Obama ‘Crying’ Over CT Shooting? He’s The One Who Said ‘If They Bring A Knife To The Fight, We Bring A Gun’

 I am sorry.. I am NOT one to ‘mince’ words..

REMEMBER? Click: Obama Flashback: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun (From The Untouchables) 

Now, you me and Bobby McGee know what this statement means & where it’s from or originated…  But do young people? NO.  Obama, for 4 years – has created a culture of violence with his vile rhetoric.  Tonight on TV, I had to watch his FAKE tears and phoney speech of pseudo-compassion.  Truly, I wanted to vomit.

A leader creates the spirit in a country.  This ‘leader’, Obama – is a master of chaos. Obama is a terroristic person, period.  Look what he has done in the middle east.   Look how this devil rushes off to states that pass bills (Michigan & AZ) that go against his Commie-agenda to ‘rebuke’ them, even sue states..!  AND, look how he wants to punish his political enemies.  These words & expressions don’t ‘fall on deaf ears.’   On the contrary.  We hear them and react, or – it subliminally enters into our psyche (as a country).


One of my friends believes that the school shooting was a set up.  I believe it possibly was, too.  Its all about ‘Revolution’, remember?  Not the type you, my friends, would want to see.  But a Commie-Marxist revolt, with banning guns and silencing free speech. We see how they silence opposition with that ‘you racist, you hater’ garbage.

While I weep and feel despair over what has happened; I know all too well that America is suffering the ramifications of an evil leader (actually quite a few, BUT-this one now, IS the worst we’ve ever had)  plus 40 years of tossing God and prayer in the ash-can.

Nature abhors a vacuum. 

Its NOT going to stop…. Until YOU wise up.

We say prayers for the parents and loved ones of the Sandy Hook shooting, but know fully well why it is happening.