Bolshevik Slime, Anthony Weiner Who Was FOR Obama Care, Now Says “WORTHLESS”

Rep. Weiner admits Obamacare is worthless

View ImageWow, ya think, you moron? Nobody likes these evil Demoncat Senators and Congress people.  And the GOP are just as bad… BUT, this obnoxious slug takes the cake of being hated. Loud mouthed, vermin JINO. Bla bla bla…. bla bla bla 

Look @ the schnaz on him! LOL

Pedophile?! Founder SPLC, Dees Is Rich As Roosevelt, Says Atlas Shrugs (SIOA) Is A “Hate Group”

Go to fullsize imageYou know….entertainment is not this good. These trashy pigs call themselves “Southern POVERTY Law Center”…. Isnt that amazing? I find it hysterical.. there is $$ to be made, keeping minorities in slave houses they call projects in NYC.  This trash has had some ‘issues’ with pedophilia. Wow…so who took up for THOSE victims, Morris? Hmmm?

Really….Naming Atlas Shrugs and SIOA a “hate group’ just because NYC residents don’t want a mosque at G. Zero… You know what Morris? I hope they build one right in your yard, and make you submit to alla, butt in the air &  all. 😀 CHANGE!


Southern Poverty Law Fraud Center

Kagan: “Speech Should Be Censored…..” TY LIBERALS.

‘Obama has great looks, brilliance, integrity, decency, commitment and ‘heart’. She goes on and on about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, he gives us hope, hope in the future, la la la.  Yeah Right, he gives hope to you COMMUNISTS.

“Speech should be censored if it goes against the ‘society’ or GOVERNMENT”

-Elena Kagan


Thanks to DONNA for the Youtubes on this Capo-Judenrat.


This SOB, rat bastard has SOME nerve.  Alas, this is what happens when an elitist SNOB goes on a plane—in short, this type of crap ALWAYS happens, but here is the kicker;  Americans are TIRED of being pushed around by people that work FOR US.  What happened Schmuck Schumer? Did she turn your ass down because you are vertically challenged?


Southwest Stewart service should succeed, says Schumer <<Maybe this gives this jerk off justification?