Ongoing Soap-Opera SAGA: MORE RACE-Baiting~Ben Fishel @ Media…

 Ben Fishel: Limbaugh criticizes President Obama with racially charged criticism, calling him an indigenous, primitive man having a black dialect.

Ben says Rush: “Further tests the limit of ‘appropriate dialogue’ 

BEN…….! Has anyone told you that IF Rush was a racist, its not against the law and who the hell are you to say what is appropriate or not?  See also: DC Examiner: Pelosi LIES, Babies DIE, Media Matters LIES, America CRIES. M.M. Attack PRIEST.


Dear Ben, first of all, you are a BOLSHEVIK. Thats #1.  OK.. Sugar? #2. He was quoting the REAL racist, Harry Reid, or did you perhaps FORGET what Reid said?  Thats the trouble with you darling Bolsheviks, you take everything out of context and hurt Americans…NEVER heal, always hurting.. Limbaugh calls health care summit a “Wellstone memorial”
BTW….Ben dear, are you a little embarassed that Obama DID say “AKS” & “CORPSE man” and….for the best of all…



Ben Fishel has worked as an intern in the offices of Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY).Thumbs Down

 Fishel graduated from Colgate University in May 2005 (KID REPEATING WHAT HE HAS BEEN TRAINED TO SAY) with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science<Modern Day MARXIST -Alinskyite 

In May 2006 he began his work at Media Matters for America as an intern in the Research Department and is currently serving as a Radio Booking Coordinator and co-produces the Media Matters Minute radio segment<Of which we all have to suffer with…His anti-American Marxist-Commie agenda, of “THATS RACIST”…when all else fails.