Communist, Globalist, #UNESCO Didn’t Care About ‘300 mil’ School Kids During H1N1

Search it out for yourself.

And, FYI: UNESCO is Commie, Muslim, America hating, Israel hating as well… Its interesting that all of these orgs are filled with this type of people.  Its not that I believe that ‘we’re the best‘–I am no longer under this persuasion.   I just find it odd…



290 million

Links:  (Of course links UNESCO also)

300 Millon:


Predictable, AOL:

All the usual suspects!

#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can:

#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can

Dont buy the hype:

#Coronavirus-“COVID19” [1] Feb 2020. 
Jan – March 2020: [157,594] Americans will have died of cancer.

Not a new disease. Not a ‘new’ series of virus. A total Leftist hyped up, manufactured panic to hurt Trump’s economy.  This latest mass media stunt has hurt many people, financially.  I hope you Communists are proud of yourselves.



WHO Is Trying To Create Another 2008 Style Recession Again? CEO’s Resigning Like It’s 2008:

WHO Is Trying To Create Another 2008 Style Recession Again? CEO’s Resigning Like It’s 2008:

Absolutely, they are.  All of those CEO’s resigning just as they did in 2008!!  They have everyone’s eyes on the Coronovirus but its something else.. They KNOW Trump will win in 2020, no doubt.. So, they are trying to drag the market down to make the economy ‘look bad’.   They are not allowing a ‘crisis go to waste’.  Its so easy to resign, make out like a fat cat right before the whole ash can takes a dump.  

1,009 chief executives had stepped down by the end of August 2019, up from 879 a year ago, and more even than in the previous record year, 2008, in the depths of the recession:

These are my thoughts early this morning:

Im so friggin pissed off at all of this.  My head is about to bust. The Commies and elites are destroying people’s lives just because they hate Trump.



Interesting That @JeffBezos Sold 1.8 Bil In AMZN Stock Before -1190 DOW FIASCO

Interesting That @JeffBezos Sold 1.8 Bil In AMA Stock Before -1190 DOW FIASCO

Maybe the SEC should look into this?  Maybe the Deepstate and Bezos are tanking the market on purpose?  Nothing else has ‘stuck’ to Teflon Don..Maybe Bezos is a tad upset with Trump over a defense contract?


In a shocking revelation on Monday, CNBC reported that Amazon wants to depose President Donald Trump to determine whether he personally played a role in ensuring Microsoft, and not Amazon, was awarded a $10 billion government contract for cloud services to be provided to the Pentagon as part of what has become known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI).

Right after the stock surge in late Jan, early Feb, Bezos sold $1.8 Billion of Amazon Stock in Two Days After Surge CLICK here

So, is this a personal vendetta….OR, is the deepstate involved with Bezos and planned on the stock dump this week?  How many other players are involved?  Another question is why have so many CEO’s ‘resigned?’   Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and Keith Block, co-CEO of Salesforce, stepped down from their roles on Feb. 25, 2020.  How much did they take off with? Click here to see… 

Inquiring minds wanna know.
Was this DOW dump manufactured?

#DOW Suffers Biggest Point Loss In History, -1190 Drop, #Coronovirus

#DOW Suffers Biggest Point Loss In History, -1190 Drop, #Coronovirus

This is serious because of the DOW not because of the virus itself.  People in the states have already gotten over the virus as well as many in Singapore.

I made a video-


Psalms 91:  “He will protect me from the plague/pestilence.

GOOD NEWS:  17 Day Old Baby RECOVERS from Coronavirus without Meds.

California Governor Says State ‘Monitoring’ 8,400 For Coronavirus; 33 Have Tested Positive; In New York, 700 Asked To ‘Self-Isolate’: Live Updates

“Worst Thing In My Career” – US Stocks Suffer Fastest Collapse From Record Highs Since Great Depression

Retail Investors Just Got Nuked: Here Are The Stocks They Are Puking

First case of UNKNOWN ORIGIN confirmed in Northern California...
Medical staff exposed?
Scope of undetected U.S. spread unknown...
Experts: Prepare to see overnight boom...
Seattle-area high school shuttered...
CA Gov Says State Only Has 200 Testing Kits...
REPORT: COSTCO Sells Out of Emergency Kits...
Empty shelves hit Hawaii...
Masks Run Short...
Drug shortages loom?
How Daily Life Could Change in USA...
Virus threatening to end air-travel boom...
Panicked passengers get family kicked off flight over coughing daughter...

Market correction mirrors 1928 plunge:

 (*Deep State probably dropped a bio weapon in China…who knows..)


#Coronavirus, Can It Tank The Global Markets?

Is It Possible #Coronavirus Is A Plague? Can It Tank The Global Markets?

These are questions people should be asking. I don’t know.  In a few months, we’ll find out.  What I do know is that 2020 has sped up world catastrophes.  The stock market took a huge dump today.   Dow Dumps 1000 Points, Back Below 28k As Stocks Break Key Technical Levels

And: Stocks Slide As CDC Confirms 53 Cases In The US from the ship, “Diamond Princess.”

In Italy:  “It’s Total Panic” – Store-Shelves Empty As Virus-Spread Sparks Panic-Buying Food & Masks Across Italy

South Korea: “Tsunami-Like” Coronavirus Floods South Korea With New Cases; Europe Begins To Isolate Italy: Live Updates

Is this an apocalyptic plague that has been allowed by God?  Passages from the Bible: Plague and pestilence.

Right here in Mississippi, USA:

In England:

We are NOT living in normal times.  We should be reexamining our hearts and work to get right with God.

Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On The Open Market?

Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On the Open Market?

Hoax, or truth?

We don’t know.  We’re just asking.  The MSM news said: ‘Economy seems to be slowing including a slower outlook on China’,  on Friday the 24th.   However, this cache below from CNN states that China placed treasury bonds on the open market and closed the South China Sea on January 23rd.   We do not know if CNN was hacked or if they just won’t tell the public what is happening (they never tell the public what is happening) So, who knows….?  We’ll be watching.

‘Hacked’ CNN Reports “China Dumps All US Bonds”  Click here

This is the web cache photo from CNN website:

This is where the S. China sea is:

In case this means war: 

USA has Canada and Mexico to defend us…what can go wrong..?