Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center #Donetsk. Video By NAVY VET, Patrick Lancaster Who Has Covered The Ukraine SNAFU For 8 Years:

Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center Donetsk Video By Patrick Lancaster Who Has Covered The Ukraine SNAFU For 8 Years:

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Report by Patrick Lancaster US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist. Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist. All so covered the Armenian Azerbaijan war reaching over 8 million on his youtube channel with his reports there I show what the western media will not show you.

You will have to watch this on YT. This attack occurred on 3/14/2022

Is @SenJohnMcCain Proud? THIS Is What He Has Caused In Ukraine! McCain Is A MURDERER.

Is @SenJohnMcCain Proud? THIS Is What He Has Caused In Ukraine! MURDERER.

STOP blaming Russia (who had not even entered the picture in Ukraine until AFTER the Sochi Olympics), blame John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Pierre Omidyar for the murder in Ukraine.   I am sick and tired of American people blaming everyone else for what people in OUR government perpetrates in other nations.

Oh, this is from R’T’s.. Keep telling yourselves this is “Russian propaganda”, the  same way the MSM hides black on white crimes from the population.  The Main stream is complicit in hiding genocide:  Up to 100 killed in Kiev military op, Donetsk E. Ukraine – anti-govt forces

Ukraine SNAFU brought to you by…

Video of John McCain in Kiev on December 13, 2014.  STUPID Americans don’t even ask what this piece of vomitous garbage was even doing in Ukraine.

Your young men are not sent to fight for our freedom, they are sent to fight for John McCain, to keep his pockets fat.  Our country is not free.  Its a cesspool of nonsense.

Imagine Western-supported putschists toppling Ukraine’s legitimate government. Imagine usurping power lawlessly.Imagine fascism replacing democracy. Imagine it with US complicity and support.  Imagine waging war on ordinary people. Ones rejecting putschist power.  On freedom fighters. On Ukraine’s best and bravest. On people wanting to live free.  For fundamental rights everyone deserves.

Imagine being called terrorists for doing so. On May 16, Kiev declared Donetsk and Lugansk regions “terrorism organizations.”

Our Friend, @GrahamWP_UK, RT’s Journalist From Ukraine Is Being Held Hostage By Kiev Fascists

Our Friend, @GrahamWP_UK, RT’s Journalist From Ukraine Is Being Held Hostage By Kiev Fascists

Graham has been reporting about Ukrainian Nazis and their rise to power long before John McCain destroyed Kiev:  Oleh Tyahnybok and the Rise of Svoboda, 2012 | Posted by a Brit in Ukraine.    The only thing that Graham has done ‘wrong’ is take pictures of events that are happening in real time.   He is doing his job, while other pro Nazi/Western journalists write propaganda for John McCain and Victoria Nuland.   Defense does not propagandize.   Offense does & EU/USA are the offenders in Ukraine.  Russia never entered the staged ‘revolt’ in Kiev, they were busy with the Olympics.   Just ask John McCain and Obama who LIE daily about Ukraine.  DAILY.   Ditto Fox news and others.

Graham is a brave journalist who has been willing to get in the thick of the mess.  Please pray for his release.  He is needed so that the pro-NAZI/EU/USSA Stalinist propaganda is countered by sanity.

Graham has stated today while in captivity:

“I’ve been describing my position on Crimea.  I did believe – and I did say and I did state and I stand by position – that the Crimea referendum was legitimate. I do believe referendums held here have a legitimacy, and I had an exchange one day that I do believe the Kiev government isn’t legal and isn’t democratic.   I don’t support this current situation in the east of Ukraine or the Donetsk Republic, as it’s now been named. I believe the position of President Turchinov and [PM] Yatsenyuk – not coming here to speak to people, but using military forces to launch assaults against them – is completely wrong.”

Here is the video:

They want Graham and I’ll tell you why, he is the biggest trender on Twitter for true news in Ukraine: Click to see the charts

GrahamWPhillips eclipsed all other tweeps for RT

I posted this a few days ago and now it has come to fruition: Ukrainian Fascists Offer 10000 Dollars To Capture Journalist

This is Graham.  He is a friend of The Mad Jewess:

Never ever forget WHO the offender in Ukraine is:

People are TIRED of the western MSM and their LIES.

“I Was For The Ukrainian Revolution, Now, I’m Thinking USA Behind It” Says Tweeter

“I Was For The Ukrainian Revolution, Now, I’m Thinking USA Behind It” Says Tweeter

This tweeter above saw that Joe Biden’s son just happened to ‘land’ that position with Ukraine gas per DC Examiner…Isn’t THAT a ‘coincidence?’ 

The media did a fine job playing American people like dumb shits regarding Ukraine.  They hyped everyone up to hate Russia and Mr. Putin for no damned good reason.  The establishment GOP pumped up Conservative people to think that Russia was “swallowing up Crimea and Donetsk.”  Included in the establishment morons were Sarah Palin, (who wanted Obama to nuke Russia)  Mitt Romney, and a few others.  Romney was quoted:  “Russia is a geo-political foe.”  When?  When has Russia attacked us? Threatened us?   Obama is our despot, not Putin.

  The GOP/DEM puppets in the main stream media lie all day long, what makes anyone think they’re telling the truth?  Ukraine is/was Egypt, Libya and Syria on steroids.  Suspect and speculate anything our tyrannical government does.

The woman (above in the tweet: @DDsaywhat) was not afraid to admit that she had been duped.  May more like her awake and realize that just about anytime there is a ‘revolt,’  it is most likely a few elite members of Congress and the Senate who have been instigating these coups for years.  They are NOT ‘revolts.’   With the exception of the Thailand revolution-which has had NO coverage because there is no money in it for USA/EU.

A thought:  One persons sanity will affect 10,000 people.

The Ukrainian Revolt was brought to you by John McCain, Victoria Nuland and an array of other military industrial complex carnivores. 

Ukraine CLAIMS “Terrorists” Stole 100K Pre-Marked Ballots. Either Way, Big Turnout In Favor Of Russia

Ukraine CLAIMS “Terrorists” Stole 100K Pre-Marked Ballots. Either Way, Big Turnout In Favor Of Russia

Before Ukraine was named “Ukraine”, it was called “Little Russia.”


  • Let’s note who the real terrorists are:  Ukrainian Nazi’s who murdered countless fellow Ukrainians & burned them alive & the MSM reported nothing, even smaller ‘conservative’ blogs said zero:  News for Odessa massacre, 2014

Now, let’s take a look at today’s News from Zero Hedge: CLICK

Zero says that Ukrainian forces seized these ‘terrorists’.. The kicker here is:

These men have detained by Ukraine’s anti-terrorist operations without firing one shot

Men laying down with bags on their head proves it… right?

Sorry, I ain’t buying the Ukrainian NAZI propaganda..

Especially since USSA is involved in Ukraine and all our government does is lie:  400 plus US mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ in Ukraine military op 

Until our government tells the truth, I will suspect them in EVERY evil scenario, at home and abroad..and I am not alone, most of the world stands with me.

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

This is why we have to just report it and wait until the news (all of it) comes out. We have been trying to report both sides of this issue.

I suspect a lot of this will happen.  Mr. Ostrovsky has claimed he is FROM Moscow.  He is not, he is Russian speaking.  Ostrovsky is also vehemently anti-Israel, even though he has residence in Israel.. (Koo koo)    BUT-can someone tell me: WHY do journalists insist on placing themselves in the middle of war zones where they don’t understand the terrain?  Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg come to mind.. But, I digress because it is needed…

US has interfered  in the middle of ANOTHER civil war that it instigated and with no military there, this was bound to happen:

And, that was about all he wrote.

 Here’s the deal:  Most Ukrainians, if not all, ARE Pro-Russian.  People seem to forget that a US/EU backed coup d’etat took place in Kiev in Feb/March.  Which most Ukrainians were NOT in favor of.   Simon Ostrovsky also serves as a reporter for The Moscow Times.  So, it does not make much sense that he would be held by Ukrainians that are Russia friendly.  However, they are UKRAINIAN.  You can say “Pro Russia” ’til you’re blue in the face, but the country is Ukraine where Ukrainians live.  Stop pinning every little incident on Russia.  It’s UKRAINE.

  • Last Updated, 5:49 p.m. | Foreign correspondents in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slovyansk, including  Andrew Roth and Roland Oliphant of The Telegraph, report that one of their number, the Vice News reporter Simon Ostrovsky has been detained by pro-Russia UKRAINIANs who seized power in recent days.
  • In one earlier dispatch, the Russian-speaking Mr. Ostrovsky was filmed dodging a question about where he was from by telling separatists in the city of Donetsk that he was from Moscow.

State Department “Aware” Of Vice Journalist Taken Hostage In Ukraine

Don’t worry, Simon…. Obama’s golfing..

Horrible, Graphic Video: McCain’s New Ukrainian “Right Sector” Pals Cut Throat Of Prisoner

Horrible, Graphic Video: McCain’s New Ukrainian “Right Sector” Pals Cuts Throat Of Prisoner

This is John McCain’s peace partners.  The same loving pals that he supports in Syria as well.  Throat-chopping Nazis.  And, McCain the insane wants to arm these sobs?  Like he did in Syria: CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – 


18 + pravoseki Nazis killed his wife in the eyes of the former police chief of Donetsk. WHO ELSE THINKS THAT THIS “ONIZHEDETI”? ONLY 18

Click here, video is black & red with music:   HERE

The other video was scrubbed off of the site, below under the hat tip.

Click to see that Russia may have to go protect the people that the EU/USA installed, LA TIMES..

John McCain said that the non violent T-party was negative but the Right Sector murderous rioters are a “Just Cause”

Hat tip: Lisa Michalek

Click here.  Serious viewer discretion.. (SCRUBBED OFF THE NET) 


Right Sector In Ukraine: “Death To The Kikes?” (Majority Jews Supported Right Sector)

Right Sector In Ukraine: “Death To The Kikes?” (Majority Jews Supported Right Sector)

Damned if ya do and damned if ya don’t.  A majority of Jewish people supported the Right Sector even though they are a bunch of Jew haters.  But, since they did support these rabble rousers, they are receiving the raw end of the stick from pro-Russians.  Which brings me to MY point:  Isn’t it best to stay out of the business of politics if you don’t know what the outcome will be??  Shouldn’t someone give that advise to Juan McCain???

Click and see Israel Matzav’s post.   Here is the graffiti (The “N” is the fascist symbol in Ukraine, see above picture)