H. S. Student “Not Welcome” At School After Flying The Gadsden Flag

High School Student “Not Welcome” At School After Flying The Gadsden Flag


The Mexican flag is OK, but an American flag is NO gusta.  The Gadsden flag is one of the oldest American flags.  Anyone can fly it.  This young man should sue the school.  NO doubt, the Principal is a far, left wing lunatic who hasn’t had a piece of ass in 25 years.

Greg Stoneburner, a senior who just graduated from Central High School in Grand Junction, Colo., said he was told in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at the school after raising a Gadsden flag on the school’s flagpole. Moreover, he told Examiner.com in an exclusive interview Friday, the principal withheld his flag and his diploma until after his graduation walk.

The story:  Here on his facebook page.

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I’ve been hanging the Gadsden since 2006.  On & off. 

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As Illegal Alien Raped A 9 Month Old American Baby To Death

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As An Illegal Alien Raped A Little American Baby To Death

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Where are McCains tears for this beautiful little baby girl?? Where are Rubio’s fraud speeches?   I just sent MJ to bed, she is weeping.

See this news, asap. Email this, link it everywhere. Stop these rats from giving amnesty to these illegal cucarachas 

On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death. A day earlier, the baby’s mother, Jennifer Reedy, 31, awoke to find her daughter lying dead in her crib. Aguilar was gone, as was Reedy’s car and money from her purse. Police were able to find Aguilar using the GPS in his cellphone. At a press conference Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller, told reporters: “It appears that Mr. Aguilar was on his way to flee to Mexico.”

Liberal Women Against Guns Support Rape

CLICK On this left-wing rag site, they are angry about violence against women, yet, at the same time, they are against guns.  Progressive/Liberal women LOVE RAPE. HT: PADDAR

I have known a couple of women in my life that have been raped.  I will not tell you who they were raped by, that is immaterial, now.  These same females never carried guns.  After they were raped, they took self-defense classes, and became quite formidable in fighting.  When that still did not make them feel secure, they bought a gun.  One has a .38, the other has a .44 cal.  Now, my friend/s & female family members feel safe.   One of them pointed her gun at another rapist, years later. He wanted to take her by force and he ran when he saw that gun.  Excellent, huh? She didn’t even have to kill him in self-defense. One look at the gun and he fled the scene.

Any woman that is against guns loves women being raped, WANTS to be raped and wants other females to be raped & brutalized.  Its just that simple.  These same women are truly against ‘choice’.  Because even though they do not carry guns, they are demanding other women not carry guns.  Leftist-NAZI women support rape and violence.   

When these bitches tell you they are for ‘womens equal rights,’ tell them bullshit.  That is what they are; Full of bullshit.   They would leave women wide open to beatings, robbings and sadly, being raped.  Rightist women are for womens equality.  We believe that women are as equal to men in the gun department.

“Liberal” women DESERVE to be raped.

“Don’t Tread on Me” Bumper Sticker is “EXTREMIST” according to HSA JANET NERO-TANO

   Here we go AGAIN with the YES WE CAN Patrols. 

Janet  NERO-TANO, HSA- is targeting our FIRST flag: “DONT TREAD ON ME” 

What a paraniod FREAK

This is an EVIL rotten NO good SOB. 

This govt. is SCARED TO DEATH of us, GOOD!

 I want them shaking in their britches and chomping at the BIT.  I am TIRED of these so called ‘laws.’

  Here…for YOU Janet Nero-tano:

WND reported this right here: http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=97374   You can go and support the VISION Blog: http://www.americanvision.org/the-american-vision-blog/man-detained-for-displaying-dont-tread-on-me-bumper-sticker/  and give them SUPPORT.