2 New TV Sitcoms: “Good Muslim Bitches”, & “Good Jewish Bitches” ~WTF!

Wow, I can hear all of the screaming about these shows from the Muslims-CAIR involved, planning to sue, running to the ACLU.  In the distance… the yelling and ranting from Christians and Jews about “Good Jewish Bitches”.  The phones are ringing off the hook to the ADL, The HRT,  the ADD, PTSD, PMS…..

  Do you hear the ranting and screaming?  Of course you don’t, because there are NO such shows that are going to be on TV. It would be UNTHINKABLE…..Wouldnt it?  Well?

Tell me, then….Why is there a show on TV called “Good Christian Bitches?”  Why is this permissible? Why is this OK?  What in the hell are we? Some 3rd world shithole that persecutes Christians?  Like Egypt? This crap has GOT to stop. 

In my opinion.. If we are going to do a show like this, SORRY-There should be equal time.  Thats right.  If this FREAK, “David Bower”, one of the casting managers is OK with this, then he should not be against a show on the Bitch Muslims. OR the Left wing Jewish bitches.

Fair? The left wing seems to think it fair to attack Christians-DAILY.  So, fair is fair. Lets give these bastards “fair.”

This was a petition to get this “God Christian Bitches” off the AIR in March 2011.

Breaking News - TV SITCOM! "Good Muslim BITCH"~How To Desecrate US Flag-The Muslim Way!
Breaking News - NEW TV SITCOM! BABS, The 'Good Jewish BITCH!'  OY VEY! DISNEY PRODUCTIONS. "Family TV"

Dont like it, HUH?

Well, the GET that f’n show “Good Christian Bitches” OFF the AIR!

La Raxa Mexicans, Obama-Blacks, EVIL “Jews”, FAKE “Christians”, White Trash & All Of You SCUM:

This website will remain “politically CORRECT” Got it? 

We are the correct, the rest of you SCUM, are INCORRECT.

When you sub-humans start acting like decent citizens, we will treat you like decent citizens. 

You bitch, cry, moan and groan about people being racists, homophobes, ETC,…but you don’t look in a mirror at your sick selves.

  La Raza Mexicans, illegal enablers: You have come to the nation, and all that you have done is destroy.  You listen to the Commie-jargon how ‘this land is Aztlan’.  This land is NOT your land.  MEXICO is YOUR land. You have one child after the next, and expect Americans to take care of your sorry asses. You have drained our society and robbed us blind without an inch of shame. you rape, rob, torture, and enable evil.  Until you sub humans start acting right, we will call you every ugly name in the book.  So, get used to illegal-occupiers, wetbacks, bean-dip and so forth.  You have NO respect. You hang your UGLY ASS flag above the American flag–UPSIDE DOWN, and you expect us to not hate your guts? ARE YOU INSANE!?

  Obama-blacks: YOU are terrorizing all over the USA: Robbing, raping, beating and instigators of the worst havoc across this once great nation. You get mad as hell if someone calls you a nigger (oh my GOD!!) but don’t even see that you are ACTING like a NIGGER!! And we ALL know the difference in a decent, patriotic, God-fearing, Christian black person over you trash.  So, push your race card all over the map, nobody gives a damn anymore.  We will call you every ugly name in the book, until you act like decent citizens of society-SHUT UP. WE AINT LISTENING ANYMORE.

Evil “JEWS”:  You make society sick with your tolerence for every evil thing under the sun. In fact, you call Holocaust museums “Museums of Tolerance”.   You want all of this ‘tolerance’, yet you hate Christians, you hate white people (why the hell that is, I will never know-YOU ARE WHITE, stupid DREK!) You have waged a war (With atheists) against Christians in this nation (REAL Christians).  You help produce some of the most grotesque movies, music, books etc.  And you get your ass in a sling when people are angry at you.  They are seriously angry with you, because you have not an ounce of decency in you.  You call yourselves “Jews”, and dont even see the pain you cause REAL Jews in America. When you get called “kikes, Bolsheviks, ETC”-DONT cry to me. I dont give a damn.  You are getting what you asked for by voting in OBAMA, a MUSLIM. Obama is a  Christian-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, White-hating SOB.  When we call you bad names, TOUGH SHIT. Start acting right and things will CHANGE.

Fake Christians:  You use that Socialist, Communist, sick jargon. It is totally repulsive. I have seen born-again Christians that I used to hang out with years ago, and they endorse ‘gay’ marriage.  WHAT THE HELL!! You  that call yourselves “Christians”-you hate Jewish people that are right-minded and religious. You blame ISRAEL for OUR nation going to the ashcan. You refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. You also demand ‘tolerance’, yet forget that GOD can be an ANGRY God, and full of wrath when a nation turns on him. You refuse to take a stand against evil and call it what it is; EVIL.  You are cowardly, passive, agressive freaks that are Christian in name only.  You deny your identity and pretend that Jesus was not a JEW.  You make me sick-until YOU change, we will call you satanic, fake, phoney liars and FRAUDS. GET USED TO IT.

WHITE TRASH:  You are the worst out of this whole group.  You attack decent Americans; call them ‘trailer-trash’, rednecks, Israel-firsters, “ZOG”.  You voted for Obama and have NO shame.  Most of you are on a ton of prescription drugs, smoke pot, drink a ton of liquor, want Americans to pay for your LAZY ASSES. You persecute patriotic individuals and have some screwed up notion that you are ‘offering God up a service’.  You are offering SATAN up a service.  You hate this country, take up for enemies, enable Communism and Nazi-ism.  THERE IS A HELL, and you are going there. Repent or go to hell. And….STOP VOTING, you screw EVERYTHING up.


Bolshevik Rahm Emmanuel Will Use SCOTUS~Of Course! Elena Kagan Is There To Make Him Mayor

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Just when you think things cant get any worse…Rahm Emmanuel will utilize his power to oust what the people of Chicago want.  He is using the SCOTUS to become the mayor, and Kagan is sitting right there to insure that this SOB will be put in ofc..  Don’t these Jewish people that are in power remind you folks of NAZIs?  They DO me.  Yes, I am down on these “Jews”. Yes, we will STAY down on these “Jews”.  Rahm Emmanuel is 100% COMMUNIST & Nazi-(both the same ideologies in the modern sense).  You people of Chicago should stop playing games.  You need to expose this pig for what he is- nevermind that he did not live there that long. You need to remind people of Obama and Alice Palmer- LOOK IT UP.

BTW: The Youtube below is not accurate (The last part- Germany IS a Jew hating place), but that would never stop a self-hating, evil, Erav Rav “Jew” in name only.

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Convenient: Commie-Cohen, D-TN Calls GOP “NAZIs”… Really? Where Are The Gas Chambers?

COHEN is an example of  why we need the ‘fairness doctrine’ utilized against the left-wing fascists; If they disagree with anything you say, they call you a NAZI. 

  If the GOP is such a NAZI, where are the Camps? Where are the Gas chambers?  Where is the Gestapo?  The S.S.?  YOU ARE THE MARXIST/NAZI, Cohen-YOU are the one that wants America submitted to some fascist dictatorship. YOU LEFTIST ENEMIES are the majority in power, you dumba$$.  YOU are the reason that Jews have a very bad rap now. 

 You should take some advice for a change we could believe in:



America: This is what is coming here, only WORSE

Go to fullsize imageI know that most of you have seen the severity of the situation in London with the leftist anarchists and the usual leftist violence.  But, I will tell you, it will be MUCH worse here. Why? Because we have 3rd world scum~that’s why.  We have let savage-monsters into our once great land. 

   You can thank the Kennedy brothers for the violence that IS coming.  Just tell me wtf you think that bad-blacks, white-trash, and a bunch of Marxist/Mexicans will do once there is no more $ for the handouts, projects on the beach in the Rockaways, NYC, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, medicare… you name it. It WILL be cut off.  Employers will not give a damn for the EOE and affirmative action programs.  You had better get prepared and fight like hell for your 2 Ammendment right to keep and bear arms…

  The ONLY reason this is so out of hand in London is because they are not allowed to have guns.  The Bobbies/Police don’t carry guns. This is anarchy going SNAFU… I am sitting here so sickened by our mother, England and how they allowed the Fabians to destroy a once great place.  Weep, America, weep… put on sack cloth and ashes. Our time is coming. It is on the horizon. Say goodbye to America, as savages WILL unleash hell.  Fight for what is right, because the day is coming where you will have to defend your family, protect your well and property against rape, pillaging, plundering.  If you are a right minded person, get the hell out of the cities.


‘British Soldiers Burn in Hell’: Radical Muslim Protesters Disrupt British Veterans Day

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SPLC Links Pam Geller To “White Supremists”~OMG-LOL

   rotflmao!This is hilarious beyond belief. Ms. Geller, who I admire as a lady and a fighter against Infidelophobia a “white supremist?!” ~Shit.. Do these people have a clue that ‘white supremists’ LOVE Muslims & hate Geller?  Need Proof? 

  Well, here ya go, from the INCOGMAN, the most Jew-hating, crazy, rat-bastard, NUT on the net.  My ultimate arch nemesis, in a comedic, tragic sort of enigma: Is This Guy a BIG FAT CRYPTO or What?

NewsMax Writer Pamela GellerNow they are linking me with White Supremacists” (defamation of character). Their piece is awful. This is an obvious ploy to keep politicians away from our September 11 rally against the Ground Zero mega-mosque and any jihad-related issue. Trust me, the folks at Stormfront, whom I’ve monitored for years (they were the very first hate site to hit the web back in 1994), can’t stand Jews or Israel or me.

The rest here: SPLC Redefines “Hate”: Islamic Jihadists Good, Pammiecakes Bad
Mark Potok, SLPC: “With regard to monitoring radical jihadists, we have made a pragmatic decision to leave that mainly to” others

SPLC.  You are the ‘hate’ organization. You are the problem. Mark Potok; you are a disgrace to Jews. Your piece on Ms. Geller is vomitous.  You should be ashamed,  but are not.  Maybe you should take the same little route as Daniel Pearl did…Then you can find out just how much the Moslems LOVE Jews….


Islam & Nazism’s Long-Standing Connection; ODESSA

 Did you know that the yellow star that Nazis forced Jews to wear originated in the Islamic world, where Muslims forced Jews to wear it? And did you know that Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner – the most senior aide to Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann – lives the good life, sheltered from justice in Islamic terror-host state Syria?


 Walking Garbage Can White Supremacists Find Common Cause with Pam Geller’s Anti-Islam Campaign

Muslims Pushing Americans?? Mosque Torched In Tennessee

  Federal officials are investigating a fire that started overnight at the site of a new Islamic center in a Nashville suburb.  The rest: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/08/28/national/main6814690.shtml

  EXCERPT: Ben Goodwin of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to CBS Affiliate WTVF that the fire, which burned construction equipment at the future site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, is being ruled as arson.

  Special Agent Andy Anderson of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told CBS News that the fire destroyed one piece of construction equipment and damaged three others. Gas was poured over the equipment to start the fire, Anderson said.

 "Ground Zero is a burial site. I dont like to see this happening anywhere…but what can people expect?  Huh?  Synagogues have had hits and Moslem mosques have had hits. Why? Nobody asks WHY.  Because left-wing “Jews”, ‘liberals’ and Moslems are seeking to destroy this nation which is CHRISTIAN. Thats why. 

  These type acts will continue until the leftists in America straighten out. Sorry, people, thats life. Deal with it. We have become a nation of a bunch of pussies, that tolerate every evil under the sun. And now the ‘tolerence’ with the G. Zero mosque and left wing Jewry (Bloomberg, Nadler & Weiner) has pushed America too far.  Better wake up anti-American Moslems Jews, & left-wing idiots- before it gets physical.

Know Thine Enemy~ Bloomie’s Mosque, “I Have A Dream”

angry man.jpg

Bloomie’s Mosque – “I Have a Dream”

The average Goyishe nimrod is too stupid to fathom, “why would NY Mayor Bloomie and dozens of Jewish groups and Rabbis join Muslim fiends and demand the building of a Victory Mosque at the 911 site?” Why Jewish groups with the ACLU leading the way, spent 30 years ripping from their moorings and littering the landscape of America with the symbols of our faith and flag. Why the annual jihad on  “Merry Christmas” and banishing it from our lives and the public square – and, why they are rallying around the building of a Mosque at the 911 site. They think we are stupid, they are right. They think that the Muslims will come for our heads first. They are stupid, so much for their chest thumping about their  intellectual superiority. You figure it out…  The rest: http://thelampoonist-american.com/

My stance:

I will tell you left-wing insane Jews something: You have caused the Jew-hatred.  This nation has NEVER needed anti-semitic laws. God forbid, now, that they would pass any. That would give you faithless, dishonorable, disloyal, feinds more lee-way to screw things up further.  You have made life absolutely unbearable for right wing and religious Jews that believe in morals, ethics and law.  What you see above, is now becoming the ‘norm’, and when this nation turns postal on you evil ‘tolerent’ drek, I will join the Christians and righteous gentiles in pointing you out, count on it, you absolute abominations.

Jewish Traitors: