Another Horrible Dream I Had

 I believe in dreams from God, or ‘messages in the night’ ~  ‘And it shall come to pass after this, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.’   -Joel 2:28

I was outside, it was very dark. It was not only dark as in opposite of light, it was dark as in sin.  I saw so many people, in unison, standing against God. Standing against what God calls good. All walks of life had utterly forsaken God. It was as the tower of Babel, in its unison. (God seperated all of the peoples of the earth at Babel, it is the satanists that are seeking an UNGODLY unison)  I then heard a voice, or an impression on my heart or mind.  “Look up to the sky”.  I looked up. I have never seen a real, live volcano.  But, when I looked up to the sky, it was overtaken by a massive volcano that spewed out fire, lava, and burned those that dwelt on the earth. Nuke? I dont know. Supernatural bomb? I dont know. Only God knows.

The Villarrica Volcano in Chile Lights Up The Night Sky | Time

 All I can say is, we need to repent.  Repent from our Tower of Babel mindset. Allowing leftists (satanists) dictate to us what is right vs wrong. The BIBLE has the answers from the Torah, to the Tanakh, to the New Testament.  Turn to God, people. Turn back to GOD, before it is too late, and we/you/all of us will not be able to turn back any longer, for he will NOT hear us because the sin and abomination is so wicked.

OBAMA: VOICE OF DEATH, from my Christian constituent;

King Obama: Voice of Hope – Voice of Death!
By Nathan Leal – November 5, 2008

The voices of God’s messengers have cried out that sorrow is coming. Many people heard. Many got angry. Most of them mocked and paid no attention.

“Sorrow is coming,” has been the message from God!


But the people have not listened and instead the opposite has occurred.

For a brief moment in history, on the night of November 4, 2008, the people even celebrated. They danced in the streets.
In spite of the warnings from heaven, the people shouted back to God, “We shall not see sorrow!”

They danced and shouted, “We will not see sorrow because now we have a new savior! We have a new messiah!”

Barack Obama is their new found faith.

They believe that their many prayers to him will be answered!

They believe that this man of flesh can stop the winds that are howling.

They believe that this little man, who breaths air and is made from dust, can stop the mountain of God’s judgment.

They believe that Obama can hush the economic law of gravity with his meager human words.

Silly People! Silly Humans!

The thing that these blind people do not realize is that instead of raising up a new messiah, they have created a new MASTER! This new master, Barack Hussein Obama will take this world into a new chapter of change.
If they think that George W. Bush chastised with whips, Obama will chastise with scorpions!

The coming changes will reach proportions that they never imagined!

Obama will be the fast track to the New World Order!

During the coming regime, these very words that I am writing may become illegal! My musings and warnings may classify me as an enemy of the State. Every one of you reading these words may find yourself having to take your Christianity underground.

Through Obama, in the coming days, we may witness the birth of tyrannical rule. This rule will not be kind to your free thought. The old mantle of free speech will be tightened with the noose of intolerance. This machine of muzzled speech will be fueled by the armies of thought police.

Obama’s new society will have no place for any of you who have Christian views. The teachings of Christ will become hate speech.

But in spite of this threat, many people including Christians, celebrated the arrival of their new king.

And this celebration of Obama… was really a worship service to a man. How did heaven view the lauding of this human savior? To the nostrils of heaven it could have been none other than a stench!

But this is what millions wanted. They wanted Obama. They wept for joy as Obama looked down at them from the stage, his perch.

How can they not realize that their newly treasured idol will soon become their yoke of bondage?

They don’t realize that Obama will soon take away their children and enlist them in his youth brigade.

They don’t realize that their young men will soon be indoctrinated with lies and tales of how great the Beast is.

They don’t realize that in the future, their children will “turn them in” for re-education by the state.

Great darkness is upon us!

So prepare folks!

Prepare to see the New World Order rise from the sea!
Prepare for the fall of the free Republic!
Prepare to be controlled and regulated!
Prepare for the death squads!
Prepare to become labeled as chattel and property of the state!
Prepare to hear that rationed healthcare cannot afford to care for the elderly!
Prepare to see new policies of euthanasia that may include the sick and maybe even you!
Prepare for tyranny and communist blood letting.

Prepare to see King Obama arise and eat much flesh!

God help us all.

Nathan – A Watchman