Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Coming to America…

Leftist (Commies) push people until they just can’t take anymore.  Britain is now seeing a rise in ‘hate’ crimes against their Muslim population.  I don’t know if I would call it ‘hate’ crime since the Muslims do not respect the indigenous English, chase their bobbies (cops) down the street & ridicule them.  Muslims protest that they want to see a holocaust of English people.  In my opinion:  They are getting what they asked for.  Most Muslims are terrible citizens of England. (I am sure there are good Muslim citizens there, but people will not care about that when the SHTF)    I don’t ‘like’ violence.. but for every action, there is a reaction.   English are a patient people–but, their patience is now finished.

Click- Anti-Muslim crimes spike in London

How did the Fabians expect the middle class and commoners of England to react to this type behavior:

Breaking point:

*This is the result of liberal/left wing politics.  Minorities in America had better wake the hell up. This includes you left-wing Jews.  Minorities: Start respecting our country and our calls to freedom instead of fighting us.  We are very f*cking serious.  You are pushing.  This will end up bad for you if you do not stop pushing us.

I Had A SERIOUS Spiritual Dream About Tommy Robinson From The English Defense League

Please forgive my writing. I just woke up out of this dream and it is 1:46 AM.

Messages of the night are from God, which God has promised to ALL peoples on the earth in the end ages, (meaning: I am nobody special)

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My spirit. From the book of Joel

(I have seen one story of this person named Tommy Robinson on TV.  It was some stupid, lying, leftist propaganda film about “Islamophobia.”  GOD help me remember this dream to write it accurately.) English “Defen’c’e League”

In this message of the night, (dream) I saw a worn down young man–it was Tommy Robinson from England.  He is with the EDL.  He was fighting an ancient enemy.  This enemy had done vile and detestable things.  One of the vile acts was the abomination of homosexuality and also pedophilia. 

There were 3 different occurances: At first, Mr Robinson was dressed as his ordinary self.  But through 3 separate engagements with this enemy, his clothes had changed.  By the last and 3rd fight with this evil enemy, he was dressed in warrior clothes which where like the clothes we see pictured with the knights of old.

Three times, Mr Robinson had to fight this very evil enemy.  He was not able to totally defeat this enemy in the 1st two times.  On the 3rd time, he slayed this beast-like man/spirit with great skill.  I watched Mr Robinson with a sling. And, on the 3rd slay of this creature, he defeated him/it, total.  Tommy also had an ancient sword, on the end of the sword was vile, black feces.  He ran up to this evil man, slew the man with his sword, effectively stabbing the enemy with his own vile feces at the tip of the sword.  This man had done a detestable thing with a young person & Tommy was able to use this man/creatures own ‘crap’ on him. Tommy was given a great victory.  The enemy was Mohammed, maker and ‘creator’ of Islam.  Tommy is fighting Islam.

Dream ended.

Please heed, Mr Robinson:

This is what I have to say to Tommy Robinson:  You CANNOT fight this battle alone. It is impossible. The first two times in my dream represent you, in your own clothes..Meaning, your own persona, self.

The reason that your ancestors and fathers fought the Muslims in the holy lands and other places is because they were CHRISTIAN warriors.  They had God with them.  Christianity was not watered down in medieval times.  Christians observed the WHOLE Bible.  Which is what you must do.  You MUST return with your whole heart to the teachings of your fathers.  You MUST incorporate your faith in this battle. You CANNOT win without it.  You will only be given victory over this enemy that is threatening to devour England if you return to the faith of your fathers.  The battle belongs to the LORD, not to you.  Indeed you have been given a great task.  It is the calling of the LORD upon you, not of yourself.

Scriptures for you to ponder upon, Mr Robinson:

Joel Chapter 3: 1 & 2

Yet even now, saith the LORD, turn ye unto Me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with lamentation;  And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God; for He is gracious and compassionate, long-suffering, and abundant in mercy, and repenteth Him of the evil.

The clothes and blood that your ancestors wore were representative of their beliefs. Spiritually speaking; You must get the same clothes (Same mind set)


Others: DO NOT MOCK GOD. He DOES give messages of the night.  You may choose to believe or not, that is your affair.  However, if you do believe, Jew OR non Jew: Tommy Robinson is to be prayed for.

If anyone that knows about this Tommy Robinson, please give him this:

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