NOT NATURAL BORN.

Donald Trump: CHER Is A Miserable, Unhappy, Loser, Computer-Generated Singer With Little To No Talent

Donald Trump: CHER Is A Miserable, Unhappy, Loser, Computer-Generated Singer With Little To No Talent



Tonight on Greta, Donald Trump said that Cher is a ‘loser, miserable, unhappy, computer generated person with little to no talent’. I was laughing my tuchas off…. Here is my contribution to the Donald..

HA HA HA Ya witch!

You are ALL LIP with no singing talent.

Cher is back from her latest plastic surgery.
Thanks to modern studio technology she sings better than ever.

Mitt Romney To #OWS “Make Sure Top 1% To Pay More Taxes?!” ~What Say Coulter & Trump Now? OWN IT!

Pay you rich bastards, ya hear? Ann Coulter, Trump and all of the other talking headed IDIOTS will be the 1st I want to see ‘spread that wealth around.’

Politicians should all be sent to hell after we have a great day watching them drug through the streets.


Mitt Romney is….



Yes, Anybody but Obama, 2012, even this moron.

Tha Mad Jewess Pick For the BEST Person In 2011: DONALD TRUMP

Love or hate Trump, he is the only one that attacks the Bolshevik/Marxists & Obama…  Romney does not, Ru Paul does very little. Santorum is weak. Perry does not attack Obama, Newt attacks him a little…..

  DONALD TRUMP attacks the Bolshevik-Marxist Media Madness.  He is timeless and excellent for the times.  Trump is my numero uno pick for the BEST person in 2011.  I LOVE how he whipped the little bitch-boy, Obama on his fake birth certificate. His American toughness is a turn on to any woman who IS a woman.


You are #1.

This Is The REAL Reason The COWARDLY CANDIDATES Refused Trump’s Moderated Debate

The Cowardly candidates refused Trump’s moderated debate… No, not because they think it he a ‘circus act’… It is because they are politically correct (Borderline Commies) Period. They are afraid that the poor, dictator-tyrant Obama’s birth certificate will be brought up.  That’s why.  Bunch of disgusting wuss’s. ALL OF THEM.

This is the numero uno reason no likey to oblige Trump:

This is the 2nd reason is economy and gas prices: and they remember how HE would handle it, and how they lack the guts to handle it right:

Guesss what all of you besides Santorum and Gingrich:

We have had ENOUGH of the P.C. Rigamaro. This is how people should be talking.

Trump To Prez B. Hussein Osama: “You Are Doing One Helluva LOUSY Job!”


Trump says….”We have a President that doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people…He’s a very inconsiderate guy. Stop with the fundraisers and start running the country. You are doing one hell of a lousy job.”

I have to disagree with one little thing…

DO NOT ‘do your job‘, Prez Hussein, just QUIT!

Resign, GET LOST.

NOBODY likes you except IDIOTS.

See: Trump To Cry-Baby, Bastard, Obama: ‘You Are Doing One Hell Of A Lousy Job’