Dream I Had In May, 2021 Of Charcoal Is Coming To Pass In Europe

Dream I Had In May, 2021 Of Charcoal Is Coming To Pass:

These are very sad times. Hard issues. Trying days.. All I know is God is the one who shows me things that are coming. Most of the time, these issues are bad. Apocalyptic things. To prepare people for hard times.

In recent months, He has not shown me as many dreams. I believe that this is because he wants HIS people to seek HIM about coming events and not people in prophetic ministries. The Holy Spirit wants YOU to know what is happening without YOU having to go to a prophetic type person. Prophetic type people only know IN PART. But, God knows ALL things.

Europe Ditched Russian Energy. Now People Are Sitting in Line For Days to Buy Coal. Is Biden to Blame? This is beyond imagination; ‘people are sleeping in their cars,’ Artur, 57, a pensioner, told Voice of America. 

Start at 47 seconds.

  • Warning: The current catastrophes are NOT going to disappear. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible: The King James Bible, daily. Or any older Bible.  The newer versions are watered down.  You can also read from the Torah, Old Testament: English Bible.. & FreePRINTBibles.net 
  •  If you confess with your mouth & believe in your heart that GOD raised Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ben Yosef from the dead, & live FOR him, you will be saved & go to paradise Heaven and be with GOD, forever and ever..

Prophetic Dream I Had About AMERICA/The Western World, Which IS Hard-Hearted & Stubborn

Prophetic Dream I Had About AMERICA/The Western World, Which IS Hard-Hearted & Stubborn

Joel 2

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

My dream last night:

All of the Lords prophetic people were dressed up as if they were in a circus. And, they were very, very angry circus clowns, preaching the word of God, angrily – with righteous indignation.

The Lord God showed me: “Even if I dressed up my prophets as circus clowns and they were performing a show, people would still not listen.”


My friend T saw a double edge and said: ‘People are not taking the true prophetic voices seriously. They think they are clowns.’

When we see society get to the point where people laugh and mock at calamities, disasters and the misfortunes of others we are surely crossing a threshold of no return.

Europe is on the verge of collapse. America is in drought and flooded in various areas. California is on fire. We’re in times of tribulation and people give glory to HAARP instead of looking to GOD who has power over ALL these things.

America has become Babylon but ‘believers’ say “NO”, it’s not. They say it’s the Vatican and the Catholic church. How foolish that ‘believing’ people read the news, daily – yet they still cannot see that America has become the most evil, immoral country in the world and instead, blame-shift toward the Catholics instead of observing themselves.

NOTHING is going to save you, America and NOTHING is going to save the western world. It’s cooked. Well done. God is getting ready to ‘clear the plates’ and ‘sweep the lick’ of America. The west is in freefall destruction.


….and strengthen that which remains.

Prophetic Dream/Vision I Had About EVIL Black, Flying Insects. (VERY Hesitant To Release This)

Dream/Vision I Had Abt EVIL Black Bugs. VERY Hesitant To Release This:

We all know God gives dreams and visions for warnings. We are supposed to ‘test the spirits’ also. I did not want to release this dream at all. Usually, I will get it out there, ASAP. But, this time – no. The reason why I am hesitant is because I believe there are some real false predictors out there. Giving false hope about spiritual and also political and geo-political issues. I am just “Pauli/The Mad Jewess”, (nobody special, a smaller blogger), but I do not want to be ‘counted in’ with any modern predictors.

Before I tell you this dream… I want to say that God is unleashing some real fury. And, his anger is over America as well as the rest of the nations. When I read the bible or talk with the Lord.. I sense his fury and anger. Sure, we all have impressions of his love and peace. But, I can say with great confidence that God is ANGERED.


Here is the vision/dream from last Thursday night, August 25th.

I saw a crisp, white sheet being flung out (like how we make our beds) it was flung into the wind/atmosphere. When I looked again at the sheet, it had black, flying, evil-looking insects (meaning to do harm) that flew out into the air.


This is what the black, flying insects looked like:


So, what does it mean?

I believe that perhaps some real insects that are black and harmful to humanity could be released by God into our earth’s atmosphere…? OR: Perhaps a bug (as in virus/plague/flu) could be allowed by God at the hands of man? The white sheet possibly indicating God?

We’ll see…. Think on this yourselves.

Prophetic Word: ‘Thy Day Has Come O Nation And People’. And A Dream From The Lord; A HUGE Wave

Prophetic Word: ‘Thy Day Has Come O Nation And People’. And A Dream From The Lord; A HUGE Wave

I had a dream last night and want to share it. At times, I feel that the Lord shows the same type of dream to warn people of what is ahead. He really IS a GOOD God! Baruch Hashem.

Here it is:

In this dream, there was a huge wave. This wave was suspended. It just stood there – large, angry, huge. Over time, the people were just used to the wave and disregarded it. They played near the wave, had picnic’s near it, etc. Then….the wave started moving. But, people still did not take notice. The wave then turned into a huge Tidal Wave and all the people were swallowed up. I escaped the wave because I knew it would eventually turn into the wave that God made it to be.


I woke up to an Edward Umling video. Mr. Umling has a prophetic voice and gift. He brought many words in 2020. I believe many of his words were SUSPENDED, like the wave, aforementioned. Those words the Holy Spirit gave to him in 2020 will start being released.. I believe this year.

Hide in the pavilion of the Lord, fellow believers. HIDE in HIM. Be safe in Jesus name.

Dream I Had The Other Night: The Sky Opened And A Water Explosion Came Out Of The Clouds

Dream I Had The Other Night: The Sky Opened And A Water Explosion Came Out Of The Clouds

Yul Brynner as Ramses | The Lexicans

Here it is:

In this vision/dream, it looked as if there was a water explosion in the sky, sort of resembling a gigantic waterfall being released from the Heavens. It was HUGE.


So, I was in deep thought about this ‘water explosion’ from the sky.. what does it mean? I was in thought, like I said and then a few hours later, this link came up in my news feed:



God showed me in my heart…that the Globalist/Communists are saying these things without knowing OR understanding God/Hashem or the word of God. And, because they speak these things without understanding, God HIMSELF will allow the earth to be cursed with whatever these idiots say. Anything they say WILL become their curse. We will see ‘rivers of water come from the sky‘ because of these evil jerks in the not too distant future.



Dream 12/2/2021

What a dream I had last night.

I dreamed that satanic and demonic forces were coming at me from every direction and they had evil powers. But, that didnt matter. The evil they were fighting me with was EASILY over-come by the supernatural power God had endued me with.

I was slapping them to the left, right, north south, south-west, south-east, north-west and on and on!I was absolutely DESTROYING them!

I was flying triumphantly over Volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc!

They had NO power over me!

So….with that being said…

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus:

Lord, that you will ABSOLUTELY crush, humiliate and expose D.C. from every corner of that corrupt city. I pray Lord, that you will bring confusion and chaos into D.C.. That all would absolutely lose any trust they had in this band of evil criminals. Lord, that you would fill D.C. with plague and pestilence, terrible weather, destructive weather. Bring D.C. to ABSOLUTE ruin in our time. That the whole world may live to see you CRUSH your enemies who are playing GOD. In Jesus mighty name.

Dream I Had In May 2020 About COAL Comes To Pass: COAL Hoarding/COAL Shortage Is Happening “IRL”

Dream I Had In May 2020 Comes To Pass: COAL Hoarding/COAL Shortage Is Happening “IRL”

coal shortage: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=coal+shortage&t=h_&ia=web

Hashem has been faithful in giving me dreams of events that happen in the future. Many of my dreams have come to pass. I do not know how bad the coal shortage will become.

Here is the COAL dream:

Another dream I had is coming to pass. Its a situation happening all over the world with COAL/Charcoal. >> Prophetic Dream I Had Of Charcoal Hoarding & Another Virus/Plague, 2020, MAY.

Other dreams I’ve had that have come to pass:

Dream I Had In June 2, 2020 About A #Volcano & A #Tsunami In The Mediterranean Is Coming To Pass 😦 #REPENT EUROPE!!

I Had A Prophetic Dream About #COVID Vaccine PILLS In August. Now, The Pills Are Here:

#APPLE Announces Invasion Of Privacy. ANOTHER Of My Prophetic Dreams Fulfilled!

Dream I Had In 4/2021 About SNOW South Of The Equator Comes To Pass In BRAZIL Today

Half Of One Of My Recent Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing)

UPDATE 1 Of My Dreams From 5/2020 Is Coming To Pass: New Disease W/ Body Sores

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Posted on May 21, 2020 by TMJ Edit Previous Next >> Prophetic Dream I Had Of Charcoal Hoarding & Another Virus/Plague Prophetic Dream This is the dream Had of Charcoal Hoarding & Another Virus/Plague had last night. Thanks for listening. Pass it on if you feel led. Prophetic Dream Of Charcoal Hoarding Watch later Share Watch on YouTube PLEASE FEEL FREE To LINK USING DROP DOWN BOX. Share'
May be an image of text that says '5:02 PM Wed Oct facebook.com 36% Michael Savage Favorites 1h COAL shortage worldwide, esp in CHINA- guess WHO BOUGHT UP MAJOR COAL COMPANIES after bashing FOSSIL FUELS, a few years ago? GEORGE SOROS! You and 774 others Angry 142 Comments 495 Shares Comment Share Write a comment... All Comments Derek Rogelstad GIF'

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Ted Noiz Dream: “People Worshiped A Hologram, Fake Jesus In the Sky”

Ted Noiz Dream: “People Worshiped A Hologram, Fake Jesus In the Sky”

Authored by tednoiz

I had a prophetic dream in the late 2000s during which people (just like in the photo below) were walking up my street like zombies, their hands clasped in prayer, their eyes fixed on something in the sky. I went outside to see what it was… it was a giant Jesus speaking to them. I laughed. I knew it was a hologram made by a projector, knew it was all b.s..

At first I tried to wake the people up, snap them out of it, get them to come out of their stupor. Then I realized that was all b.s. too, that it would never happen. I realized there was nothing I could do for them, as God gives us each our own choice to make, our own free will, and that we exercise it as we wish. The slaves are no different than you or I. They choose to be as they are. They want to be led. They are happy to be where they are. They seek it out and put themselves in that position.