PRAYERS: That HaShem GOD Almighty Will DISSOLVE, Divide, Dismantle & Destroy NATO Forces.


PRAYERS: That HaShem GOD Almighty Will DISSOLVE, Divide Dismantle & Destroy NATO Forces.

12 days ago, we prayed and spoke AGAINST NATO Forces In Ukraine. That HASHEM/GOD Will Bring Chaos/Calamity & Confusion To NATO

This week, it is strong on my heart to pray for the absolute dismantling of NATO. Please pray with me: That Hashem God will divide NATO. That God will completely dissolve NATO. That GOD will bring down his mighty hammer and SMASH the evil force that is NATO. That God will bend his bow, pull that string and shoot that holy arrow into the heart of NATO. That HaShem’s holy fist will absolutely bring a devastating force against this WICKED, evil power. I praise you, Lord almighty God, maker of Heaven and earth. I know you can do ALL things and it pleases you when we ask you to perform your mighty works. Bless you, Lord in Jesus mighty name.


SatanCrat #FBI Raids Home Of Pro-Life Christian Author W/ Guns Drawn, Horrifying Wife/Kids:

SatanCrat #FBI Raids Home Of Pro-Life Christian Author W/ Guns Drawn, Horrifying Wife/Kids:

Basically, they raided this man’s home because he is pro-life. Also to make an example of him. We live in times where good is evil and evil is good.

Never ever forget that the current band of Satancrats ARE evil and you are not. No matter how hard they try to convince you that ‘you’re the problem‘. They LIE. Satan’s Commie-Crats hate life, they hate God. They hate all things good.

Psalms 36: 1

I have a message from God in my heart
    concerning the sinfulness of the wicked:[b]
There is no fear of God
    before their eyes.

In their own eyes they flatter themselves
    too much to detect or hate their sin.
The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful;
    they fail to act wisely or do good.
4 Even on their beds they plot evil;
    they commit themselves to a sinful course
    and do not reject what is wrong.

Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

I remember this… It is said that this video was ‘leaked’ re. John Podesta.. and his possible violent pedophile practices…Watch the whole video to the end and determine for yourself..


If this is/was the truth and this is John Podesta...

I have no words except may the LORD our God destroy this evil.

NYT: Biden, Remaking Climate Team, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending

Mr. Podesta, a Democratic stalwart, will oversee $370 billion in clean energy investments. Gina McCarthy, the president’s domestic climate adviser, is stepping down. John Podesta was a top adviser to President Barack Obama, chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton.

It’s Telling That JoeBama Used Colors Of Fascism In Speech. Probably Why CNN Dimmed The Colors (Leftists ARE The Fascists)

It’s Telling That JoeBama Used Colors Of Fascism In Speech. Probably Why CNN Dimmed The Colors (Leftists ARE The Fascists)

Satancrats call us fascist as they throw their opposition in prison w/out due process, ban, censor, wipe off the net, shame us into job loss and now the icing on the top of the cake: dark, aggressive speeches with the red/black colors of fascism.

I wasn’t and am not even a big ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person…But, imagine if Trump did a speech like this against the left instead of Joe-Bama with those colors? Are you kidding? The GOP would never hear the end of it.

If it walks like a fascist, uses colors of a fascist and acts like a fascist, it IS a fascist.

FLASHBACK! Barack HUSSEIN Obama Is The Actual “Father Of The Vaccine”, Not Trump:

Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS The “Father Of The Vaccines”, Not Trump:

I remember Trump calling himself the ‘father of the vaccine’…”Operation Warp Speed”.. Which we all know was BS. I mean...if you remember…it was Obama who started the modern vaccine hooplah, which is why the Left constantly nagged anti-vaxxers and mocked them. Right, Tiff?

Obama’s science advisors outline plan for faster pandemic vaccine: Lisa Schnirring and Robert Roos Aug 19, 2010 Aug 19, 2010 (CIDRAP News) – In light of vaccine production problems that delayed the delivery of the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, a report by President Barack Obama’s science advisers released today said targeted investments in five specific areas could trim the time needed to quickly produce enough to protect the nation by weeks or months: CIDRAP.

Sept 2009:


2015 – Obama: ‘Vaccinate your kids’

  • PS: I’m not ‘sticking up for Trump’. Im just telling you that ‘they’ (the powers that be) started this lunacy with vaccines when Obama begun his reign of terror. I think it was ridiculous of Trump, however – to take credit for what Obama and his science advisors actually started.
  • I blogged ferociously during the Obama years – right here on this site. I covered that madman, daily. After all, I believe with every fiber of my being that OBAMA is the biblical son of perdition, the AntiChrist.

The EVIL Feds Are Now After…..THE AMISH (For Growing Fresh Produce!)

The EVIL Feds Are Now After…..THE AMISH (For Growing Fresh Produce!)

Out of ALL people in the whole United States to go after, the AntiChrist Feds are going after the AMISH. Are you kidding me!?

See here.

I wish I wasn’t all the way out here in Arizona. I wish I could go help them.


23 Yr Old Pedophile Gets CAUGHT, Red Handed Trying To Dink A 14 Year Old Boy.

23 Yr Old Pedophile Gets CAUGHT, Red-Handed Trying To Dink A 14 Year Old Boy.

Filthy maggot. These pedo’s are IN YA FACE now because of Joe-BAMA. This is the kind of action that needs to be taking place all over the USA:

This is what Joey Diapers has brought youKiddie-Diddling monsters.

Well, WHY Did Anti-Christ Obama Weaponize The IRS Then And NOW? Didn’t The IRS Apologize For The ABUSE OF POWER?

Well, WHY Did Anti-Christ Obama Weaponize The IRS Then And NOW?

The Devil, CommieCrats are screaming about how Trump supporters are comparing the raid at his home in Florida: Senate Candidate Slammed for Comparing Obama and AOC to Trump Raid


“Imagine the backlash if while he was in office, Trump had Obama’s home raided and AOC’s phone seized,” Republican Mark Meuser tweeted.

  • At any rate – My question is this: If Joe Biden is the one ‘running the White house’, please advise me of why he is using the SAME tactics as Obama?

  • During the Obama Administration, the Internal Revenue Service discriminated against conservative organizations by making them wait for years just to gain tax-exempt status. At the same time, other groups received the same status in a very short period of time, such as a satanic group which received nonprofit status in only ten days. [1][2]  In 2017, the Trump Administration ended the scandal by settling with the affected organizations and apologizing,[3]  but it still declined to prosecute IRS official Lois Lerner for her major role in the scandal.[4]

IRS Apologizes For Aggressive Scrutiny Of Conservative Groups:

In a legal settlement that still awaits a federal judge’s approval, the IRS “expresses its sincere apology” for mistreating a conservative organization called Linchpins of Liberty — along with 40 other conservative groups — in their applications for tax-exempt status.

An APOLOGY is an admission of wrong-doing. So, why is Joe-BAMA repeating this offense??

Why wasn’t Obama held accountable? Why didn’t the DOJ and the FBI break into the AntiChrist, Obama’s mansion?