Joe-BAMA Restored $235 Mil In AID To The “PALESTINIANS” Who Are ‘Suddenly’ Armed W/ LOTS Of DRONES.

Joe-BAMA Restored $235 Mil In AID To The “PALESTINIANS” Who Are Suddenly Armed W/ DRONES.

SO: Southern Lebanon is firing rockets into Israel on behalf of the ‘poor’ Palestinians who they treat poorly in their own country: Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘The world has forgotten us’

NOW: TURKEY WARNS ISRAEL; IF GROUND WAR INTO GAZA, TURKEY WILL ENTER THAT WAR TO PROTECT GAZA (Lord, please destroy these people who started this insanity against Israel on April 24, 2021)

FLASHBACK: BARACK OBAMA is the one who initiated this 200 plus million. Remember? Trump freezes Obama’s $221,000,000 parting gift to the Arabs in “Palestine”

Arafat died a billionaire. Why? Because he stole all the money that was supposed to be given to his people. You really think all this money goes to the Gazans or the Palis? Sure. And, bridges in Brooklyn are for sale.

Jewish, Commie-CRAT Biden supporters may as well have just shot their own fellow Jews in Israel.

Biden administration to restore aid to Palestinians – BBC News

Reversing Trump, Biden Restores Aid to Palestinians – The NY NAZI TIMES

Biden Administration to Restore Aid to Palestinians – WSJ

US to ‘restore’ aid to Palestinians with $235 million .


Hamas launching bomb-laden SUICIDE DRONES into Israel as fighter jets filmed blasting them out the sky

The Sun| 3 hours ago

Lots of people who hate Israel (Hate God, Jesus and their adopted JEWISH heritage) are celebrating right now. They don’t read the Bible: Love or hate Jews, God is going to end up fighting ALL of you: The Nations Are Being Gathered Against Jerusalem By The LORD GOD Who Will Fight Them AND Defeat Them.


“Fever Detecting” Cams & Drones In Our Future. WHY?!

“Fever Detecting” Cams & Drones In Our Future. WHY?!

Infrared AI cameras could help spot coronavirus carriers at ...


I’ll tell you why.  When I was about 20 years old, my workplace informed all of us that we would be getting health insurance. This was 1986.  I remember going home to tell my family that I was pissed off that the workplace would be taking out $17.34 out of each paycheck.  So, I opted out.  My family went NUTS.

Already, by 1986, the nation was getting on board with the whole health insurance scam.  One of my family members told me I was insane for opting out.  I didn’t care. Back then, we went to Doctors on Duty.  It was $45-$50 for them to treat you and send you home with your anti biotic or a shot.  $50—That’s it.  

So, I did that for years until the workplaces shoved health insurance on us against our will.   The health insurance M.O. was hyped to the max.  On TV, Radio, in newspapers, mags, etc..  But, I saw health insurance as a ponzi scam and people couldnt stand that I thought this way.  People wouldnt even take jobs if the health insurance wasn’t great.  Thru my 20’s, I just didnt give a damn about health insurance.  And, I still think its a scam.

People are fixated on health, health, health all the time.  Its a total obsession.  By 2010, Barack Hussein Obama became President and ‘free health insurance’ became the rage.  Once again, I was FORCED like everyone else into this crap they call health insurance.  


Now, its our whole life.  There are hands all over the pot of gold called health insurance plus big pharma.  Health Insurance and Pharma ARE the biggest manufactured money-makers in the world.  In my opinion, its a death cult.  Because the ‘powers that be’ don’t give a rats ass about YOUR health… They care about the MONEY, money, money.

They have a pill for every damned thing now.  Since people are onto ‘big pharma’..  The ‘powers that be’ had to do something else.  What did they do? Invent viruses, flus, sinus infections,  worser viruses, super bugs….then, they package diseases and dump the illnesses on everyone to keep pharma going.  We only got the cold when I was a kid.  Flus and viruses were rare.

Now, they will have drones to detect if you might have a fever.  They have to keep that money pot going, don’t they?  Since people are into health foods and holistic  medicine, they will SHOVE the drones and cams on you, forcing you to the Doctor.  It’s NO accident that hundreds of great holistic Doctors are just ‘dead’, out of no where:  Kill em all so people HAVE to go to the big pharma Doctors.  We’re stuck with these big pharma Physicians and their bed buddy health insurance companies with their ‘all seeing’ eye cams and vision drones.

Its not a conspiracy, it’s the truth. This is what has happened.  

Look at the google search for these fever detecting cams and drones.  

Hat tip, Beth:



NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability

NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability

Obama has killed 55 people by drone in the last 3 days in Yemen, Claims all 55 were Al Qaeda, Sure… Click here…

SO, now we are at war in Yemen as well as Ukraine & still wanting to bomb Syria… John McCain is fixing to over-throw Maldova’s government and even the NY Slimes is crying foul over Obama’s killing for a change we can believe in:  Read all about it: NY Times…


For years now, the Obama administration has been playing a self-serving and duplicitous game over its power to kill people away from any battlefield and without judicial oversight or accountability. It has trotted out successive officials and doled out tidbits of information attesting to the legality of President Obama’s claim to unilateral authority to carry out such killings, while withholding information essential to evaluating that aggressive claim of executive power.

Russia’s Putin said that Obama rules by the gun, yet Putin is the Hitlerian fascist??  When do Americans put their heads back on and realize that everything our government is doing is anti Constitutional?  You cannot be pro-Constitution and be FOR this war mongering insanity.   If Bush did this, we would never hear the end of it.  Why does Obama get away with this mass murdering of civilian people?

Obama probably wants to use drones in Nevada against the Bundy’s.

2,400 Dead As Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks 5 Year. Imagine If This Was A Repub?

2,400 Dead As Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks 5 Year. Imagine If This Was A Repub?

If Obama was a Republican, we would have heard about this 5 years ago.  We would have known the approximate number and then some.   Do lives only matter under the GOP?  I guess when a Democrat is in office, people can die and its OK.  Hell, majority of Americans don’t even know how we financed all of the Arab Springs in Libya, Egypt, Syria, now Ukraine and from what I am hearing: Thailand.

  Sure, Obama caught a few militants.. But, you look at this post, below and see what a BAD shot Obama is with his drones.  It seems that he takes pleasure in killing people… Maybe you’ll be next.  Maybe me.  Who knows.

One of the drone strikes proved another mistake, this time one that killed between five and ten people, all civilians.

The rest is here.….. Steve Watson says: Eight times more strikes, six times more deaths than under Bush.

Obama is enough to make the biggest war-mongering, neo conservatives become anti-war.  By who’s authority are we droning these people?  I thought the war on terror was over, according to the Democrat, Obama.

@SenRandPaul ? Obama Changes Drone Strike Rules To *Permit* Bombing Civilians

@SenRandPaul ? Obama Changes Drone Strike Rules To *Permit* Bombing Civilians

While this is not yet affecting Americans, it most certainly will soon enough if you dissent to much against the tyrannical Obama.  If Obama is such a great Prez, you Communist/Liberal assholes…Why do we have to fight this bastard- daily – for our rights.   You “Liberals” make me sick.  Filthy lying snakes.  You KNEW that once you had a ‘progressive’ (Commie) in as Prez, you would make life a living hell.  When the drones drop on your asses, I won’t shed a tear. Not one little drop.

See: Obama ‘admin’ Changes Drone Strike Rules To ‘Permit’ Bombing Civilians.


Obama Says He’s “Good At Killing People.” We Know, His Dead Pool Of Americans Is Murderous

Obama Says He IS “Good At Killing People.”  We Know, His Dead Pool Of Americans Is Murderous

Let’s face it:  Any president says that he is ‘good at killing people’, – that type person is an insane psychopath & tyrant.  He didnt say ‘terrorists’, he said PEOPLE.  Obama Told Aides He’s Really Good At Killing People,’ in New Book (Huffington Post)

Imagine if this was a Republican president?  Who said  he is ‘good at killing people?’  Why the double standard?  The Democrats would be saying the Republican was a ‘right wing fascist.’  I just don’t get it.  Outside of many Democrats being Communists: I just can’t believe every single Liberal is a Commie murderer.  Why would they not call this insanity out?  

Take a good look at the dead around Obama: Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’ – Nachumlist

Since he gets away with saying such things, how much longer before mass murder starts??  A person is justified or condemned by the words he/she says..

Obama Deploying Drones To WA, FL, CA, HI. -Terrorizing Liberal Whitey Is Obama’s Fav Pastime

Obama Deploying Drones To WA, FL, CA, HI. – Terrorizing Liberal Whitey Is Obama’s Fav Pastime


All of the phoney, anti-war rhetoric is now going to haunt the Commie Liberals in Washington, CA, HI and Florida.. These people were never against wars, they were into undermining the USA back in the days when we still had a country.  Now, the true anti-war folks are not heard because the Stalinist Obama is the liberal fav totalitarian.  Obama is not much more different than Bush–but don’t tell them that. They won’t ever listen.