Are Americans SURE They Want Dr. Ezekiel HIMMLER Emmanuel’s Architecture In Their Healthcare?

Are Americans SURE They Want Dr. Ezekiel HIMMLER Emmanuel’s Architecture In Their Healthcare?

Now is the time to stop this ‘law’.  NOW.

Ezekiel Emmanuel, Dr of Death was exposed by a righteous man in this video (below) in 2009. We posted it here after Hussein got elected the first time: DR. EVIL Ezekiel Emmanuel: “HYPOCRATIC”

You better watch this.  If we all do not repeal this law, ASAP-Don’t cry when you die.  You didn’t have to croak.  I won’t sign up to die and NO American should.  It’s better to just go out naturally than take part in genocide. 

Talk about DIE QUICKLY!!

The Arrogance, Elite-Snobbery, & Now Violence From The DEMOCRAT Party.

  Yesterday, we saw a Congressman slap a young man for only asking a question. The young man called the Congressman ‘sir‘ and was polite, but the rabid, anti-American, against little people party-the DEMOCRATS, would not have you think this way;

  They would have you now think that the congressman was sick, and ambushed. And that is “America” now, folks. Spinning stories out of control, and having you feel sorry for the aggressor. Well, not The Mad Jewess.

 Let us look at pictures and videos of the truth. I am tired of the lies, sick of the evil, elite-snobbery, nasty and, now–downright violence of the Democrat left wing.

Harry Reid thinks nothing of Americans, he shows by his body language & facial expressions-this is AMERICA, Harry Reid- morons voted you in, you get paid to represent us, you have no right to treat us in such a terrible fashion.

  Barbara Boxer, who demanded a General of the US Military to call her “Senator”, when he called her ‘ma’am’, (which is already respectful- that is what they teach in the US Military; to call ladies ‘ma’am’ out of respect).  Ms. Boxer; this is AMERICA, the reason you even are in your position, is because the US Military secures our freedoms.  For you to treat a General in such a way, should have demanded your ouster, long ago. But, your time is now on the horizon.

Ms. Boxer, the way that you spoke to the National black Chamber Of Commerce, was unacceptable. This is AMERICA, you don’t treat those whom you represent with such snobbery and nastiness. An American that is black, and patriotic does not appreciate you referring to his ‘race.’ He is concerned about AMERICA.

 When campaigning, Barack Hussein Obama slipped Hillary Clinton the finger. This is AMERICA, Obama- you debate without disrespecting your opponent. And then the chosen one acted like it was something ‘cute.’

   He seems to have a total non-chalant way of dealing with AMERICA, and now known as “The thin-skinned” Obama, even though he is going to ‘kick their asses.’          Obama, who stands against Governor Jan Brewer & the state of Arizona for enforcing the law that is already on the books. Even going so far as to stand with the Pres. Of Mexico against one of our own states that is going through murder, kidnappings, robberies, rape-etc.. 


  Nancy Pelosi, knowing full well that AMERICA rejected Obama-Care, still had the audacity and arrogance to walk through a crowd of those protesting against National Socialized “Health-care” with a gavel in hand. This is AMERICA, Pelosi. In a “real” AMERICA, this bill would have been thrown out, not shoved down our throats. Yet, here you are, in your arrogance, walking through a crowd and laughing, mocking.. Calling patriotic AMERICANS; “Astro-Turf!” Telling US that we are “Nazis with Swatstickas?” They are the damned NAZIS!!

 That gavel was NOT her regular gavel- it was a symbolic gavel……..symbol of what??!!

 Rahm Emmanuel, the Chicago thug; Giving America the ‘Kiss My Ass” sign, right in front of a little girl. Rahm Emmanuel, the ball-n-chain, advising Sestak on another job, while Sestak was campaigning, (which is againt the law)- Rahm Emmanuel, who, when speaking to AMERICANS seems to not care one bit about saying the word “fuck” every other sentence.  This is AMERICA, Rahm Emmanuel, not the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, where you can intimidate people into having your way. If you do not want to abide by OUR laws, go back to Israel, (If they will even have you, which I doubt) or resign.


Chuck Schumer, who treated a little stewardess like yesterday’s garbage, calling her a ‘bitch’. This is AMERICA, SCHMUCK Schumer, you work for HER, not the vc/versa. Or how about when Chuckie cried like a baby for Sotomayor, a LA RAZA member who hates America to be elected into the SCOTUS.

 The arrogance and disregard of these imposter creeps is astounding!

  Then we have extentions of the Democrats, like Sean Penn, who believes that people should be “SHOT” for talking against Hugo Chavez, a dictator. This is AMERICA, Penn, we are actually allowed to dissent here, AND we do not have to EVER respect a damned dictator. If you don’t like this, move to Venezuela, and when you find yourself in disagreement with Chavez, don’t come crawling back to AMERICANS to get out of his 3rd world hell hole. GO ROT.  

  Rosie O’Donnell who is so willing to turn AMERICA into a Communist nation, no matter what the cost.  There was a time in AMERICA, when Stars shut the hole in their face and just entertained.

NOW, we are seeing violence, and if this is not stopped, it WILL get worse. Yesterday, a Congressman hit a young college man–HIT HIM! The arrogance, conceit, and blatant disregard of the Democrat party has left me afraid of just what their next tactic will be against us ‘little’ Americans.  THIS is the party of ‘the little guy?’ NOT. They are NOT for the ‘little people’, they treat the ‘little people’ with ARROGANCE, and now–VIOLENCE.

Demo-FASCIST Bloggers tearing Massa apart, WHERE IS MEDIA MATTERS to report on THIS?

On the Huffington Post, they are tearing their own up. Massa/DEMOCRAT.

  Beck did a LOUSY interview with this sleazoid politician, BTW. He is a SNAKE….onward…

People that want to run for Ofc in the Demo-FASCIST party really ought to think twice; the demoFASCISTS are turncoats and jakobites. Onward from the bloggers:   “He is a maniac”, “delusional white men”, ETC..

Nothing from Media Matters about Rahm Emmanuels naked behavior. Of course, Frisch has to protect Rahm, the little Judenrat Bolshevik. “Birds of a Feather”  Too funny…. 

politicalpollyanna I’m a Fan of politicalpollyanna

Birds of a feather . . . .

Mano-a-mano. Maniac-a-maniac


They’re perfect for each other. Two bitter, angry, priviledged, dillusional white men who live in the closet.


I’m not sure you should pin all your hopes on a gay congressman from New York.

—–Anyway, you can go look at the implosion of the dummocrats. I thought the (R’s) were terrible, but this all takes the cake.  Eric Massa On Glenn Beck: Congressman Going Out SWINGING & ‘SILLY AND RIDICULOUS’

      Well, Massa, now you are freeeeeeeeeee……..from these animals.  Did you really think they were “FOR” your gayness, BTW?  That is the FIRST thing your buddies attacked. At least I am honest, I dont agree at ALL with homosexuality, I make no bones about it, but I would not have hung you out to dry, I have gay friends, they know how I feel, does not mean I love them less.

So-  hows that libo-tolerence working for ya, Sugar? I feel bad for you, but you should have known better. These people are animals.