“Treasure out of Darkness”

We all have seasons of darkness, depression, sadness, being forlorn…

We find our way when we get quiet before the Lord.  Put away the Ipad, the cell, the laptop, the pc.  Pick up your favorite book, even if its not the Bible.  GET FOCUSED.  You will find the answers you need in the QUIET.

For about 2 months, I have been in a super dark place after many disappointments.  The Ipad is my ‘g’od.  Truly, if we are honest, we can all say, the Ipad, laptop and so forth are our ‘g’od.

I am finally dumping the Ipad, (save an hour or up to 90 total minutes on it to catch up on emails, facebook, etc.)  I felt God saying to my heart: “Will you serve me by letting go of that Ipad?”  The first day, I was still out of sorts… but the second day, I felt more free.  I have a ways to go…

I believe that in the DARKNESS, not ‘lightness’, God will reveal that which is hurting and hindering you.  Because when we are hurt:  not at peace and in turmoil, it is a darker place, spiritually and mentally.  God wants to bring you freedom and joy in your spirit in this dark world, people.  HE DOES.


Isaiah 45:  “I will go before you and level the mountains; I will break down the gates of bronze and cut through the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by name. For the sake of Jacob My servant and Israel My chosen one, I call you by name; I have given you a title of honor.


This digital art I created today… There she is, in the dark and cold, in her mourning..she finds her ‘red balloon’ (my own personal ‘signature’ for Gods spirit in art 😉  At any rate, in the dark…cold season….She sees the light of Gods answers to all of herproblems.  That is the message from me to you.

Love, ♥


I Wrote An Email To “VARIETY” Re. Tarantino’s Use Of The Holy Grail “N” Word..

Here is my email:
Dear SIRS;
So, Tarantino used the word ‘Nigger’, 37 times. That is nothing on ‘Kill white crackers and their babies.’ The CONSTANT race-baiting against white people is an everyday occurrence.
‘Evil’ whitey’s are the ones that set the black people free. REMEMBER? We allow aliens from 3rd world countries ravage America, but we must sit back and take their constant racial bullshit.
You should write a piece on THAT.
Thank you,

The Difference In “Black-face” Compared To “Beaten To A Pulp White-Face.”

I love when we get linked up to leftists websites.  These ‘do-gooders’ never do anything ‘good’ anymore. Most of the leftists live in the 1960’s: Half-baked, smoking on an antique bong, living out their glory days during the Civil Rights era.  Which is to be commended.  But, the thing about dope-smoking Marxists, is that once they smoke that stoggie, they are forever stuck in a 16 year old mentality.  They are never in the present, never the ‘here and now’. Sad, but true.

The racism is against WHITE PEOPLE, now.  If you want to stay in Circa 1963, Jackson, Mississippi, that is YOUR affair. But the “Civil Rights” movement that is going to come upon us, will be on behalf of WHITE PEOPLE,  that are victims in serious race-hate crimes, perpetrated by ‘minorities’.

  True, many whites say the holy grail “N” word. Yeah? So? Cracker, Gringo, White bitch, White honkey, vanilla bitch, white-cracker whore is OK?

Tit for tat.

  It is not easy standing against the tide. Fighting the phoney, bogus, racial-baiting that is the status quo today.. But, here it is: When people of the book: good, brave-Christians and good, brave-Jewish people SEE oppression, we speak out.  Just as the black people did in the 60’s… Dont like it? Feel free to NEVER visit our website again.

So, tell me.. Just what is the difference in these 2 faces that I will show you below?

This, below is at an ASU game, where the crumby leftists are always looking for something, so they can scream “THATS RACIST” every 5 f*cking minutes of the day. Phoney, insincere, race-baiting.  It should be a crime to cry wolf like this.

Photo below from OLD BAG NEWS: Teens donning the COLORS of the ASU team-if the color was red, nobody would care-its ridiculous, as I said, they LOOK for a reason to dump on people for nothing-below is a NON ISSUE:


Now, lets take a good look at a young white-face, beaten to a pulp by a ‘non-racist’  black person (blacks can’t be racist, LIE of the leftists):

If this was a black man, beaten up by a white person- the feds would be called out, expeditiously. 

People, WAKE UP. 

I get tired of showing these images and nobody giving a DAMN about white people at all. It is infuriating, because this type image you see, is commonplace in America, now.

(Most left wingers and RINOs would love to ban The Mad Jewess for speaking out, but The evil, mean, Zion-“Nazi” Mad Jewess is broke from Obama the Bush’s economy and must use a $4.95 website to voice her opinions..)

Sorry 😉



Nobody Cares About White People; White People Dont Even Care About Themselves


Many years ago, a black person or a minority was not allowed to talk bad about white people.  To call a white person a ‘cracker, honkey, etc’ was NOT allowed.  Now, you can say anything against a white person.  A minority can even say they are going to KILL white people.  A minority can even beat or rape a white person and no ‘hate crimes’ or charges will even be brought against the perpetrator, in many racial hate crimes. Need more proof?  Just look at Eric holders decision to allow the Black Panthers case to go scot free.   If a white person, out of frustration or anger speaks out about this injustice, or, God forbid, uses the term ‘nigger’, his/her life is OVER.  If a white person even defends his/herself against a minority, they will be in trouble with the law and end up in jail.  The situation is reversed, now.  Can’t you see this??  It is time to stop the madness before the madness stops….and kills YOU, white person.

It is almost 3 years since the slime, Hussein O got inaugurated into our White House.  And nothing has ‘changed.’  What has not changed? White people have not changed. They are still the same. On defense all the time, worrying about if someone calls them a racist. Its true, and this is why the leftists still use “Thats racist” every single week.  They know that it gets to white people. Specifically Conservatives/Christians/right wing Jews.

It is not even against the law to ‘be’ a racist. It is against the law to ACT OUT on racism.

  Well, its time to wake the hell up, Whites.  What is it going to take? Huh?  Just because Obama got in, does not mean that racism just ‘showed up’ against you.  Whites have been going through at least 25 plus years of racism.  But, all that they are concerned about is if the left-wing thinks they are racists.

  Recently, in the last 4 mos, we have had all sorts of people calling us racists here on this site, and other sites that I am a member of. Why? Because we decided YEARS ago to start tackling the racism directed AT us.  You see, if you take up for white people, you are also considered a racist.  Last year, OUR SITE, (Not Megan Kelly, Great Van Sustern, Beck, ETC) was the first one to report that the Black Panthers wanted to ‘kill white people and their babies.‘  We put that video up MONTHS before they reported it on FAUX News… What, I ask you is: What is the difference in the Panthers saying that compared to the KKK saying “I’m gonna kill me some niggers?”  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is different. Both are racially motivated.

  So, here it is: White people; You are the ‘nigger.’  Do you understand that?  Do you GET this?  You are the hunted. What will it take before you GET it?  Napolitano’s DHS report didn’t wake you up, just what in the hell will?  You are the target.  Mexican/Illegals/La Raza call you all sorts of vicious names.  They murder, rob, rape, and torture white people.  Bad black people are constantly targeting you in flash mobs, beatings, robbings, rapes all across this nation.  There are more racial crimes against white people than you can shake a stick at.  Most, if not all of the racial crimes are perpetrated against whites. Yet, still, the white people think that this is OK. It is NOT ok. 

   This makes me think about MLK and the Civil Rights marches that Beck showed consistently when he was on Fox.  He always showed that one picture of how the black people were arm-locked and afraid, but they did it-they marched and fought for their civil rights.  That was in the 1960’s.  It is the year 2011, and we cannot seem to get white people to lock arms and realize that they are being oppressed, beaten, targeted, raped, mobbed and murdered.  They are too busy worrying if someone uses the holy grail ‘N’ word and being labeled a racist.  Beck showed these Civil rights history lessons, yet lacked the courage to show what WE are going through as Caucasians/whites. WORLDWIDE.

You had better start caring about yourselves, because this is YOU, below and it is COMMONPLACE NOW, because you do NOTHING about it:



The author and the injuries he suffered.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of these videos, folks. 


It is not me that lacks the courage to be on the ‘moral high-ground’.

IT IS YOU–too afraid of being labeled a racist, & stand up for yourselves for a damned change.

Never Ever Trust A Black Man By David Ben Moshe

  I never hid the fact that I am a racist and believe the blacks to be the bottom of the barrel on the human evolutionary scale, even lower than illegals and other creatures from south of the border. (My wife has been the tolerant one, why? I don’t know.)  I never trusted them because of their behavior, but I moved from NYC to a really ‘white bread’ town in gun country, where there are very few blacks.  Last January I met one of those few at a Table Tennis club.  The black boy hadn’t played in over 15 years but claimed he was really good.  He ordered 3 rackets from me, and anyone who knows anything about the sport knows that in the higher ranks, equipment can be quite expensive. 
  The boy told me that he was a marine for 14 years, spoke perfect English, owned his own business, that money was no object (when I told him how expensive some of the rackets could get) and that he was good for it.  Later, I found out that he was even married to a white woman.  Here I thought was a rare civilized black man who could be trusted, so I ordered the 3 rackets for him on my credit card.  When he came to the club, he picked them up but told me that he didn’t bring any money with him and would give it to me at the next session, but he got sick and he really was sick, bad Flu and Pneumonia. 
Two months later I started pressing him for the money.  He always said he would be there when we open or sometime during our hours of play but he never showed up.   I called at least twice a week and once again he promised to be there, but did he ever show?  Certainly not.  His last excuse was that he was on the road, hours away but would call me when he got back and meet me in town because, as he stated ‘I want to get this over with’.  He never called.   So now we arrive at today, where he said he would come by at 3PM but once again he never showed up.  About one month ago, I even went to his place of business but he had already closed for the day.
  I should have stayed a hateful racist and demand he pay me up front.  Funny that all the white people who I order rackets for, pay me right away or when I hand them the racket.  So here we have what I thought was a rare good black, that I foolishly trusted, a white man in black skin, but he proved to be just another irresponsible Boonus Africanus with a conniving black brain.  I learned my lesson the hard way- a Nigger will always be nothing more than a Nigger.   This boy proved one thing: We can have civilization or Negroes, but we cant have both!!
PS:   Don’t even bother with bad Jews, we already know they abound  and address it here all the time, we are for ‘equal time’.

RACISM AGAINST WHITES~Politician From TX: “All Of You Are WHITE, Go To Hell!”

Go to fullsize imageI tell people all the time that there is serious racism directed at white people- and why? Because of JEALOUSY, because libo-blacks, Marxist-meXicans, hideous whites, ugly, left wing Streisand type “Jews” -they were born UGLY.  Thats why they hate ‘evil’ whitey’s Capitalist system, because they didnt have the smarts OR the looks to make it. Ha Ha… But they sure benefitted off ‘evil’ whitey Capitalist system, didnt they,  Barbra Streisand | The Official Barbra Streisand Site ??  Go to hell you evil pigs.

See this found by DONNA:




View Image

O-M-G! Dr. Laura Used The Holy Grail “N” Word! “BLASPHEMY!”

Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out“Thou Shalt Not Use The “N” Word!”

Lucifer, The Left Wing god.

Left wing satans kids cannot handle this word. What is super funny, is that left wing militant blacks use this word on each-other.  What is even more ironic, is that Dr. Laura apologized to satan, and satan still is not happy- See: 

LISTEN: Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-Word Rant

Read Dr. Laura’s Apology Radio Stations Broadcasting Dr. Laura’s Show Media Matters Demands Advertisers Immediately Drop Dr. Laura WATCH: Olbermann Names Dr. Laura “Worst Person” Martin: “Way Over The Line”Sharpton: Rant Was “Extremely Disturbing” Dr. Laura’s History Of Incendiary Remarks

  Liberals, and the god they worship, have their own set of rules as they go. They make up rules, as it fits for the day. Dr Lauras use of the “N” word has made these people sick with insane joy. They see this as some battle that has been won.  Even more humorous, is that they want Fox to say something about this….I didnt know that Dr. Laura worked for Fox.. Media Matters accuse the moderate right wing of being race-baiters, (a term they coined from me, The Mad Jewess), yet, this is what they do all day long: race bait.

   Prince Harry Reid made reference to Obamas lack of NEGRO dialect, and Media Matters said zero, as they didn’t with Jimmy Carter and Obama being a black BOY, but now are demanding to end Dr. Laura’s life, by having all of her advertisers dropped.  These are the ramifications if you do not serve satan.

  In Leviticus 18:22 it says;  ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.’ -But this does not count. Because if you follow this kosher rule, you are a bigot.


 -Saul Alinsky, and Lucifer.

Media Matters don’t give a rats ass about the use of the “N” word. The issue is never the issue-remember this.

To find out what really goes on in the minds of left wing Lucifers kids, you must have required reading;

 Racism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda. &

  Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey  This is a great read for the day on how the left wing uses ‘black gangstas’: The Left’s Lust for Black Gangstas »

I notice that black people dont seem to mind using this word:


Margaret Sanger, KKK’s Dream Is Realized In This Recent Pro-Abortion “I Heart T-Shirts”

Take a good look at this picture… Notice something?  No whites in it, just more proof that these Marxist-Progressives USE ‘minorities’ for genocidal activity and agenda-serious racial-hate agenda, that makes an old racist/biggot look like a lamb. An old ‘racist/biggot’ could not even begin to think of evil this intense! (Just do NOT say that “N” word, old racist– THAT is ‘racist’.., BullShit.)

 Clever of these ‘liberals’ to push this EVIL agenda of baby murdering (abortion) and these ‘minorities’ cannot even see that they, themselves are condoning the murder of their OWN babies with this EVIL agenda of baby murder.

Pro-abortion NARAL was there, naturally. But, what was conspicuous to me about their attendance were the buttons that they were giving away and the T-shirts that they were selling, emblazoned with “I heart pro-choice boys” and “I heart pro-choice girls.” Unironically. A vast supply of merchandise that encourages the disrespect of women and the killing of their unborn babies.  The rest here: From Lori Ziganto’s latest article at Human Events:

How the hell do these people sleep at night?  Murdering babies is an abomination. How can ANYONE murder little babies? Are they totally INSANE?  Why do you ‘minorities’ allow this shit?? How can you let people murder your own blood, and let them do this? I dont get it.  They are MURDERING YOUR BABIES and destroying YOU, and you allow it, and get angry at us, call us ‘haters, and bogus claims of racism’ because we REFUSE to allow them to destroy us. YOU have become THEIR tools of murder and hatred, lawlessness and abominations.

Anyone that wants to read about getting free of the phoney, bogus, race card, this is THE book (here is a review):

Steve Sailer reviews Racism, Schmacism! | JAMES EDWARDS