Cathy’s Clown….

“Cathy’s Clown”, TMJ/PAR 2021

One of my favorite Acoustic/Harmony rock n roll songs. This was recorded in Nashville, 1960. I love the sound of Everly brothers. This’ll bring some of you back–far! To a time when things were just better. How I wish we could go back before this mess!!!

Anyway… Enjoy:

Here’s another you’ll love…

“Wake up little Susie”

Naughty Lady…

An art collage from August 2013

Naughty Lady, TMJ, P. AsheDina C. 2013

This is a song called “The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane”… Its about a little baby that was born who was 9 days old. Super cute song…  What a contrast to today with Miley Cyrus who acts like a cheap, 2 bit tramp.

Good Lord, help me…The evil makes me sick.


#BlackPrivilege ‘Is My Burger Done Yet?’

#BlackPrivilege ‘Is My Burger Done Yet?’

Just another day of chimping out.  After the savages wrecked the restaurant, one of Obama’s sons wants to know if his burger is done yet.  These people (people in the loosest sense) are too dumb to know how dumb they are.

Click: Thugs trash restaurant then cry racism when they are banned from returning

I forgot to mention that I am racist for telling you this.

-David Ben Moshe

Esther Williams Tribute

Esther Williams Tribute

RIP Esther….

We’re losing all of these great people from the WW2 era.  Makes me sick and sad.  The best of our once great country is gone with the wind with every last breath these fine, tough people breathe.  

One thing I can always count on when I make a short tribute about a lady star from the golden age who has passed away: They ALWAYS looked lovely and feminine.  This is something that is missing from todays society of feminist moonbats and scantily clad sluts.


Bye Esther, you rocked, lady!  You were so lovely. Thank you for making us feel good–to this very day..



“CHARLESTON”, Digi-Art by TMJ, P. AsheDina  © 2013

The Great Gatsby is supposed to be coming out, soon. Hell, I didnt watch the first one, I always fall asleep.  At any rate, I love the styles of the 20’s. Cool. Panache. Pizzazz.  I do believe, however that it was a little more risque that I care for…

The Mad Jewess



Rose Digi-art by TMJ, P. AsheDina © 2013

One of my all time favorite older songs from the age of glamour is “Rose Marie” 1933 – starring Nelson Eddy & Jeanette McDonald.  Beautiful movie, even thought technicolor was not yet utilized.  The vocal talent of Nelson Eddy is incomparable.  We lack beauty, grace and talent, now.  Very sad since the “Liberal” cabal consider themselves to be the educated in the arts.  Leftist (Commies) produce nothing fantastic, anymore.   It is because they hate anything that is not themselves or anything that does not glorify Marxism & Communism (death and genocide)   Just ugly manifestations of their evil intentions in the ‘art’ they feign.  It’s really pollution.  What a shame.. What can we expect from ugly, mean-spirited, divisive individuals, hell bent on destruction. So empty.. 

Anyway: Here is the dynamic Nelson Eddy:


:( Did Larry Hagman Pass Away? I Just Read He Did.

I loved Larry Hagman. I hope this is not true.   I liked him the best in “I dream of Jeannie.”  Major Nelson.. He was SO dreamy.. Of course, Jeannie was adorable and what sane woman wouldn’t want to BE Jeannie…!!  

If its all true: Bye Larry, we’ll miss you.. You were a funny man when Television was sane and cool.

A ‘Master’ Comic.

My fav scene:

Sarah Jessica Parker; MARXIST, Goes Off On President Romney And VP Ryan

This skank looks like a damned horse. She is UGLY as sin.

By the way…Just which end is the back of the horse?!