Dream 12/2/2021

What a dream I had last night.

I dreamed that satanic and demonic forces were coming at me from every direction and they had evil powers. But, that didnt matter. The evil they were fighting me with was EASILY over-come by the supernatural power God had endued me with.

I was slapping them to the left, right, north south, south-west, south-east, north-west and on and on!I was absolutely DESTROYING them!

I was flying triumphantly over Volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc!

They had NO power over me!

So….with that being said…

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus:

Lord, that you will ABSOLUTELY crush, humiliate and expose D.C. from every corner of that corrupt city. I pray Lord, that you will bring confusion and chaos into D.C.. That all would absolutely lose any trust they had in this band of evil criminals. Lord, that you would fill D.C. with plague and pestilence, terrible weather, destructive weather. Bring D.C. to ABSOLUTE ruin in our time. That the whole world may live to see you CRUSH your enemies who are playing GOD. In Jesus mighty name.

Dream From God About Tsunami & An Oceanic Volcano:

Dream From God About Tsunami & An Oceanic Volcano

I explain my dream of these 2 disasters that happen.  Where? I am not sure. 


I was at a hotel, a beautiful hotel on the sea.  The city/town I was in was BEAUTIFUL. All of a sudden, I saw a huge volcano form IN the sea. I had never seen anything like this before. 

The rest of the video is in the video below:

 I also believe that USA is going to suffer these catastrophe’s both physically and metaphorically.

Horrible, Prophetic Dream Again..

Terrible dream last night, actually early this AM.
You all know I believe that many dreams are messages from God. You all don’t have to believe it, but I do.
  The dream started out in a field, many people were running.  Supernaturally (as with most dreams, I showed up) I was running as well, millions of people were running.  We were running because there were foreign planes all over America.  These planes were shooting out rockets.  I was even given eagle eye type vision, where I could see that these rockets were in Russian and Chinese, they were red rockets with the Communist star on them.  They were killing everything in their path.  People were dead all over, Fire everywhere.  It seemed as if there were many Christians and Jews (some were faking their love for God, though)
There was this one Christian woman that everyone trusted.  Many of us were running away from where these rockets were coming from. We realized that we had to turn back in another direction. As we were advancing on, getting far away from the war zone–this FAKE Christian woman started showing everyone a field with beautiful strawberries. There was something about her I didnt trust, I started to tell the other Christians and Jews that she is a LIAR.  She is leading us BACKWARDS toward the destructive war zone. Many went with her to these camp like places to die.
I started to go back, I felt as if God was telling me in my heart to go back this other way. I did.  We were on a highway, dodging rockets–everyone was dodging rockets and gun fire.  America was NOT America at all, anymore-it looked and reminded me of a total Communistic state.  Fellow Americans had aligned themselves with this foreign enemy to kill, murder, torture.  We were running, walking, jogging for days.  I cant remember eating anything.  People went back toward the destruction, thinking there would be food.  Many of us marched ahead.  We came to a pass that was rocky, it was very scary.  In the rocks, there were puddles, these puddles were radio-active. One of the women jumped in to get cool.  I couldn’t believe she jumped in-it was torture to jump in this muck.  As I looked forward, the way was more and more narrow.  All I knew is that I had to follow this narrow path, or it would be hell.
All I can say, is this dream made me spiritually tired this AM.  I know this;  America is under severe judgement from GOD and it WILL get worse, people. Much worse. 


Turn to God before its too late. God of the BIBLE.