(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

(Drudge just put this up July 17, 2012:  

COPS: 40 kids ‘flash rob’ Oregon store…      

This ‘event’ occurred on June 18.   DRUDGE reads The Mad Jewess, not the vc versa.)

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale , Oregon

***Dear readers:  We have to allow this stuff so people don’t think whites are discriminating. It’s better to watch the world burn than be called a racist.

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Drudge, O’Reilly & Co. Are Going To Be GUILTY of Putting Obama In AGAIN

This AM I wake up to Drudge’s headline of how Santorum is ‘Seeking the dem vote‘. Yeah? And? David Horowitz was a Democrat. Reagan was a Democrat. Whats your point, you over-bloviated windbag?  I have never seen a party so dumb in my whole entire life.  They are putting Obama in again, people.  YOU WILL HAVE OBAMA ANOTHER 4 YEARS.

O’Reilly was dumping on Santorum last night with Brit Hume. You want to know why O’Reilly is dumping on Santorum? Because his own faith is shaky. And thats a fact.  O’Reilly thinks Santorum is ‘out of touch‘….He even said “You know, Santorum is out of touch and against ‘gay’ marriage’.  Wow…so is GOD.  That’s why I am not gung-ho for Ron Paul as I was in 2008 (His vote to repeal DADT, still he is better than Obama)  The only reason that God has not utterly destroyed America is because the ‘gay’s did not sanctify their perversion through marriage. Well, now they do. And O’Reilly thinks thats OK. WINDBAG!!

Michael Savage last night said: “All of the candidates are moving to far to the right’. Pulease. Please.  Savage is the one that has been the mover and the shaker of helping this nation move back to the right and this is what he says? There is an OFF button on the radio to turn you off.

All of these Yo-yos attack Santorum, Newt, & Paul, but not Romney.  All they do is write books and make money while laughing their ass off at Americans. Drudge is a friggin liberal. Probably a stool pusher himself, since he hates Santorums views.


What do they NOT get about ABOANYBODY BUT OBAMA, 2012.

Stop attacking these candidates you JERK OFFS.

Santorum Calls The Blowhard, Drudge- Absurd. He’s Right, Drudge Is A Gasbag

Santorum: 'I'll defend everything I say' (GOOD! Satan DOES control America)...

Calls DRUDGE report 'absurd' (Good, he is absurd, he's a GASBAG)...

'A JOKE' (Drudge is now A Bad Joke. A Dis-uniter)...

Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter:  2 bags of baked wind. They spend 24/7 dis-uniting Republicans. They attack anyone who is not Mitt Romney. AS IF Romney is any better than Obama.  He is definitely NOT my pick. (I will vote for him if he wins the primaries) 

  Even though I left the liberal party, the GOP long ago, to become Independent/Conservative, I am with the GOP to unseat this Muslim usurper. Period.  BUT-Not Drudge, and not Ann.  These 2 paved the way, and now their heads are puffed up with pride, thinking they are power-movers.  We have a Marxist revolt going on and these 2 spend ALL of their time dividing the opposition.  Drudge is SOOOO upset this AM over Santorums comments, meanwhile, America is crumbling. 

As my blogger-brother, QV says: “Enjoy your green peas, AmeriKa!”


All Of the GOP “Conservatives”: Drudge, Coulter, Savage, Paul ETC Are Going To Put Obama In Again

Right now, Santorum is on the surge. And what do we see? 10 days ago, Ann the MAN Coulter was dumping on Gingrich.  Gingrich is running for Prez just as the others are.  She attacked Gingrich in favor of Romney.  Is she stupid? Yes.  Now, its Trump, attacking Santorum. He endorsed Romney.  Fine, whatever.  WHY attack another person that is in the race?  Ron Paul is attacking Santorum, saying that “Santorum has an atrocious voting record“.  This is coming from R. Paul, who voted to repeal DADT so that ‘gays’ could serve openly. Pot. Kettle. Black.  Michael Savage has been calling Santorum; “Sanctimonious Santorum”.  Has HE gone insane?  Drudges website is filled with attacks on Santorum.

(Even when I, personally have attacked Paul’s campaign- I didnt attack RON PAUL-I attacked his NUTTY followers.)

Has everyone lost their collective head?  All of these idiots aforementioned are going to give us Obama again.  This White House insider, (below)  is reaching out to try to bring you Republicans around, and you are not listening.  YOU are giving us Obama, again.

The “Conservative” RINO/GOP Pundits Are Making Sure Obama Gets Elected In…AGAIN

 We have in one corner, the ‘conservative’ feminist, Ann Coulter, bla bla bla, boo-hoo with Gingrich. Drudge is dumping all over Gingrich this AM.  Michael Savage hates Gingrich. Gateway Pundit does not like Romney. Ron Paulists only care about Ron Paul.  Breitbart is up in the air. Santorum is the only ideal conservative (in values) but he gets ignored because the GOP nuts perceive him as weak, but he is the most “American” in values and God…  Just look at Drudge today.  A total barrage of attack Newt Gingrich crap.  A few weeks ago, it was a rant on Mitt Romney.  COME ON! Get it together, STOP the attacks…

The past is the past, Newt Gingrich is the only one willing to go before the camera and tell America that Obama is the figurehead – the face of America’s Marxist revolution. The “go along to get along,” or better yet, “go along to get elected” cartel that is the establishment Republicans are terrified of Newt….Newt is smart but not as smart as I thought he is. His answer to Romney when at the debate, Romney said that he, Newt, resigned in disgrace which was false by the way, should have been, I resigned because I was up against a Republican party of pseudo-Conservatives just you. A pseudo-conservative and if the American people want more of the same. here’s your Romney the pseudo.”.
The the RINOS are a huge cartel are throwing everything that they can including the Kitchen sink at Newt..the point is that the Tea Party [extreme right wing] is why conservatives of every stripe swept into the House in the mid-terms and Newt is the only one who grasps that fact …The huge Coulter – Tyrell Rove, Bush RINOS are screaming for a moderate ..RINO, Romney..He’ their McCain
And, Romney is this years McCain…according to Romney “Obomao is a nice guy who is just in over his head,”.”Failed economic policies, failed foreign policy ” A vicious dictator wannabe and just a good guy making bad judgments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Newt calls him a radical Marxist who is out of control and if re-elected would be suicide...
“The Conservative pundits and the Establishment Republicans are not Conservatives any more than Romney Is…ROMNEY is the Rove, Bush, Boehner RINO party’s McCain, for 2012”  

SO-When Obama gets in again. Please don’t forget to come to my blog and say “You were right.”  The White House Insider @ The Ulsterman Report even says ANYBODY BUT OBAMA, and he is a Democrat/Liberal.  How is it, that he knows whats what, and no “Conservative” pundit knows?  The GOP media RINOS will get Obama elected in….AGAIN.  Thank you assholes.

EXCERPT FROM: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER ON OBAMA (Romney vs Newt) – The Ulsterman Report

Ulsterman:  –Name Withheld-?  You sent me to them…that was your doingI was under the impression you were working together – defeating Barack Obama.  Right?

Insider: Yeah – that’s right.     So I’m working to see the Republican defeat Barack Obama.  If it’s Mitt Romney – great.  If it’s Newt Gingrich…ok, so be it.

We, here, on this blog feel that “Anybody but Obama, 2012” and we dont attack the GOP.  These “Conservative” pundits should do the same. No, I do NOT like Pauls followers, but if he was the nominee, I would be for him. Ditto Santorum, Gingrich and Romney.

Central Floridians Don’t Like Heavy-Petting TSA~Go Private!

  Check this out…Central Floridians feel that the TSA is just too close for comfort, so they are going private.  Good 4 them. Who wants some strangers hand on your ass, or some ugly foreigners fingers on your boobs.. This is the only way out.  Soros saw this coming, which is why satan/Soros ran for cover and sold his shares.  Its amazing..Just because the left wing are ‘gay’ happy nuts and kissy, huggy crap with each-other, does not mean we ALL want that happy horse-shit.


The backlash continues over those new TSA screening measures, and now one Central Florida airport has decided to go with a private security screening firm.

Orlando Sanford International Airport has decided to opt out from TSA screening. 

Good idea… No more Lovin, Touching, Sqeezin..See me, feeling me, etc..

Are We Even Living In America Anymore? NAZI Pelosi Wants AMERICANS Investigated

For Opposing the Victory Mosque Community Center close to the graveyard, Ground Zero.  This is unbelievable. I dont write a lot on Islam, because the problem is the GOVERNMENT. IF we had a government that did as we asked, we would not have a problem like this.

It’s a guess that we had better be prepared to see this abomination built right where it’s proposed.

I’ve long thought that God has an odd sense of humor:  Western liberals have taken as an article of ‘faith’ (pardon the pun) that they must publicly support a religion that is the most backward, ugly force in the entire world today, after all, it suits their agenda.  People who will be the first to fee the blade of Islam on their necks are literally lining in a queue on supporting Islam.

Again, either God has a bizarre sense of humor, or God has handed the West over to Satan himself.    I-37

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday. She told San Francisco’s KCBS radio: