As U.S. Leftists Teach Your Children How To Be GAY…This Is What They’re NOT Teaching Them:

As U.S. Leftists Teach Your Children How To Be GAY…This Is What They’re NOT Teaching Them:

We all already know how dumb these poor kids are…. But, this just takes the cake of stupidity. Your children basically go to school and learn to be sexual deviants.

TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL for heavens sakes!

Your children learn how to hate their country and how to be an ugly tranny.

Stop trusting Leftists with your children.

This is the crap they ARE ‘teaching’ your children:

6th Graders Asked to Design “Communist” Flag

NO other country is like America, who openly embraces enemy ideology.

When I was in 6th grade we were singing songs that were totally pro-American. I loved to sing them.  It made me feel good.  

Now, 6th graders are being asked to ‘design’ a Commie flag.  Communism is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million souls.  The madness is not going to stop until we obliterate Communists off of this land. 

More here: Assignment: Design a Flag for a New Socialist/Communist America

This is what I sang in 4th-5th/6th grade:

Sometimes I ask why we sang these songs. Why?  Should we not have been taught how to fight leftism? Nazi-ism? Communism? Progressivism?  All anti American, anti god ideologies.

Palwatch: “Israel Is A Monster That Stabs & Eats Children” Palestinian art on PA TV

The same way we ate Christian children in our Matzoh?? And I don’t even like kids.  If this were true, there would be no more Pali monsters in the larva stage.

-David Ben Moshe

Published July 23rd 7:30 AM PST

The Stupidity of Fox & Friends Is Maddening: You CANNOT Educate Insanity~Leftists ARE Mental

I was listening to a few minutes of Fox & Friends. (I cant listen to Faux and friends for more than 5 minutes, BTW.)


Fox and friends was telling their audience, the T-party, specifically, to ‘go out and educate these people on Wall Street.’  I wanted to blow a gasket.  Fox news has the most ridiculous assholes in the planet on their shows.  Let me tell everyone something: I have worked with mentally ill people, a LOT.  Has anyone ever seen a person that is having a ‘mania?’  Do you even know what a mania is?  Most people don’t.  A maniac (mania) is a person that is having a massive nervous breakdown.  The leftist psych’s calls this ‘bi-polar disorder.’  It is not a ‘disorder’ for many people, for some it is just a nervous breakdown; lack of sleep, coming out of a bad depression is usually the underlying cause of such a mania.

  When a person is having a ‘bi-polar’ episode (nervous breakdown, mania) they do not listen to reason. They cannot see reason, logic or sanity.    A person suffering from this type breakdown usually thinks (in delusion) that everyone else is the problem. That everyone else is insane.  A ‘bi-polar’ patient is usually 100% out of their mind.  There is NO talking to a person that is this far gone.  The only thing that can save a bi-polar patient in the middle of a nervous breakdown, is a strong sedative drug- and usually taken for many days, even weeks at a time.

  The same can be said about the leftists. They are insane.  Not with bi-polar, mind you.  They have been taught from cradle to the grave that they are right, they are ‘fighting evil’ and you, the Christian/Conservative/Patriot is the one that needs the meds.  This is from their ‘bible’, usually Saul Alinsky/Commie Manifest, etc….Those are the ‘ethics’ they follow.  They have a ‘faith & religion’, called ‘liberalism’.    They have been indoctrinated with a mindset that is beyond help. They are much like radicalized religious people.     One cannot come out of this insanity ‘bada-boom.’  Just ask David Horowitz.  Ask Michael Savage.    Myself, having worked with people suffering mental conditions, (voluntarily, FT ORD)- I know that you cannot reason or ‘educate’ them. Only a miraculous intervention will save this type person.     If you have ever read the Christian New Testament- Even Jesus warned of the lunatic; “This type demon does not come out, except with fasting and prayer.”   

We can all agree Jew OR Christian, that PRAYER and Gods intervention (besides strong defense; guns, food, etc) is needed now.

  Fox and friends are stupid & careless..  They are encouraging Americans to go down the Wall Street to ‘educate’ INSANITY. To risk their lives.  These people (leftists) are VIOLENT and have violent tendencies.   Eventually, like a bi-polar patient, they will (in delusion) feel they will have to defend themselves against you (the fascists, its an illusion.)  It is also called projection.  What they are, they project onto you, which is exactly what a mental patient does.    You must face the facts, American patriots: You are on defense.  You are not on the offense. They are.  They are protected, you are not. 

  A mentally ill person is also protected by laws around them.  In fact, in many & most cases, mentally ill people have gotten violent with friends and family members.   Make no mistake; the person that is in the MOST danger around a ‘bi-polar’ person, is, in fact, not the patient, but the ones around the patient.    Take heed.     Do not risk your lives for insanity.    If you DO go, you must go in LARGE numbers. I mean very large.  Like 1,000 people plus (preferably strong men).    If you are smart: At this point, gather weapons, food, secure your homes, cars, etc.  You are on defense, and you must realize this. You must also realize, that these leftists are NOT playing with a full deck.  With that being said, this is not a game of Dems bad, Repubs good.  This is an evil plot to enforce Communism and totalitarianism on you, by death, if necessary.

Leftists have the whole 20th century of insanity and murder to prove this, from Bolshevism to Nazi-ism to Mao:

*Over 100 million dead SANE people at the hands of insane, ‘liberal,’ Communism/Nazi-ism/Fascism. 

Education: How it REALLY Is

Source: Human Events

Excellent article from Pat Buchanan. He discuses Steve Sailer’s findings after he broke down the global reading scores & you can read Sailer’s own thoughts here .

What do you all think of this?

Students In Cali Protest Tuition Hikes, But Want ILLEGALS To Have Education-GO FIGURE

  It is easy to find stupid.  It is all over the net.  Cali, which is now dumbest state in the union, wants to allow illegals a ‘good WETO education.’ The nasty pro-nancies are now screaming like the little Marxist creeps they are, that they are getting tuition hikes.  Well…the left wing insanity from UK is now here.  Be happy, libo-dumbbells.  This is your dream come true.  I bet you all dollars to donuts that the ‘evil & violent’ conservatives had no part of this vile protest.  But….don’t worry…Obamas gonna change it.


SEE: (Found By DONNA),8599,2031923,00.html

“Diversity Through Ignorance”~ Your Children Being Taught Outright Marxism/Socialism In School

Twana Blevins

Oh yes!!! This is happening in our schools!! Please, PLEASE open this link and see some of the conference topics. For example, “Black student/White School”, “Biology and Race”.

Posted by Twana Blevins, September 18, 2010.

Prepare yourself – This is what is being molded in your childs minds.

Do these educators have ANY  message other than “You guys are all different and we want to celebrate…your diversity in order to keep you ignorant by taking time away from teaching actual subject matter”.   Holy Moly! No wonder we’re so far  behind every other developed country any more!

SEE: Welcome to the Second Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for S…

And here LaRaza’s guide:

Striving for True Praxis to Reclaim Public Education