#IMPEACH: Outraged Obama-Voters: “Barack Screwing Over People Who Elected Him”-Join Patriots, NOW

 #IMPEACH: Outraged Obama-Voters: “Barack Screwing Over People Who Elected Him”-Join Patriots, NOW

Thats all you’re worried about? Social Security?  What about having a country?!

OR…. keep kissing his ass and watch an American genocide happen.  He is a miserable piece of shite.  What will it take for you dummies? WHAT?  How many more need to die or worse, gun confiscation?  You WANT American people dead?  That’s what Communism is.  Don’t believe me?  Ask John Noveske’s widowed wife.  Ask Keith Ratliff’s widow. Ask Andrew Breitbart’s widowed wife.  Don’t believe THAT?  If GWB could do these things, why can’t Obama?  Just because he is black? Biased much? You’re racist and you can’t even see it, yet accuse us of what you are.

Time to leave the Communists & their enablers and join patriots. Time to go back to principles, join America and REPENT. (Change your minds/hearts)  You totally screwed this nation up by voting in this evil pig-not once, but twice.  You have much to be remorseful over. He is going STALIN on you and you refuse to SEE it.

CLICK: Outraged ‘Liberals’ Say Obama Is About To Screw Over The Very People who voted for him…

OBAMA Throws Granny Off The Cliff; Plans To Cut Medicare Advantage Reimbursements

OBAMA Throws Granny Off The Cliff; Plans To Cut Medicare Advantage Reimbursements

First of all.. Medicare is not Constitutional.  But, just start cutting off the elderly who paid into this craziness and Ponzi scheme??  Many Older people believed this idiot.  They made those dumb videos about Paul Ryan throwing Granny over the cliff.  And now, Obama is the one that is throwing Nana over the cliff.  Ymch Shmo.  I hate this sob with everything in me. We are ALL going to suffer because of this EVIL pig.  Why didn’t they cut WELFARE?  Food stamps?  EBT cards? ….Shitting on our elderly. Next it will be disabled.. Sick bastards..

At least I can go to my gave knowing I didn’t vote for this ASSHOLE.  I would never vote for someone named Barack HUSSEIN Obama, anyway.  IDIOTS voted for this impossible piece of shit..


Click:  Obama Administration Plans to Cut Medicare Advantage Reimbursements

Update-Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut The Vets Off?” What?

Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut Vets Off”

EDIT by David Ben Mosh (Please read MarshalInfidel’s Comment, below):

Marshal Infidel
tmq2.wordpress.com x

Submitted on 2012/12/13 at 6:46 PM

MJ, After listening to the full video, I believe you have made an error of misunderstanding in Sen. Sanders’s comments with regard to veteran’s benefits…. his comments re Veteran’s Benefits begins at ~ the 09:40 minute mark and concludes at ~ the 11:10 minute mark…

Please listen again and tell me if it is I that is mistaken…


A commenter on Youtube:



Vets – Wake Up.

Reactivate your soldier strawman and go arrest these war criminal scum

The DEMOCRAT-Left’s Big, Fat Lie: “8 Out Of 10 Red States Are On Welfare” -Lies, As Usual

SEE link: NO state in America should be on all of this welfare.. But here is the facts. Only 3 out of the 10 top states of entitlements are Welfare slime.

Some people believe that leftist garbage about the “R” states being the worst in welfare..

Everyone knows that the leftist states carry the most welfare.  Ya’ all are the Commies/Socialists/Bolsheviks/Liberals/Marxists/Progressives–(whatever you call yourselves this week)  that want everyone relying on the govt. tit.

You take from those who “HAVE” because they worked for it and give to those that dont have because they dont work for it.

Leftists reward BAD behavior.

# 1 District of Columbia: 3.067 per 100  (Gee, Why so welfare-ish) BLUE
# 2 Guam: 1.822 per 100 people PROTECTORATE
# 3 Rhode Island: 1.247 per 100 people BLUE
# 4 California: 1.243 per 100 people BLUE
# 5 Tennessee: 1.149 per 100 people  RED
# 6 Maine: 0.906 per 100 people  BLUE
# 7 Washington: 0.899 per 100 people  BLUE
# 8 West Virginia: 0.881 per 100 people  RED
# 9 New Mexico: 0.844 per 100 people  BLUE
# 10 Indiana  RED

THREE states that are “R” are in the top ten, and WHY is that? Because the left wants to take EVERY state down with them.
The left cannot live and let live. They want all states to accept their European nitemare that we fled.