Are Americans SURE They Want Dr. Ezekiel HIMMLER Emmanuel’s Architecture In Their Healthcare?

Are Americans SURE They Want Dr. Ezekiel HIMMLER Emmanuel’s Architecture In Their Healthcare?

Now is the time to stop this ‘law’.  NOW.

Ezekiel Emmanuel, Dr of Death was exposed by a righteous man in this video (below) in 2009. We posted it here after Hussein got elected the first time: DR. EVIL Ezekiel Emmanuel: “HYPOCRATIC”

You better watch this.  If we all do not repeal this law, ASAP-Don’t cry when you die.  You didn’t have to croak.  I won’t sign up to die and NO American should.  It’s better to just go out naturally than take part in genocide. 

Talk about DIE QUICKLY!!

Blame Bush, This Time with Death Panels

Source: Big Government

In the recent post, Grave Decisions Via Back Door Governance , there were back door dealings in bringing back end of life decisions, or death panels, so to speak were brought to light. Seems that Obama wanted to bring this back, albeit, quietly.

When news broke out of this sneakiness, the Dems blamed Bush, saying that he was all for this. Here’s the real deal: Bush vetoed these ‘death panels’ but the thug Dems overrode the veto.

There you have it.

Grave Decisions Via Back Door Governance?

Source: American Thinker

Have a living will? How do you think it will stack up against ObamaCare and Medicare? Think again. Seems that there’s some sneaky back door going’s on with our lawmakers.

Let’s pray this doesn’t happen.


FOUND!! Copy this ASAP, make a video, ASAP on your computers. PLEASE!!

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, health adviser to Obama. Read all you can on Emanuel and decide for your self if they will be Death Panels on ObamaCare. 

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