Dumba$$ Kid: “Boomers Bought Homes, & Went To College On Minimum Wage Jobs”

Dumba$$ Kid: “Boomers Bought Homes, & Went To College On Minimum Wage Jobs”

The kids today are always nagging about the boomers.  Boomer this and boomer that.  Most of these idiots think people in their 80’s are Boomers, also.  They cant do math.  But, the comment I’ll post below takes the cake.. I’m an after Boomer (cusp Gen X).. So, I made what other boomers made if they worked minimum wage jobs in my late teens:   $2.85 an hour.   However, I was a waitress.  So, I made good money before the MAN decided to tax us servers.  I would make over $100- a day.  $100-   a day was very good money in the 80’s before they taxed us.  But I had to work 6 days a week, 4-5 double-shifts.

People just making minimum wage definitely could NOT buy a home AND go to college on $2.85-$3.35 an hour.  IMPOSSIBLE.  And, it wasnt like now:   $2.85 went up to $3.10 in 1984.  By 1985 or ’86, it was $3.35 and it stayed there for the longest time.  If you only have a minimum wage job, you worked 2 jobs, believe me.  You did what you could. Some worked 3 jobs.  We worked all the friggin time.  My back is SHOT because of lifting heavy trays for quite a few years working doubles.  We worked our asses off.  Work, work, work and then some and more work.

The kids today are living in a fantasy land.  They think it was some easy life.  They can’t even work a PT job effectively..  They are poor customer service agents and lousy wait people now.  NO personalities.  They get paid 10X what we were paid

Another thing:  We didnt have “Dollar Trees”.  Things were much more expensive than now.  There wasnt all this crap from China and we didnt have many Walmarts.   Kmart was NOT cheap!  Nothing was cheap.  Most was made here in the USA.   Clothes were SUPER expensive! Yeah, gas and cars-cheaper but hard to acquire on a job that pays $3.35 an hr!!! Let alone college!

Stupid ass kid: