Whoa: Gas Transit Pipeline Blown Up In Ukraine

Whoa: Gas Transit Pipeline Blown Up In Ukraine

Gas pipeline on fire in Poltava, an area controlled by Ukrainian forces. This was to be expected, as Dmitry Yarosh the leader of the Neo Nazi militia, Right Sector said he’d do such.  But, who knows…

Russia provides about half of Ukraine’s and 30 percent of Europe’s total gas demand with key pipelines that go through the Ukrainian territory.  Read that here (I am not a fan of this website, btw)…

We will have to watch these events unfold before making a judgment.  But, I bet McCain will blame Putin.  Why on Earth would Russia destroy a pipeline that it is using to transit gas to Europe?  The very idea of that is laughable.

U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election Results: Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election results:  Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

The Liberal/Commie/Left is SO out of touch with the people that they can’t even see that they made the far, right-wing ‘happen.’


The US left-wing is freaking out over the ‘far’, right-wing taking over in EU.  Why??  Liberals enabled it with their open borders craziness, banning words in England like ‘girl’, pissing and whining over the Union flag: It might offend the poor Muslims, the Ass-kissing of the radical Islamists who HATE the European countries, Homosexual marriage, disrespect of Christians, spending like Marie Antoinette on steroids, treating your whites like they are the plague, allowing blacks, but mostly Muslims to burn down England, ditto Sweden & France and then call everyone a racist for hating your Communist insanity..  YOU LEFTISTS BROUGHT THIS  ON.    No one is to blame but yourselves.   Congratulate each other for enabling the ‘far,’ right-wing.. You did it.  AND, leftists have been doing this unsuccessfully for over ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

Look at these websites…here lies the failure of radical, left-wing politics, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth:

This is what leftism brought to Europe and for every action, there is a reaction.. don’t blame the Muslims, it’s the left that is THE problem:



File:Les Evenements de 2005.JPG



UK after one black man was shot-

Tottenham riots, London

In Sweden, the Muslims rioted, indigenous Swedes were told:  ‘Sit down and shut up, don’t criticize this, you racists.’ –

Stockholm riots Sweden

Women are raped in Sweden by the illegal alien Muslims:






Stop bitchin leftists!  You caused this!  And, ‘evil’ white man, Nigel Farage warned you about fierce nationalism well over a year ago & all you stupid liberals did was call him a RACIST & now it’s here!!!!

Greek, Portugal & Spain protest because Communism/Socialism FAILS!

Demonstrators shout slogans and display posters calling for snap elections as they protest in front of the parliament during the vote of the 2014 State Budget in downtown Lisbon on November 26, 2013.(AFP Photo / Pedro Nunes)

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Many in the MSM blamed Pamela Geller & Spencer for Anders Brevik.  I blame you liberals for people like Brevik.  

The right wing IS Coming to the USA, eventually :  Courtesy of the American ‘new’ Left.  

Stop fierce nationalism NOW by halting and putting an end to your multi-cult, Homo-marriage, Hate conservative, Deplore Christians, militant homo sickness, love for abortion,  accusatory, Communist, bigoted insanity.  ASAP.   If you don’t, the right-wing will be forced to thrash your lousy ass—right here in the states & NOBODY will come to your defense, NOBODY.

“I Was For The Ukrainian Revolution, Now, I’m Thinking USA Behind It” Says Tweeter

“I Was For The Ukrainian Revolution, Now, I’m Thinking USA Behind It” Says Tweeter


This tweeter above saw that Joe Biden’s son just happened to ‘land’ that position with Ukraine gas per DC Examiner…Isn’t THAT a ‘coincidence?’ 

The media did a fine job playing American people like dumb shits regarding Ukraine.  They hyped everyone up to hate Russia and Mr. Putin for no damned good reason.  The establishment GOP pumped up Conservative people to think that Russia was “swallowing up Crimea and Donetsk.”  Included in the establishment morons were Sarah Palin, (who wanted Obama to nuke Russia)  Mitt Romney, and a few others.  Romney was quoted:  “Russia is a geo-political foe.”  When?  When has Russia attacked us? Threatened us?   Obama is our despot, not Putin.

  The GOP/DEM puppets in the main stream media lie all day long, what makes anyone think they’re telling the truth?  Ukraine is/was Egypt, Libya and Syria on steroids.  Suspect and speculate anything our tyrannical government does.

The woman (above in the tweet: @DDsaywhat) was not afraid to admit that she had been duped.  May more like her awake and realize that just about anytime there is a ‘revolt,’  it is most likely a few elite members of Congress and the Senate who have been instigating these coups for years.  They are NOT ‘revolts.’   With the exception of the Thailand revolution-which has had NO coverage because there is no money in it for USA/EU.

A thought:  One persons sanity will affect 10,000 people.

The Ukrainian Revolt was brought to you by John McCain, Victoria Nuland and an array of other military industrial complex carnivores. 

Ron Paul: What Does The US Want In Ukraine? We’re Broke. No War For Ukraine.

Ron Paul: What Does The US Want In EU? We’re Broke. No War For Ukraine.

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is 100% correct on this issue and many foreign issues.  No, not perfect, none of us are.  Many people accuse me of being isolationist.  I say that is absurd.  Since I have been alive, I cannot remember a time in our present history that were have been isolationist at all.  We change regimes and go to war all the timeAt this point in time, I am against all wars.  For the next 50 years.  I am TIRED of war.  So is everyone.  I absolutely do NOT want a nuclear war with Russia on behalf of a Jew hating country: Ukraine.  Let the Ukrainians sort out their own damned mess.

The real question is why the US government is involved in Ukraine in the first place. We are broke. We cannot even afford to fix our own economy. Yet we want to run Ukraine? Does it really matter who Ukrainians elect to represent them? Is it really a national security matter worth risking a nuclear war with Russia whether Ukraine votes for more regional autonomy and a weaker central government? Isn’t that how the United States was originally conceived?

Has the arrogance of the US administration, thinking they should run the world, driven us to the brink of another major war in Europe? Let us hope they will stop this dangerous game and come to their senses. I say let’s have no war for Ukraine!

There are some issues I don’t agree with Ron Paul on.  I didn’t used to think much of anything he had to say based on the way his followers treated ALL Jews, calling us the “ZOG.”  What “ZOG?”  I don’t see any pro-Israel people in this administration or the last.

#ODESSA When Muslims Burn People Alive, It’s Called Terrorism. When Ukrainians Do It, It’s Called “Russia’s Fault”

When Muslims Burn People Alive, It’s Called Terrorism. When Ukrainian Fascists Do It, It’s Called “Russia’s Fault”

It’s supposed to be called terrorism, but that was just to get your attention….

And, that’s how America & EU rolls now.  When blacks murder whites, it’s called ‘social justice.’  When Muslims shoot-up military bases, its ‘workplace violence.’  We used to call it terror.   In my life, terror is terror.  No matter who does it.

Muslims burned this Pastor alive in Nigeria=Terror:

Ukrainian fascists burned these people alive=Putin/Russia’s fault:


There is a photo in the dictionary next to the word hypocrisy.  The photo is a map of the west.

Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?” (John McCain Was There)

Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?” (John McCain Was There)


Don’t you ever stop and ask yourself just what an AZ senator is doing in Eastern EU???  If the Maldovans do not join the EU Union…then, yes, we will possibly see phony, violent, staged riots there.

  Communist Haaretz is asking if Maldova will be the next Ukraine: Could Moldova be the next Ukraine?  It’s possible if they make up a pretend dictator, bring in the NGO’s to riot and destroy their capital if Maldova renegotiates and joins Russia instead of the failed EU.   If I was a citizen in Maldova, I would run for cover.  

Everywhere McCain goes, countries end up in violent revolutions that he instigates.   Then, he’ll turn and blame Putin & Russia.   AND, make no mistake:  So many Americans are so stupid, they will believe this is ALL Putin’s fault and Putin wants to ‘swallow up Maldova’, ‘Putin wants the old Soviet block’,  even though its NATO that has swallowed up Eastern EU…  Ya’all never learn, do ya?

I questioned this (About Maldova, weeks ago), now Haaretz is.  Click on the links:

Click: McCain: Moldova ‘country to watch’ 

Click: ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova

Click: Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Maldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression …

If its not Maldova, they may go into Hungary and turn the Hungarian people upside down:  John McCain & 6 State Reps Were In Hungary ..

US senators say they will support Moldova financially..

We are going to ‘support’ Maldova?  With what?  Wooden nickels?  Monopoly money?

NATO Expansion map since 1949 in Eastern EU:

History will prove I am right and the rest of you were wrong.  This is USA/EU aggression, not RU Aggression.   Map is American/EU wanting to claim the former Soviet bloc.   Makes sense since EU/USA are the Commies, now.  Look at all of the countries that are with neo-fascist NATO.

Thank you for the link, Grumpy: 

The Mad Jewess wonders: Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?”

Here Goes The Anti-Reagan War-Loving Lunatics: Sending NATO To Poland To Ignite WW3 With RU/China

Here Goes The Anti-Reagan War-Loving Lunatics: Sending NATO To Poland To Ignite WW3 With RU/China


They are doing this so Hussein Obama does not look weak.  Starting WW3 to look tough.


It’s rather amusing to see US interventionists mocking Russia’s claim that it invaded Crimea to protect Russian citizens. After all, wasn’t that Ronald Reagan’s justification for invading Grenada — that he was protecting American citizens when he ordered US military forces to invade that independent nation?

Here we go again:  We didn’t learn from Egypt, Libya or Syria…So, let’s try Ukraine.  Hell, why not, have to get something right, correct?  Nope, it will all go wrong.  Remember who started this war: AMERICA/EUROPE/SOROS/OBAMA.  And this time, you lose.  You lose because you have NO morals. God is NOT with you:  He is against you.  He was with America and England during WW2.  But this time, he could possibly allow our people to be obliterated.  Maybe not this week or next month, but it’s coming. 

I’m not a Buchanan fan at all, but he is right: Tune Out the War Party!

I’m not even a Paul Craig Roberts fan, but he is right as well: Propaganda Rules The News.  More: The end could be nearer than you think  And: Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War

So, Obama and his neo nazi friends have to go help his extremists in Ukraine:



EXACTLY: Putin Says “UnConstitutional Coup In Ukraine” When Confronting John Kerry

EXACTLY: Putin Says “UnConstitutional Coup In Ukraine”  When Confronting John Kerry

Putin is exactly right. The EU/USA lead coup has totally backfired. He should go protect his Russians in Ukraine. Why not? Why should he leave the country in the hands of a bunch of renegades, Nazis and fascists?  In fact, they are so fascistic, they took down statues, straightaway.  That was their first priority.

The EU/US lead Euromaidan, Neo Nazis and radical leftists turned Kiev into a war zone.  They intimidated the civilians, murdered police and blew up buses.  This is not how we are supposed to conduct ourselves if we don’t get our way.  Ukraine has an election and people vote.  Good leader or bad leader, they vote-just as we do.


The problem with a coup is you never know what is going to happen.  Soros, McCain and all of the other idiots thought their left-wing pigs were going to take over.  They underestimated the neo Nazis, who they also possibly trained.  They didn’t expect their undermining to go so wrong. I expected it, but they didn’t.  We can see from present history that nothing these politicians do brings fruit.  Just look at Egypt, Libya and Syria.  There’s your answer.

Admission of this coup by yours truly, Victoria Nuland said USA spent 5 billion bux on her coup: here 

Or listen for yourself:

An art collage from November 2013