USA’s Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI Wristbands Worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

USAs Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI wristbands worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

What is the difference, people???? I see NO difference from  left-wing “Americans” and the NAZI’s of the 1930’s. they are progressing, alright. “Progressing” into NAZI ism.

I just read: EAG News. In Wisconsin, white teens must wear bracelets to show that they are ‘privileged’  just for being white…Have you ever heard of such  insanity?  I have..  In NAZI-Germany, they made the Jews wear yellow stars for being Jews..Jehovah Witness’s had to wear purple triangles.. You know the deal.

So, let us examine the real issue;  Black and brown privilege.  If you are black, you have affirmative action and you can be the prez without showing a single bit of identity.  NO white can get away with this..  Be a crappy, horrible prez or congress-person and you are a winner in the eyes of the left .  You can be a traitor like Luis Gutirrez and slam white people on a daily basis in America.  It’s a privilege to be brown or black aint it??   I think it is, bigtime.. If you want to go to a big College like Harvard, and you are smart, but do not have a lot of money.. Sorry, we can’t help you if you’re white.  But, don’t worry Black Americans, affirmative action will get you through college. And the tax-payer foots the bill.. “Evil” white, tax-paying dummies.

In Colored dark (black) America, you can have your own shampoo’s, the black people do.  They actually have large space for their own shampoo in stores.. And their shampoo is great.  It has none of the poisons that ‘evil’ whitey shampoos have…    In Brown America, you have 2-3 aisles in the grocery store that cater to YOU… IF you are Hispanian.  But, if you are a Portugee-Jew like me, there are not many places one can buy Linguisa (a Portuguese meat sausage)  but, the Hispanians can buy any food they desire.  Even the Asians, here do not have that much of a variety..

If you are a brown person and can’t speak one word of English, don’t you worry, all the banks, stores (whatever you wish) have everything translated to Spanish for you.  Its a privilege to be Hispanian. Isn’t it?    If you need food and you have only been in the good ‘ol USA for a day or so, don’t worry.. We will feed you, ‘evil‘ whitey will pay for it.  Can’t afford your rent?  Not an issue: go to govt.  Housing Authorities.. You can have a swell apartment and the American Caucs will foot the bill. You are privileged, blacks, browns, Hispanians.  We are not, we must pay, you just receive..


AND, you can hang our flag upside down in our own country–NO PROBLEM!

The music we have, (for the most part), is black music.  It caters to black ‘culture’, even though black culture music was originally great: blues and Jazz. Now, it is violent, noise pollution & insanity. Black people wear their pants on the ground, and hat turned side-ways and white people just follow what the black people do like they’re God.  White people can’t really have the music they like, because that might be racist against the ‘African-Americans’  It is a privilege to be a black youngster in America….

In our society, if you are black, you can beat the hell out of a white/Spanish/Peruvian like Zimmerman and people will stick up for you. You can’t defend yourselves, if you are a Zimmerman, only blacks are allowed to do that.    If you are white and you do something like this to a black or brown individual, you will go to prison and be labeled a hater, racist, wear the white bracelet…..You can rape, rob, pillage and plunder if you are a dark-skinned individual in America with NO questions asked, and NO justice will be served on behalf of the (usual) white victim.   Hell, you can even make posters against white people saying “KILL WHITEY!, KILL CRACKAS!”  NO problem, we love it…

Make me wear a bracelet to show that I have ‘white privilege?’

Nope, I live in reality.  In my opinion, this is sick what they are making these white teens do. Labeling them as ‘evil’.   They will be raised to be oppressed as soon as they come out of the womb.  White are hunted, now.  Watched by the left-wing, Gestapo.   Anything a white does, (in the name of free-speech) it’s practically a crime, now.   Just read the SPLC ‘hate’ map….

I can see it coming, my friends, the crime for being white:


The white people must pay for 1861 & 1963. 

Is white rights, white supremacist ‘hero’ David Duke talking about this issue?  Nope, he is worried about Israel, as usual.

(*This post of course excludes black and brown conservative people who are patriots, but I didn’t really have to say that, you know…)

American Black Leader ADMITS That DEMS Use “THATS RACIST” To Shut You the Hell Up

Oy Vey! Wall ClockFrom the desk of “JWN” (Hadassah)  -This is lower than low.  This is what these DEMO-animals use to shut people the hell up and focus on BOGUS, phoney ‘racist’ charges. So, shut the hell up Shakedown Shirley Sherrod and Media Matters for America, you are SOOOOOOOOOOO doomed.  We told you all there is no ‘racism’ from ‘evil’ whitey. Most white Americans dont give a shit what the hell race you are.  Races, religions, etc are NOT exempt from being scrutinized and criticized. INCLUDING our own people here on this blog.

Conservative Examiner

Black leader admits Democrats exploiting race to change the subject

July 29, 2:40 PMConservative ExaminerRobert Moon

 Getty Images/Alex Wong

The former chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Clinton appointee Mary Francis Berry, casually admitted  in a recent interview with Politico that Democrats are knowingly falsely accusing the Tea Party movement of racism…to avoid talking about their own disastrous policies.

From the interview:

Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.

Again, this is what you have to do when you cannot compete on a level playing field and stand for nothing other than Democrat power.

Fortunately for the rest of us, however, liberals also tend to have trouble remembering that the cameras are still on.


  In South Africa, 90NINETY WHITE PEOPLE a day are murdered in the say zero genocide that NOBODY talks about.

  “Evil” White people had better take charge from the so called ‘minorities’ or DIE here in Commie Controlled America.

   We have the SAME type BEASTLY black people in charge as S.A.- that HATE white people, you stupid ‘white’ WIGGER liberal FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  The minority ruling blacks who eat off of us, get housed because of us, get fed, healthcare, you name it.. They are in charge, with evil, enabling La Raza, ACLU, SPLC, ADL the Black Panthers, BOLSHEVIK FUCKING ‘JEWS IN NAME ONLY’– And they are going to let loose on:


SEE: Why is Obama protecting this hateful revolutionary?

SEE: Holder’s Justice is not colorblind



 SEE: ‘American Taliban’ lawyer fights Arizona law



black panther party

black panther party

SEE: Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White

You ignorant SOBS that have put these EVIL white hating people in charge- Guess what? YOU WILL GO FIRST, your time is UP, You are NO LONGER USEFUL……….. you JACKASSES.


“The Black Panthers-PAYBACK”: ‘Cracker, White Devil, Ruled By the Black Man’~ Oy..

Had this been a couple of Banjo Pluckin’ Good ‘Ol Boys, acting strictly on their own behalf, blocking the entrance of a black polling place and calling black voters the N-word and telling them to be ruled by the white man, this would have rightly caused a National uproar and condemnation by people of all stripes.

As for this being ‘payback time’ for years of injustice against blacks, which one of us gets to determine when justice has finally been done? If laws like this aren’t enforced on an equal basis, doesn’t it stand to reason that the agenda of racial equality will be viewed with suspicion and antipathy by many?

Look You White Devils: ITS NOT RACISM WHEN WE DO IT!


“Every White Man, Woman & Child Should Be Tortured & Exterminated” A Poster On The JTF

SEE: Every White man, woman, and child should be tortured and exterminated 

 “This is a perfect example of what many blacks think of white people.  (No, not all) This pathetic piece of drek came to a Jewish forum and said these very nice things you see below.  

  The left wing assassins, slave masters of America would have you think that this type of slander and threats against whites are unheard of… Please.. & We got bridges in Brooklyn to sell ya…WHERE is the ACLU to round this prick up, hunt him down, and smoke him out of the projects in Harlem?  Or does this not count in your book, you friggin HYPOCRITICAL BACK STABBING BASTARDS.


The White race, or human excrement, is the most vile, wicked, hideous, satanic creature that has ever existed on Earth. Past and present they are responsible for most of the world’s wars, slavery, colonialism, lynchings, mass murder, serial killings, rape, land theft, economic exploitation, hatred, lies, and every other evil deed possible. Travel all over the non-White world and ask the natives which “people” they hate most and the White devil will be the most common answer. It’s a fact that they are the most universally hated. The pig-faced crackers on this forum are angry that their piece of drek of a race will soon thankfully be destroyed.

The only reason why the White devil was able to successfully conquer non-Whites was because non-Whites mistook them for human and gave them the benefit of the doubt. The White devil saw that some non-Whites were hostile to another and exploited this situation to their advantage. They would arm and assist one tribe to conquer another and kept doing this until the non-Whites wore themselves out and then they’d conquer everyone. Today, non-Whites, or humans, have become aware of this devilish tactic and so there is now unity to oppose the cracker. The White devil has never defeated any non-White nation since then. America was defeated in Vietnam. The Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan. America is being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon will be replaced as a superpower by China.

  The best way to exterminate all crackers is by a Black-led race war. The clean and honorable Blacks that raped, tortured, dismembered, mutilated, set on fire, and executed these cracker scum should be role-models and idols for all non-Whites around the world:

Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White People, Kill Their Babies”

Article by Donna S.

 See Also:

“The Black Panthers-PAYBACK”: ‘Cracker, White Devil, Ruled By the Black Man’~ Oy..

You look at this video below… This really IS ‘race-hate.’ …Sometimes I wonder about all of this crap…Do they let these people talk like this, to make sure that we cannot have free speech, to dissent, by using the ever trusty ‘race card’ to silence us?  Think about it.


   Here’s the thing,  the “Black Panther Black Power Org” got a FREE PASS the other day, after the voter intimidation in 2008.

Would some ‘white-honkey-cracker’ get a pass?


See this shocking information, a Black Panther is on the ballot as well. This could be curtains for you white people in Philly.

SEE THE VIDEO BELOW the picture what these type people do to the Jews that risked their LIVES so they could have Civil Rights!  WTF. 

(NOTICE that the Youtube wanting to ‘kill whitey’  is now on “private!”)

Only in Philly: Black Panther on the Ballot!

Jerry Jackson, notorious member of the New Black Panther Party, who was seen in the video below intimidating and threatening voters in 2008, is running for re-election as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee in Philadelphia.

Below is the “sample ballot” for the 14th Ward, 4th Division. A sample ballot is posted outside of each polling location.  You can see Jackson is listed first in a field of three.  The top two vote getters will be elected to a four year term as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee. In 2008, Jackson was issued a certificate by the Democratic Party to be inside of the polling place where he was seen intimidating voters.


Southern Whites: The Marines Do NOT want You..Here Is What I Say


  Who the hell wants to be under a FALSE ‘president’ anyway? Protect your wives and children, make sure you are locked and loaded, because Obama and his black racist drek hate your guts.  It is bad enough we have been at war for 10 years with NO end in site.  I bet that Moslems are allowed, I would not even be surprised if they are going to allow illegals and minorities that want to leech off of Americans.  Screw them, they can go to hell. I have supported the Military ALL my life, I have not wavered until now. This is disgusting. I bet Obama will let these lousy sobs hang the UGLY Mexican flag in the barracks..

  Southerners are the best fighters in this nation, they are educated and bred as fine, decent people. This govt. is nothing decent. They are racist animals and neo-Nazi fascists fucks. I am so sick and tired of all of this.  When you Southerners are ready to shake this shit down, come and get with us here in AZ so we can bring LAW back to this nation. 

  If anyone says that this is NOT “fascism” they are fucking kidding themselves. the racism is against WHITE MEN.  Period.

  FASCISM: A governmental system led by a dictator (OBAMA) having complete power, (OBAMA AND HIS CZARS) forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, (OBAMA, ACLU, ADL, MMFA, SPLC) regimenting all industry, (CAR COs, BANKS) commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. (“EVIL” Whitey as new ‘enemy”)

{Just as the Jew was the ‘enemy’ in NAZI Germany, Hitler took over the banks, and car co’s, and was a racist, only in reverse, just as Obama is a RACIST.}  

Here, OBAMA you asshole, TAKE THAT:

See this crap: You won’t believe what military
thinks of historic Southern symbol

I notice in the picture below that during WW2, the Military did not seem to mind the pretty stars and bars flag…


From Breitbart: Vote 2010: Obama Aims to Reconnect ‘Young People, African-Americans, Latinos, and Women’  ”

“It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.”

You know, this IS racist.  IT IS. IMAGINE if the GOP went out and said, We want to make sure that WHITE PEOPLE VOTE FOR US.  It would be racist, make no mistake, the hypocrisy of the DEM is absolutely abominable.

  I like how Obama is pointing out these particular folks. Dont they EVER get tired of being used?  I also like how he points out women. I tell you, most women are just stupid as hell. Honestly, how could anybody vote twice for any dem at this point? GOP as bad as they are, at least proved that they would vote a NO on Obamas Nazi DEATH care.  Bush did this crap with Latinos as well.  We should go back to the old ways of doing things. Only Landowners were allowed to vote. Ever since women got a right to vote, the place has been screwed up ever since. Seriously.. I’m not joking.

We’re turning into Britain.

So…What have women invented? And how does a REAL ‘feminist’ BE a true feminist?

 One has to sit and think about this- I mean as a woman, just what have we invented? And how does a real feminist be true? I will show you how a real feminist can be true.  She can start by getting rid of things that ‘evil man’ has invented.

All of the DVD’s must be thrown in the ashcan, a man invented it, along with the DVD player.

Throw out the T.V. next, a man invented that as well.

 That computer MUST go!!! Before anything, evil ‘whitey’ man invented that too.

Another EVIL man invented the car, so, JUNK IT!

 Cannot have a radio, a man did that too.  WTF!! What am I going to do as a feminist?

I better trash my phone.. how am I going to talk to my friends and gossip like a typical female?

 The Ipod too? What in the hell? EVIL man invented that too.

Now, wait a minute!! I found something that a WOMAN invented?! Yes, I did! I better do something—fast!  In the 60’s, the feminists marched and their ‘big statement’ was to burn their bras and not wear bras!  I must tell all of my Comrades to wear the BRA! Because a WOMAN invented a BRA!  

Face it, Darling  feminazi girls, when it comes right down to it, you aint done a whole helluva lot to make men so miserable.

Put your bras back on BITCHES!

Vanity Fair Magazine=RACIST? W-T-F is this world coming to!

LATEST NEWS of the new victims of the “YOU’RE A RACIST!” Syndrome..

The next time you take a group photo, make sure you have a token black guy, or risk being called a racist. That’s what’s happening to the folks at Vanity Fair who had famed photographer Annie Leibovitz do a photoshoot with a group of up and coming young starlets, all of whom happened to be Caucasian: Vanity Fair’s Racist Young Hollywood Photoshoot

************Well, the chickens have come home to roost, and now the ‘minorities’ are even going after the liberals for being ‘racists’! Ha!

  See, if you are black, you can “never” be a racist.  Please, gimme a flippin break. I’ve never seen such hatred and racism against whites as I have in the last 15 years. Whites, ousted out of their own country, and minorities rule.  Liberals; I hope you all choke (except for a few nice ones here and there.)  I just wish America was not so gone. I miss my nation, A LOT.

 Take a look at EBONY Magazine…please! NO WHITE PEOPLE NEED APPLY @ EBONY Magazine


H/T: vanity fair vs.the nba