God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists, Jotting Down Their Actions. Jeremiah 2: 34

God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists,  Jotting Down Their Actions.  Jeremiah 2: 34

*Notice it says: “IN” your skirts.

We will all stand before the creator, the maker, the LORD, Elohim, God, Jehovah, Adonai is his name because we all have good and bad in us.  God cares about every little life.  Gods will is that people: Elderly and babies – live and not die.  The left-wing satanists have NO say in the moral department.  God will have to turn his judgments and even wrath on the pro ‘choice’ murderers.  It is what it is:  Abortion is the murder of a defenseless baby.  Most women who have abortions are too irresponsible to go buy condoms or get on the pill.   Others use it as a means of birth control.  In this day and age, there is NO reason to ‘need’ abortions.  The only acceptable procedure is a D & C in rape or serious sickness.   Majority of ‘unwanted’ pregnancies originate from women who can’t keep there panties on. Period.  And, it will not be an accepted excuse before your maker.

America, repent.  Get in sack-cloth and ashes over this horrible genocide of American babies.   55 million plus babies have been murdered since Roe V Wade. FIFTY-FIVE MILLION.

‘The Mad Jewess Should Be Executed’ For Saying ‘Obama Is A Curse’

Yep…Ya can’t make this stuff up.  My husband has the very difficult task of emptying spam.  Which is a LOT harder than ya’all think!! Anyway, we used to get about 12 or so spams a day, now we get 300-400.  This little jerk-off was in the spam.  He said “You should be executed for saying this!”    He also admitted that the country is screwed.  So, at least this simple-minded, little putz can see that.

However…let us talk.  “Executed?”  OK.  So, let’s assume I am a Repub, which I am not, but let’s just assume… Does anyone remember the things that the left said about GWB?  Are we kidding, here?  When Communist/leftists were opposing GWB, they hung signs, like this:

This made Republican people very upset.. And signs like this are OK.  But, only if it is against a Republican.  Don’t touch dear leader, Obama…

 But for only saying “Obama is a cursed person”.. We should be executed.    We still have this pesky thing (Which the Commie/Left only likes when they are in power) called the 1st Amendment.  Which gives me freedom of speech and freedom of the press.   My father is Seneca/Iroquois and Christian. I’ll say anything about any damned public official I please.. My father’s  family have dwelled in this land for probably over 1K years.  And this IDIOT tells me I should be executed?

Let me make myself clear.  The only person that should get this type of proper punishment is a traitor who voted in a fraud.  A traitor that puts his COLOR before country (Yes, this KID is only about 20-21 years old and black)  This TRAITOR shall go to Gehenna.  Promptly.  For electing in a DEVIL.  And, not only a devil, but a CURSED DEVIL who attracts the most filthy creatures; rats and flies.

Definition of Shit:  

excrement; feces.  

pretense, lies, exaggeration, or nonsense. 

something inferior or worthless. 

an act of defecating; evacuation.

GOD sends these flies and rats to show us humans what SHIT is.  “Shit” is a condition that is much worse than what we believe. YES!  Shit, in a word – has a picture of Obama next to its definition in the dictionary.