The Dem. Underground Are 100% Clueless About Fascism & It’s Threat Under OBAMA



I just read that tiring piece, above at the Democrat Underground. These people are totally fucking clueless about Obama. They actually think that the T-party, (who most of the time are on defense re. being called racists) are fascists.  This would be funny, if I was in the mood for a joke, but it isn’t funny. 


Lets look at some facts with Obama:

Obama Nationalized healthcare, as did Hitler.

Obama Nationalized the banks, as did Hitler.

Obama Nationalized the car cos as did Hitler.

Obama is seeking now, to ‘reform education’ and make that national as did Hitler.  Charlie Rangel just advised Obama to build his civilian force, as did Hitler.

Democrat Underground…Are you totally fucking stupid on purpose, or are you just as idiotic as Juan Williams, the useful idiot that got canned. FASCISM is already here under your false messiah, you total g-damned moonbats.