Was Ted Cruz Given Ultimatum Or Was He Blackmailed?

Was Ted Cruz Given Ultimatum Or Was He Blackmailed?

Recently, in an interview: Ted Cruz: President Trump was “Both Reckless and Irresponsible” and Did Not Prove Election Fraud in Any Court 


Cruz supposedly supported Trump and stood with him during the election & the fiasco afterward. Cruz also believed that the election was stolen. There was voter fraud even before the election: So far, this election season, we have 26 links of voter fraud issues: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020.

Then, out came the suitcases: Video Footage From Georgia Shows Suitcases Filled with Ballots Pulled From Under Table AFTER Supervisor Told GOP Poll Workers to Leave Tabulation Center

Dead people were voting: Resurrection Of DEAD VOTERS List From Nov 2020 Election

Democrats have been stealing elections since 1948, at least. Remember When LBJ STOLE The Election? Dems Suddenly “Found” A Ballot Box & US Official ADMITTED The Crime

I believe Cruz was either blackmailed or given an ultimatum for that aforementioned statement. Absolutely. Either that or the satanic Democrat party has scared him to death. On Twitter, they keep calling him a murderer and an insurrectionist because some of the GOP supporters went into the capital on Jan 6. Why shouldn’t they go INTO the capital? They pay for it, we OWN it.. Leftists go in there, NO problem. Patriotic people go in there and police shoot them, dead. If you don’t stand strong with God, TED — the demonic Democrats can attack you and you can’t ‘take it.’

The election was stolen. There is NO way sick, old Biden got more votes than Obama. NO way. He didn’t even campaign. He did nothing. He knew it was ‘in the bag.’

You can’t watch this video and not see the election was STOLEN.

Biden’s people STOLE the election and now we have…….

We Have Been Abandoned, My Friends

I am re-posting this from a man by the name of “VTX”-one of Ulsterman’s posters, (below).   The Communist/Bolshevik/Marxist/Progressive establishment has demolished the country to the max. They have brought in foreigners that care nothing for the founders of this once great nation, freely gave away the sacred right to vote, exalted bad blacks, built up the drek of society and threw  Americans under the bus for their Commie-utopia shithole that will FAST become the gulags.

If Obama takes away this night, I will be saying adios this website and looking into moving to the ‘turning’ conservative country of Canada or whatever.  You dumbbells that fought the ‘birthers’ can have your mother f’cker ‘CIC’.  Sane people will exodus, I may just be one of them.

Until it all comes to pass: I pray that AmeriKanistan will receive the much needed wrath of the almighty. More Sandy’s, tornadoes and hopefully, for the survival of the world against the Muslim; I pray Putin bombs AmeriKa into oblivion.  Ya all asked for it. (Of course I dont mean sane people)

  • VTX

  • As the race slips away, I can’t help but think, contrary to what WHI said: “we ain’t done good.”No recriminations for Romney – a decent man who made few mistakes and who conducted himself with honor and dignity and who put more effort times a thousand than the useless John McCain; no recriminations for UM and the loyal posters. Those to blame on our side? Chris Christie; Ann Coulter; Karl Rove. Lame Cherry is right (EDIT, The Mad Jewess has been right as well) – and has been right about everything but the end result. Ann Coulter can get back to selling outrage with her boobs.(I wrote about that here: If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being Cowards)You can’t run against the press – the entire press establishment, none of whom would print or speak the first word about Sheriff Joe’s findings; few who would take on Fast and Furious; most who hid information about Benghazi and largely ignore our weakness in Afghanistan and the loss of a helicopter flight full of men – mainly SEALs – because of insane rules of engagement. The treasonous press has sold out – has sold us out.

    There were thousands of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and tens of thousands of reasons to vote against Barack Obama; this should have been 70-30, on the economy alone; this should have gone 70-30 on the issue of competence; this should have been an historic landslide on character alone.

    We are witnessing the end of a great nation; we are also about to witness the total destruction of the nation of Israel, and another Holocaust – G0D let it not be so, but consider those Jews like Axelrod and Debbie W and the rest of the Dems – who seem to want to see the end of a great nation, of G0D’s nation.
    I saw this coming for over three decades – as we slowly turned into the next Useless Rahab.

    And what happened in Libya to Ghaddafi? No one in the middle east – not even the Sauds – trust us one bit. We are unworthy of trust – this administration and the party it hails from.

    I’m gone; I plan to close my business down and to let the country go to its own hell – I don’t have plans. I’m gone from here, too, from this blog – I won’t be posting any more. I will miss you folks.

    We have been abandoned.

The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


2 More Days-July 17th 2012, OBAMA to be exposed as Fraudulent President!

On July 17th a press conference is scheduled to be held in Arizona. Literally, piles and piles of evidence will be presented exposing the Fraud of the ObamaNation “presidency!”


If Obama is reelected, America will face bankruptcy and a depression

If Obama is reelected, America will face bankruptcy and a depression


Love him or hate him; Chaim Ben Pesach

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez In 2012, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%… This is not my opinion.  It is a poll.  I don’t endorse anyone for Prez. IMO, the military should take over, throw Obama, Holder, Hillary, Biden and all of the other Commies the hell out.  But, thats just the opinion of The Mad Jewess… 😉

This is what the poll read when I was finished:

Take this poll:

How The Hell Did We Go From Generals To Presidents, To a KENYAN President?

Everyday this makes me sick. Barack HUSSEIN Mohammed Obama, from KENYA, -foundational years in Indonesia, semi-raised by Moslem fathers, ARE WE FRIKKING INSANE?   This is all incomprehensible to me.  Twelve Presidents were former Generals; George Washington, Andrew Jackson, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, U. S. Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, and Dwight Eisenhower.

The Left Wing traitors didn’t even vet out this bastard from Kenya.  And that bothers me as well. His mother had this demon out of wedlock.  She posed naked: 

OMG!! OBAMAS MAMA posed NAKED! WTF! « THE MAD JEWESS  And this bothers nobody in power as well-the character of this jackass that wants us to be like sitting ducks as our enemies prepare to bomb, or nuke us.  When will the Democrats AND Republicans that are occupying OUR White House and Capital Hill wake the hell up and throw the illegal OUT!?  

Think about this people…THINK about it:


Where in the hell is the Military? WHY are they allowing this to just keep going on??

  I think back to the times of Reagan, his inauguration. These were better times in America, NO, not the best, but we had a glimmer of hope, and it seems we did not work during that time to get this nation free of the Communist/Soviet onslaught of the left.  I remember Ethel Merman siging at Reagans inauguration:


WHAT are people thinking? Are we flippin insane?

We went from “Everything’s Comin Up Roses” & patriotism after the hell of Jimmah Cahtah in 1980, to “Yes We Can-OBAMA, OBAMA” In 2010?  Repeating the “Bob The Builder” Yes We Can Intro song for inauguration song- even Clinton chose that horrid song “Dont Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow” (Fleetwood Mac) — How far, deep, and disgusting we have sunk into the abyss of totalitarianism. I cannot believe what has happened. I am in shock everyday as I watch this vomitous slob wreck this nation.

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