#TikTok Commie Mommy: “My Baby Is Crying White Tears To Get Her Way”

TikTok Commie Mommy: “My Baby Is Crying White Tears To Get Her Way”

Because babies of other colors don’t cry tears to ‘get their way’. Only white babies do. Ya can’t make this sh’t up! This nation is upside down and totally infected with the cancer that is “Liberalism”. There is no way out because Leftists love that they are absurd and ridiculous.

The poor baby is going to grow up to be a sick, deluded Communist like her Mother. I hate to say this, but I kinda support Leftists aborting their children.

BREAKING: New Book-“Hating Blackie”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

BREAKING: New Book – “Hating Blackey”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

Written by Joe Schmoe, this book is a confusing piece describing an average white dude who feels like hating blacks in America and prays 3X a day for God to help him hate black Americans. Through each chapter, he describes woeful experiences he has had with black people on occasion. I asked Joe: “Joe, only blacks? That’s who you want to hate?” Joe said “YEP”, “its not like I’m genocidal or anything like that, I just want all blacks to be hated by whites.” I advised Joe that if all whites just hated black people, that could cause ethnic cleansing. “No, said Joe. You don’t understand. I’m becoming a minority, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be ‘racist”.

All of my efforts to advise Joe that prejudice is prejudice just fell on deaf ears.

You can buy this book online:  Mercer University associate professor of practical theology,