Blue For You-West, Texas

Blue For You, West, Texas

Blue for you, West, TX DIGI by P. AsheDina, TMJ

I am up very late, or early.. I made this for the people in West, TX.   I have done everything I know to do to try to get West, TX on the radar.  But, I think that the media hates southern states and TX they despise more than any state. People are dead in TX and many not even recovered from the missile that hit the Texans-probably from the Monsanto-fascists and their private army; Blackwater.  


As I said, I have done everything, anything to push this into the media. Tagged, Twittered-put up every video I could find.  They have covered this story up, completely.. American People just ‘want them a Muslim’.  Meanwhile, the folks in West, TX have been terrorized by corporate terrorists.  Not even a ‘Boo’ from most ‘conservative’ websites and Christian blogs.  I can’t even sleep at night because of what I witnessed in those videos.  In fact, I rarely sleep anymore.  

I believe that terror will probably become part of the norm in America. So, fasten your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy ride. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We have brought terror to countries like Syria, Libya, & Egypt.. now the LORD will allow us to be filled with terror….Natures law of ’cause and effect.’

With Sadness,
The Mad Jewess

#Commie Dirt-bag Obama To Visit West, TX. We Have New Updates 9-11 Tapes, On the Missile & Explosion

CLICK:  #Commie Dirt-bag Obama To Visit West, TX.  We Have Update 9-11 Tapes, On the Missile, Explosion Hat Tip News From Justine Case

I am tired of having to do the medias job…But, then I remember..The MSM is in bed with Commie-Obama.  So, I have to put this up.  Remember when they actually did their job?  Hell, it was so long ago, I can’t remember.. And they get paid HUGE bux to misinform us sheeple…

Update video on 9-11 calls etc:

Possible JDAM used:

 Remember to keep your eyes wide shut, we don’t want to think there is any foul play from our BRAVE, wonderful US Government & their co-Conspirators……

The “Perfect” Storm In The Gulf, Getting Ready To Explode?

I believe, after hearing this video, that ALL people of prayer had better get on their knees and PRAY for the Gulf. It is very possible that this could create a WORSE catastrophe even worse from a gas explosion.  WE MUST PRAY NOW, there are NO other answers- NONE.  We cannot trust these people in power that do not even turn to God. They do NOT have the answers, and the only answer now, is pray for the people all over the gulf. We have sinned against God. We have taken what he has given us, lightly. Please Almighty God, please have mercy.